Patriot day itself has always been a splendid idea, because it is a patriotic event, this religious event, it’s a spiritual event, it’s the end of the time of troubles, this is the beginning of the consolidation of our society, this is way out of the terrible catastrophe which we experienced in the early 17th century after the end of the reign of Tsar Ivan the terrible which kept the country. No matter how related to the personality of this rule, all focused on it and when he left the life did not have such a figure, such an institution, such direction, which could keep the spiritual condition of the State. So let us learn when is Patriot Day in 2021.

History of the day

It is a day that does not forget never. On September 11, 2001, United States of America have changed forever. Out of the terror and destruction came hope, unity and as a slight tinge of Americans helped each other through the hours, days and months following the attacks. This event encourages people to help one another each September, 11.

Patriot Day

This day is officially recognized as a National day of service and remembrance, the Patriot day. As much as sixteen years have passed since the terrorist attacks in the United States, the most terrible terrorist attack in history, and now you must tell a story that happened in Canada, 11 September, and which few know.

When the planes crashed into the twin towers, at this point, the U.S. Government closed all airports in the United States. One can only imagine how many planes in the air and left which could not land because States airspace was closed. These planes just circling, producing fuel, until the decision about what to do next.

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Canada opened its airspace and very many planes began landing at Canadian airports. And here is one such airport that was big enough, but it has not been used for a very long time before it was used to refuel when planes flew across the Atlantic, aircraft landed there, refueled and flew on because fuel is not always enough to ensure non-stop to reach the destination. But how long this problem has been solved, this airport was not used for its intended purpose. What day Patriot Day in 2021?

The airport was in town with a population of 10 million people. This town is called a Gander, the Canadian province of New Faunlend. It so happened that the airport took 38 lanners Atlantic, those aircraft that crossed the Atlantic at that time. On board, these ships proved 38 7 thousand people. This effectively doubled the town’s population.

People in facing this situation, have made this a surprise. Most could not in any way to understand what is happening, but they understood that these people need to do something and they need help. Due to the fact that American airspace had been closed for an indefinite period of time, people simply were in the aircraft on the runway. While they were there in the dark, the city teamed up, met and teamed up and decided to take guests and make every effort to help them survive this time. But, anyway, when is Patriot Day 2021?

Memories of the day of horror

Almost all the inhabitants of the city were made by volunteers to help meet such quantity of visitors. Churches, schools and other buildings with large facilities have opened their doors to arrange and take the newly arrived people. Citizens provided them with mattresses, bedding, warm clothes, food, help came from all over the city. Almost 90 percent of the total population of the city was involved in this volunteer work. Many people took at home or offered them to shower and eat in their homes.

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That morning on tv everyone saw what happened in the United States. It was somewhere far away. But on the same day, here there are people who need help here and now. All institutions have begun to help affected people. No one has even thought of taking money for services, lodging or food and hygiene. Only three days later, America opened its airports and people could fly and continue on my way.

At this point, many of the passengers had time to get used to and pipet soul to the kind city and leaving with tears in his eyes. Many left the thank-you note.

On one of the planes happened such a story. One pensioner asked the pilot to make an announcement. She was allowed and she offered to organize a fee for pupils of the city of Gander, provide them with scholarships. It was then collected about 50 thousand dollars. The Fund was organized where comes the money to this day. The children of this town can get a good education in any College through this scholarship. ย What is the date of Patriot Day 2021?

Patriot Day

One passenger wrote in his letter: “I’ve learned about this terrorist act, lost faith in humanity. But the days spent in Gander have restored itโ€.

Some additional facts

In December, the United States launched a military operation in Afghanistan to catch the instigator of terrorist attacks. Over 10 years it caught.

The effects of the war were many. Opium production has increased in several times.

The Pentagon did not detect fragments of the plane, off street parking, but it is a fact that all burned. Experts say that such destruction is characteristic only for the explosion of the rocket. The break was found turbine, turbine-like missiles.

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Quite a lot of doubts caused the pattern of destruction in New York. Airplanes already etched there in skyscrapers, but the damage could not compare with what was September 11. Next to the towers twins stood another building, which had been piqued by planes, but nevertheless, it collapsed as if explosives had been laid there. Thus, when is Patriot Day in 2021, calendar will let you know about it every year.

Three World Trade Center towers were destroyed by a series of explosions, thermite chain. Experts collected data. A group of scientists from eight different countries conducted the study samples. In the ruins of the towers found traces of nano-thermite. It can be produced only in the most modern military laboratories. It is used by the military to cut through steel and it should not be in any way in the World Trade Center.


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