The struggle for freedom is considered to be the most honorable, significant event in the history of almost all countries. They have the dates connected with an act of independence or an end of the struggle for it which lasted for much time, sometimes decades. Nations usually pay a great attention to the occasion. Citizens commemorate such an occasion with much éclat. Mexicans aren’t exclusion. When is Mexican Independence Day in 2017? What is traditionally held to note it?

Backgrounds of the occasion

Speaking about the Mexican Independence Day it is often considered to be Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May. This day may be referred to the state’s freedom, though originally it comes to September, 16th.

The explanation of two dates can be received from the country’s history. The 1st reference goes to 1808 when Napoleon got Spanish lands. It gave the Mexicans a possibility to get freedom from the colonial control. Two years later a priest wrote “El Grito de Dolores”. That plan was a real chance to escape the Spanish dominating which lasted for 3 centuries.

Mexican Independence Day 2017

The purposes were stopping racial discrimination, redistributing property. The priest’s words were so convincing that several thousands of poor men and women went to Mexico City.

The news about that plot got to the government of Spain very soon. On September, 16th the priest rang his church’s bells, gathered his congregation and announced the need to take guns and be ready to defend their country.

Miguel Hidalgo led his determined army to the battle. The warriors weren’t much trained but they had a great aim. The priest got a real help of a former captain, Ignacio Allende. The troops of rebels were defeated 6 months later. Only in 10 years they reached Mexico. It happened in 1821 on September, 16th. This date will be the answer on the question “What day Mexican Independence Day in 2017?”

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Interesting facts about the occasion

The Mexican people are very religious and responsible. They strictly honour their traditions. Their celebrating is devoted to the historical facts, customs. Lots of interesting facts concerning the freedom of Mexico:

  • Wish for independence was strengthened during detraction for 3 centuries which started in the early 16th The Mexicans hardly worked on colonizers.
  • September, 16th is not the 1st day of celebrating. The start of the occasion is on September, 15th. The act was signed in 1810.
  • The creator of the Independence Act was Father Hidalgo. He’s regarded a founder of the movement of beggars.
  • The first rebellion was fought down, so Hidalgo had to announce a new revolt to September, 16th.


  • The government soldiers killed M. Hidalgo in 1811. Nevertheless, his followers continued his intentions and led Mexico to its independence in 11 years. When is Mexican Independence Day 2017? It’s on September, 16th.
  • Though in 1821 the Independence was got, the initial elections of the head of the country were held only in 1823.
  • Nowadays there’s a custom of reciting El Grito. Annually the Commander-in-Chief rings the bell in the National Palace. The President also reads the document’s parts.
  • El Grito’s initial version was lost, so the Commander-in-Chief reads a renewed version.
  • The colours of the flag of Mexico are white, red and green. They carry exact meanings. The cooperation of the religion and independence has its reflection in red. The religious presence in citizen’s hearts reflects in white. The nation’s independence is reflected in green.
  • Almost a hundred thousand of poor Mexican people got together under the rule of the priest.
  • The peasant troops had primitive weapons.
  • Numerous Mexican communities commemorate the date in the world.
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If you want to find more facts through internet, you should make a request “What is the date of Mexican Independence Day 2017?”

The ways of commemorating the occasion

The date is a state public occasion which takes place everywhere in the country. The offices, businesses are closed likewise educational establishments and banking houses. It is an ordinary case to face problems with the traffic. Many roads are usually closed so people are to make the traffic plan beforehand. Transport companies can change their schedule.

Mexican Independence Day

The process of celebrating the day takes usually two days. Celebrations can take place not only in Mexico cities but also around the world. The Mexican communities always gather to commemorate Hidalgo’s deed and braveness of their ancestors. Citizens and guests of Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Fe and other cities can go to the local squares and markets and watch festive dances, take part in the local contests and eat Mexican food.

Mexico City prepares a great program of events, but its official part begins in 11 p.m. from the President’s speech on the balcony of the National Palace. He repeats the Priest Hidalgo’s words. Then crowds of spectators shout “Viva!” More than half a million people gather at the Plaza de la Constitución.

It is a usual tradition to display the state flags everywhere. Cars, houses, citizens’ clothes are coloured with red, white and green. Local authorities propose many affecting spectacles, such as rodeos, bullfights, parades and parties. Local pretty traders sell a great amount of hand-made whistles, toys, horns.

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There’re some pieces of advice how to follow the traditions of celebrating:

  • Citizens may put on festive, national clothes, draw the colours of the state flag on faces;
  • Pozole and Tequila are obligatory among the people of Mexico. Guests can join a tradition of eating and drinking these meals.
  • Bell ringing will help to join the festival completely.
  • The obligatory custom is shouting “Viva, Mexico!”
  • There is much music in squares and parks. Lots of famous singers hold the concerts in the cities.

If you want to be in time everywhere, just check the schedule in the internet writing “When is Mexican Independence Day in 2017, calendar of events”


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