When is National Deep Dish Pizza Day in 2020? โ€“ This is a perfect question. It sounds like an amazing one, however, only a few people are ready to answer it properly. Actually there is a real pity about it, because knowing about its existence in the modern calendar you will get a chance to celebrate something really terrific and unusual. Today we are going to discover the special occasion in details. Are you with us?


Frankly speaking, the discussing of the matter like what day World Deep Dish Pizza Day in 2020 is would be impossible without the explanation of the historical background of this event. Unfortunately, in this case we havenโ€™t been able to discover any facts, devoted to the first establishers of the occasion. At the same time, we know nothing about the reasons for being involved on April 5th annually.

However, the surprising thing is that the origin of this popular Italian dish is not fully known. It has been already found out that the bread dough, similar to what is prepared for pizza, is considered to be among the oldest dishes on the planet. Initially it has been baked in the Neolithic as ordinary bread. The very first records about additives, which were able to improve and to enrich the taste of such a dish, refer to ancient times either. For instance, the small round samples, prepared by the Ancient Greeks, were nothing but a bread cake spiced with flavored herbs, some garlic and onions.

Deep Dish Pizza

There were also numerous reports where soldiers of the great Army under Persian King Darius I the Great (549-486 BC) ate tortillas. They preferred to take them with any kind of cheese and other additives.


What does Deep Dish Pizza Day mean? โ€“ Do you consider this question to be an easy one? โ€“ Well, perhaps, however it is only you, who can reply it properly. You see, we are not able to do it instead of you. Among the representatives of the contemporary world there are lots of people, who donโ€™t like it at all. That is why it is not a great surprise that they are not going to celebrate.

All in all pizza-like dishes were known and prepared not only in the Mediterranean. For instance, the Hindu “Paratha”, the Asian “Naan” or the German “Flammkuchen” are the most popular ones. In most cases it was a typical dish of the poor locals as well as peasants. However, in 1889, the Queen of Italy, Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanna di Savoia, who, together with her husband Umberto I, was looking at her possessions wanted to try this simple dish. The taste was terrific. She liked it so much and immediately made a decision to employ the cook Rafaella Esposito, who was supposed to cook pizza for Queen Margarita every day. Most likely, Margarita’s popular dish was the sample, which was named in her honor – Margarita, which includes products in the color of the well-known Italian flag: mozzarella for white shade, tomatoes – for red hint and at last basil instead of green.


Having investigated the direction โ€œWhen is International Deep Dish Pizza Day 2020?โ€ we would like to introduce our readers many amazing pieces of information.

Nowadays in many pizzerias, cafes and restaurants, this dish is served with a knife and fork. Many find this uncomfortable, but not everyone dares to put aside the covers, believing that it will be uncultured. And now letโ€™s talk about how to serve and to eat pizza properly.

Usually it is served to the table already cut on a large dish. If small serving portions are served, they are served to everyone on a small plate or on a flat wooden dish. Usually a portioned flat cake with a filling is cut crosswise before serving.

The sample is eaten with hands, biting off small pieces. Therefore, under these conditions napkins on the table are more important than forks with knives. However, the covers are suitable in the case you need to pick up their piece of pizza and, if necessary, cut the dividing line between the segments.

If you cook pizza to take it with you to work, on a picnic or to give the children to school, in this case, choose the small flat cakes. This pizza does not have to be cut, it is easy to hold in your hand and to transport easily. Portion dish is also suitable when you are going to have a party for friends at home.


When is Deep Dish Pizza Day in 2020, calendar will remind you about this holiday without any additional troubles. As it has been already mentioned above, this holiday is celebrated on April 5th annually.

However, we are almost sure that you understand that this special occasion is not an official one that is why it would be quite stupid to wait for the events, organized on the state level. But at the same time you are always free to create something extraordinary for everybody around. What about a real pizza party?

If you are going to have an ordinary family dinner, you can bake a large round shape pizza for the whole company. After all, the sizes of cakes for it can be very different. However, such a large sample with one filling is good only if the tastes of all the participants coincide. And what if the children adore pizza with mushrooms, the husband – with hot pepper, and you – with cheese? In this case, prepare a few tortillas and bake something special for everyone.

But you can do the same in another more amazing way: it’s enough to visually divide the surface of the flat cake into several more or less equal parts. The general amount should equal the number of guests coming to your party. Ready? And now arrange the various stuffing that they like on these parts. Ready sample is usually put on one dish and cut into pieces.

cooking Deep Dish Pizza

International Deep Dish Pizza Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Deep Dish Pizza Day in 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention some peculiar features of this dish eating and service manners.

Pizza is considered to be a very nutritious and self-sufficient dish. It is difficult to imagine that it can be supplemented by some garnish. Therefore, the maximum that you can serve to your table with pizza is some kind of drink and sauce.

If you are going to bring some additional flavoring nuances to your dish, give preference to garlic, mayonnaise, sour cream or soy sauce. But mind that ketchups are not suitable for hot flat cakes. To tell you the truth, it’s quite obvious, because in the composition of your favorite dish, tomatoes are already present.

Ideal drinks for salted pizza are milk, kefir, tea with milk or coffee latte with cream. Gourmets and sophisticated eaters adore this famous Italian dish with kvass and cola terrific.

All in all it also goes well with wine and beer. White wine is suitable for fish, chicken, vegetable and cheese fillings, red wine for meat, sausage and mushroom. Spicy fillings will play with all colors with sweet and spicy wines. And if the house has a red or pink dry wine, then it’s just wonderful! It will fit any variety.

If you and your friends prefer a combination of tastes of this dish and beer, then remember that for it should be slightly cooled. Both dark and light drinks of this kind perfectly emphasize the taste.

Gradually, the contemporary menus sometimes include a sweet variation prepared with fruits and berries. It is served with cream and nut crumbs. From drinks to this dish, hot tea and coffee, dessert and sparkling wines, as well as freshly squeezed natural juices are suitable.

Pizza is a dish that is not tied to any meal time. It is ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks.


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