Pharmacist is a specialist in the field of medicines. As a rule, this person is able not only to distinguish characteristic features of various tablets and different pills, but also to prescribe and to prepare them as well. Men or women in this profession usually know everything about the components, interactions, indications and contraindications for use. It sounds like really important, doesn’t it? However, are you ready to answer the question “When is National Pharmacist Day in 2020?” No? – In vain, because it would be a perfect opportunity to congratulate so important people nearby. Let’s discover this direction together. It is not so difficult in fact.


Of course, we understand that it is impossible to talk about the matter, what day World Pharmacist Day in 2020 is, without demonstration the historical facts concerning this professional special occasion.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover the establishers of this professional holiday, as well as the proper reasons to organize something special on January 12th exactly.

However, at the same time we should remind our readers that this direction is considered to be among the most ancient ones and its first representatives lived even in ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece. And this, as you can understand, was happening a long time ago.

Pharmacist Day


What does National Pharmacist Day mean? Oh, in general, we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? – Everything is quite simple in fact. – The matter is that only you are able to make a decision whether to hold January 12th in an interesting way or to forget completely about its existence.

You see, a modern person seldom refuse to take any drugs when he/she becomes ill, or without biological supplements to maintain the well-being. Large cities and small villages have a great amount of drugstores and pharmacological clinics for the provision of advisory services.

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Few people know that the word “pharmacology” comes from the ancient Greek phrase “teaching about the medicine.” The definition of this term serves as a confirmation. After all, pharmacology is a science that determines how drugs affect the human body and animals.

Accordingly, the pharmacist can be called a qualified specialist in the field of manufacturing, research and sale of drugs.

Many contemporary men and women prefer to go to the pharmacy at the first symptoms of an ailment, than to see a doctor.

Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that the pharmacist, like no other, is responsible for our health.

All representatives of this sphere are quite in demand in the so-called labor market. Despite the fact that universities produce a large number of specialists in this field, many companies and many enterprises require only qualified and experienced pharmacists.


Talking about the question “When is International Pharmacist Day 2020?” we would like to give our readers some interesting pieces of amazing information.

It makes no sense to explain why a specialist in the field of pharmacy needs knowledge of the rules for providing first aid, classification of medicines and medical products, as well as the basics of pharmaceutical business and economics.

A professional can work in research institutes, laboratories and enterprises, as well as institutions involved in the collection and processing of medicinal plants. Usually we meet the pharmacist in the usual pharmacies and drugstores in our cities or towns.

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As a rule, a representative of this direction develops and improves existing medicinal substances as well as prepares a variety of medicines, introduced by tablets, powders, ointments and potions. Mastering and improving the technology of preparation of medicinal substances are also very important in this field. A guy or a lady often advises clients on the pharmacological properties and the rules of admission,carries out the control over quality of medicines and takes part in the promotion of pharmaceuticals.

The career of a pharmacist begins with obtaining the necessary skills in graduate school. Having settled in a pharmacy or a laboratory, you can eventually claim to fill the position of the head. In the distribution companies, you have the prospect of growing up to the manager who manages the warehouse of drugs.


When is Pharmacist Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any hesitations. Just try not to forget, when January 12th comes.

The best way to spend this day interestingly is to congratulate people, who are in this profession. You can even give them some small presents or souvenirs.

However, there are mates, who prefer to organize a small picnic or even a huge tea party, devoted to this holiday, to their relatives, family members or colleagues, who are involved into this direction. Everything depends much on your personal imagination level and the desire to invent something special.

But have you ever thought what typical features of character all these men and women have? No? – We will help you then!


As you can understand, if any specialist profession is connected with the health and life of a person, then it simultaneously means that these people need carefulness, care, concentration and high self-control.

If the pharmacist is communicative and responsive, then his/her work will be a pleasant pastime, and clients will take positive emotions in cooperation. And, by the way, this is always a big plus for the pharmacological firm.

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International Pharmacist Day Facts

So, you have already known that the answer to the question “What is the date of National Pharmacist Day 2020?” sounds like “On January 12th”. However, we would like to give you, as to our devoted reader, some very curious facts about this theme in general.

The profession refers to the exclusively intellectual (creative or intellectual labor) directions. In the process of work, the activity of sensory systems, attention, memory, activation of thinking and emotional sphere is important. These people are distinguished from a great amount of others by erudition, curiosity, rationality and analytical mindset.

Usually the career of a pharmacist begins at the stage of study in graduate school. Already there the young man or woman tries himself as anexpert. Having earned a professional experience, a specialist can work as a head of a pharmacy or a manager in a medical warehouse. An enterprising pharmacist can open a drug distribution business or run a pharmacy line.

According to the results of the questionnaire, people, who are involved, have minimal career opportunities. It does not depend on the person at all, just the direction does not have a career development scheme.

Usually it is simple enough to get a job in this sphere. If you do not set your goal to work exclusively in a research laboratory, you are unlikely to encounter unemployment. At your local service usually there are vacancies from pharmacies and distribution companies. They develop, expand and constantly create competition.

In order to get a job in a research laboratory, you will have to go through a series of interviews.

According to the respondents, the profession is more suitable for women.


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