It is a well-known fact that Spain is famous for its rich history and is full of history to be told about it. It is a very interesting country and thousands of people would like to visit it every year to explore its secrets and everything possible. There is so much to be seen there! And certainly, Spain has a lot of interesting holidays, which excel in their brightness, loud and numerous entertainments and plenty of people, always ready to take part in the celebrations. That is why in this article we would like to pay attention to one of these holidays, which is called La Diada in Spain. Here we will speak about it in brief: its traditions, history and details, and also will know, when is National Day of Catalonia in 2022.

Holiday history: how it all began

More than 300 years ago there has been a war in Spain, where French people wanted to earn their right to rule the are. The war concerned only those territories, which are now called Catalonia. Now it is an autonomous are, but at that time those people were defeated and many people died, protecting their native land. So, the holiday is not a happy reason to celebrate. It is connected with memories, full of pain, tears and lost hopes. Though it is a rather sad holiday, people try to respect it and try to make it as colorful and happy as possible.

National Day of Catalonia

The holiday is made to remember all those people, who struggled for their country and lost their life for it. They are real heroes and not only their families always remember them, but the whole country, all generations also do not forget those people and remember each of them once a year in a huge holiday. That is why every citizen knows, what day National Day of Catalonia in 2022 is.

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But all in all this day is characterized by bright and loud shows and a lot of people, celebrating it. As Spanish people are great patriots, it is a usual thing that at this day many of them hang out flags of Catalonia outside their houses or flats or walk with them outside and wave throughout the day. By the way, for those, who didn’t know – Catalonian flag is an off yellow and red color. There are nine stripes on it, a half are red, and the second half is yellow. The stripes are horizontal. So, waving the flags or hanging them out looks rather bright and evokes happy feelings.

Celebrations throughout the territory

As it has already been mentioned, Catalonians treat this holiday very much and celebrate it every year on a grand scale. That is why every Catalonian tries to get ready for it beforehand and knows, when is National Day of Catalonia 2022. This day is full of parties, concerts, music, dancing, tasty food and many other interesting things. But let’s speak about all this in order.

Except for different entertainments, certainly, there is an official and a very important part of the day. As it is devoted to the victims of the war, at the beginning of the day officials and different political organizations lay flowers obligatory to the monuments. In such a way they show their respect to those people and save these memories in their hearts. This part is both official and very serious, and also very important.

Also, the official part includes a kind of meetings. People gather to pay homage to those, who defended their native country and struggled for the free future life. It also marks that people of different ages, status, etc. remember those times and are sincerely thankful for everything they have done. Though that soldier lost some battles, they didn’t lose their hope and moved forward despite everything.

After official parts, usual people have an opportunity to have a rest, as it is a day off in Catalonia and people do not go to work or studies. Everywhere a lot of demonstrations, parades, and festivals are held. They all are full of music, dancing, and various shows. It is all worth seeing and people always visit them with pleasure and spend a good time. They all know well, what is the date of National Day of Catalonia.

National Day of Catalonia

At this day a lot of national music is heard around the city and it is very important because people must know their roots and things, connected with their history. Also, there are a lot of food courts, where people also can taste national dishes. It does not only smell well but tastes great! Not only citizens like this food and buy it with pleasure, but also many foreigners and tourists come to taste all this and visit these entertainments. It all makes a great atmosphere, which Spain is famous for and not every country can repeat the same things.

As it has been already said, this day is a day off in Catalonia. But it means that in another part of Spain there is no such a holiday and people live and work according to their usual schedule. So, in Catalonia in particular many organization, offices and even some shops are closed. That is why people have to organize their time, considering these changes. Also, there may be changes to transport, that is why people also need to know the schedule in their area in particular.

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So, moving closer to the date it should be admitted that it is always the same day. Every year the National Day is celebrated on September 11. This year it will also be the same, so people have a lot of time to get ready for it and plan their rest time. Also to be more concrete everyone can look, when is National Day of Catalonia in 2022, in the calendar. If you are a tourist, you have also a great opportunity to visit this show and see, how native Hispanics celebrate such a holiday.


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