Clearly there was no need for advancing clocks during the summer period on pre-industrial period of mankind. The people woke up at dawn, as the animals that were in the family farm. At sunset almost the entire life of a person stopped, it was time to sleep. But now times have changed a lot, for better or worse. A modern man lives on the rhythm of the city, in the rhythm of the work schedule of company, in which he employs. Therefore, you are absolutely right that you must know in advance when is Daylight Saving Time starts in 2022.

Daylight Saving Time

A bit of history

In some ancient civilizations daytime was divided into 12 time intervals regardless of its duration. As a result, in the summer daytime hours it was longer than in winter. After a period of antiquity civil hour of the same duration supplanted unequal hours. This ancient method of measuring time is still used in Mount Athos monasteries.

The practice of introducing daylight saving time was first proposed in 1784 (the initiator was Benjamin Franklin). In England, William Willett in 1907 changed the clocks to 80 minutes in the four stages of 20 minutes since the spring. Some countries have used the summer time during the First World War to save fuel, reducing the time of artificial lighting. During the Second World War the clock was permanently rolling ahead an hour in some countries.

Summer time is used in many countries to a more rational use of daylight and save energy on lighting. In the continuation of the article we will tell you what day Daylight Saving Time starts in 2022.

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Maybe there are some negative impact on health due to the translation of clocks and critics indicate that the economic use of daylight saving time is not proven. However, supporters of daylight saving time are inclined to write off these symptoms for the spring vitamin deficiency, and people claim for the stolen hours of sleep call itnothing more than an ingrained complex. In Russia, daylight saving time was first introduced in 1917, after which it was used from 1918 to 1921 and from 1981 to 2011. Only one institution in Russian never is rolling into Daylight Saving Time. Given the complexity of computing complex settings in the Mission Control Center, they do not rolling the clock there. MCC operates year-round winter Moscow time.

Until 2002 in Europe daylight saving time was implemented in the last Sunday in March at 2:00 you change the clocks 1 hour forward, and reverse transition was carried out in the last Sunday of October at 3:00 transfer 1 hour ago.

Currently, seasonal time change is carried out in more than 80 countries of the 192 countries in the world. It is used at all latitudes from Canada to Australia.

The biological clock and the Health

It is a very important day when is Daylight Saving Time starts in 2022, calendar. in your work schedule. And preferably be prepared in advance to wake up earlier and go to bed a bit earlier too. Scientists have long debated whether this rolling the clock affects human health. Some doctors point out the harm of such surges, since because of them deteriorating health. Supposedly there is a failure of the biological clock, which entails lethargy, fatigue and weakened immunity. Damage caused to human health caused by the forced displacement of natural biological cycles can bevery high, they say.

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However, any statistically burst chronic diseases caused by rolling the clock on saving time is not observed. Explicit jump in illnesses for that reason is not observed. Yes, the number of diseases such as heart attacks and strokes, of course, is increasing, but it is rather the effect of the changing weather.

Also it’s an interesting question about how, not whether, it increased the number of injuries. However, no increase in the number of injuries during this period is observed in hospitals. The risk of injury because of the biorhythms had no effect. They affect the mood and emotional feelings, but it’s too little influence on the physical risk.

Daylight Saving Time in Autumn

Do energy savings occur under the influence of the rolling of clocks? Officially it reported that there is not much difference between the amount of electricity that is spent to daylight saving time different from the amount that is used after. There is much more important question of the average daily temperature, not day length. That is, following the seasonal rhythms, people use more comfortable time in terms of the weather. Therefore are many reasons to know what is the date of Daylight Saving Time starts 2022.

At the moment in the world

The United States (without Hawaii and Arizona), and Canada change from winter time to summer time. In Africa there are only Egypt, Tunisia and Namibia, who do the same. In the equatorial countries this practice never have the reason to try. In Japan they refused to go to changing the time on the clock more than half a century ago. In many countries saving time is used partly, always need to know when is Daylight Saving Time starts 2022 before you travel (it starts Sunday, March 12 in America).

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In various countries, there is a lively political struggle for the preservation or abolition of summer time. Energy, sports equipment manufacturers and retail chains advocate for preservation; health, transport and farmers – for the abolition.

There is an alternative for the translation of hours. It is held by some countries to abandon this procedure – a shift started in some plants during the summer period. That is, the summer working time begins sooner in the day than in the winter, depending on the complexity of the work. The complexity and seasonality of agricultural work does not change for 1 hour and at a much greater period of time. On the other hand some important cases the work should begin only after 2 hours after sunrise (as in Japan by passing examinations).


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