When is National ASL Day in 2020? – The question sounds really amazing, however, only a few people are ready to answer it without any prompts. Why? – The matter is that it is rather specific and a reply is known well only in a definite circle of people, who are suffering from this problem themselves or dealing with men or women who have it. Today we are going to investigate the matter in details.


Discovering the direction what day ASL Day in 2020 is we found a lot of amazing facts and pieces of information. As rule, the visitors of our site are rather curious people and among them the theme devoted the historical background is usually of great demand.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find much, but some discoveries are really interesting. And today we are going to share them.

All in all sign-signaling systems have been known since antiquity. Initially, they were used, in particular, to communicate deaf-and-dumb. In the 18th century, these systems became the basis for these languages developed by Charles Michel de l’Epe in France and Samuel Gainique in Germany. From Gainik and de l’Epe most of the modern deaf-mute languages begin.


In 1951, the well-know World Federation of the Deaf was formed. It was organized by various specialists as well as by people, suffering from this problem. The participants of the First World Congress of the Deaf decided to standardize the language of their communication. After long discussions, they came to the conclusion that they had to create a special kind of language, which would be common for everybody. In accordance with their idea, it should be something like a kind of Esperanto, but in sign version. A typical international kind of language was created on the basis of a commonality of speech gestures, taken from deaf representatives of various countries, and in 1975 it was finally adopted and approved.


What does ASL Day mean? – Well, it is rather difficult to answer the question instead of you. You see, it is only up to you to decide what occasions to celebrate and which ones to forget completely and without any regrets. Unfortunately, this problem is considered to be up-to-date and it means that there are many people, who are theme.

Not everybody knows, but usually, deaf-mutes from different countries understand each other if they use the same kind of language. But it happens the other way around: in countries where different sign languages are used, their speakers belonging to the same nationality may not understand each other.

This type of language is usually used in congresses, conferences, symposia on deafness, at international and even home events, meetings organized by the World Federation of the Deaf, Deaflympic and Paralympic Games, as well as by the deaf men and women themselves to facilitate communication other people from other countries.


Discovering the matter “When is International ASL Day 2020?” we can’t but mention some amazing pieces of information.

All in all, many contemporary people call NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), as the main sign language forgetting that communication through movements and facial expressions is as old as the world and officially recognized by some states.

In general, sign language arose spontaneously around 3 million years BC and only about 100 thousand years BC was almost completely superseded by communication with the help of sounds.

In society it is generally accepted that the sign language is usually used by people suffering from hearing or vocal cords problems, but practice shows that gestures are used daily by completely different specialists, from intelligence officers to students during the exam.

In some nations, sign language is considered the norm among the general population. For example, in the Australian tribes the widows, after their husbands’ death talk only this way for a year. And in the Brazilian Urubu tribe, every 75th person suffers from deafness, so the sign language here is very developed and known to everyone.

In the times of the Middle Ages, monastic sign languages ​​became especially popular. With its help the clergymen communicated during abstinence from the ordinary speech using.


When is ASL Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any additional troubles and usually there are no any problems appeared concerning this matter. Unfortunately, we are not able to tell the same thing about the traditions, devoted to this special occasion celebration. In fact there are no any at all.

However, you are free to organize something for yourself. Discover something new and you will understand that the world without sounds can be beautiful as well.

Sign language is also used to communicate with the deaf, but in this case, each finger position means a letter. This form of speech is called dactology. All over the planet there are more than 40 alphabets and systems belonging to them.

Dactolology combines the features of both oral speech, as it s used for operational communication, and written, because all words are reproduced by signs consistently, in accordance with the norms of spelling. Most often, the alphabet is used to pronounce the names of proper, geographical names, specific terms taken from verbal languages.

man showing asl

By the way, if a person’s eyesight doesn’t allow to see signs well and he perceives everything tangibly, then communication with him is called finger touch speech, and when dealing with deaf-blind people in the palm of another person, they reproduce the outline of letters – this is a letter in the palm.

Up to the present moment, there are a lot of specialists, who are dealing with this language. You can contact one of them on April 15th and study the most typical phrases and word combinations.

National ASL Day Facts

Discovering the matter “What is the date of ASL Day in 2020?” we came to the conclusion that some pieces of information will be rather interesting for our readers.

In a broad sense, the sign language, which we are used to see on the television screens, is considered to be universal. And millions of people all over the world communicate on it. In some European countries, police and aid services are required to master the basic techniques of sign language.

In general, there are three sign language languages ​​in Europe: recognized at the constitutional level, for example in Austria, the Czech Republic and Spain, recognized at the national level – in the United Kingdom, Italy, France – and not recognized at all, as in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

The sign language consists of a combination of gestures, each of which is produced by the hands in combination with facial expression, shape, or movement of the mouth and lips.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, it is recommended to treat sign languages ​​as foreign ones. Why? – The matter is that they are almost completely independent of verbal languages. The emergence of new gestures is often almost not associated with the development of verbal languages. All in all the number of sign languages ​​in a country is not related to the number of verbal languages. For example, if there are several verbal languages ​​in a country, there may be a single sign language, or vice versa.


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