If we discover the typical features of a great amount of international cuisines, we will understand that there are dishes in general or drinks in particular, which are thought to be common for consumers even in the far places of the planet. This fact has already been proved scientifically. However, are you ready to answer, what day Milk Day in 2020 is? We are almost sure that you are going to answer negatively now. So we want to clarify the situation and to explain you some details.


Of course, we have understood that it is almost impossible to investigate the matter “When is National Milk Day in 2020?” without mentioning the historical background of the mentioned above special occasion.

It is a real pity but it has been impossible to discover any facts about the establisher of this date as well as the answer why we have to hold it January 11. Some specialists are sure, that initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision, which was organized by a definite company in order to rise money after the long winter holidays.


But at the same time we should mention that this product history is  of the same age as the history of mankind in general. The contemporary historians from all around the world still argue as to exact dates of its appearance. However, from various sources it has become known that a person used this product for food already 6000 – 10 thousands years ago. The precious cows and less sheep were tamed on the territories of modern Asian Iran and distant Afghanistan. It happened in about 9000 BC. Then at about 7000 years BC cattle were used massively in Turkey and African continent. But there were the ancient Greeks as well as Romans, who turned to be the inventors of cheese, produced from this product.

By the way, there is a quite ancient sign that it is dying faster in the thunderstorm. It is still valid now, when the conditions for the production and storage of it have changed radically. Biochemists believe that the long-wave electromagnetic impulses are the cause, but the proper reasons of this phenomenon have not yet been studied.

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What does Milk Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is not up to us, but to you to decide, whether the presence of this holiday is important in your life. Some people like it, other hate this drink as well, so do not bother.

There are some corners of the modern world, where people are not able to imagine their day without this healthy product. For example, in Spain one of the most popular drinks for breakfast is chocolate yummy. As a rule it is consumed both by children and by adults. People can take cookies or biscuits to it.

However, according to the contemporary statistics, the largest amount of this product is usually drunk in Finland.

Have you ever thought how much liquid the cow udder contains in the average? No? We will answer you then. – Of about 15 liters. It sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

As you know well, cheese is made from this product. And for this purpose more than 20 species of animals can be used. It is difficult to believe, but some species of camels and deer are not an exception. But, of course, the most popular creature for production is a common cow.


The discovering of the matter “When is International Milk Day 2020?” seems impossible without some really amazing pieces of information.

For example, we are almost sure that you have never heard that it is a sufficiently politically incorrect product. The fact is that the inhabitants of China, Africa and Southeast Asia as well as the American Indians completely lack the gene responsible for the processing of lactose. That is, they are closer to nature. Children drink mother’s liquid until 2-5 years old, and then they never use it, in connection with intolerance. It sounds really amazing, doesn’t it?

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Milk of seals and walruses is the most nutritious, because the fat content in it is more than 50%. Very wholesome is also the one of whales, which contains a quantity of fats just under 50%. But the product of the donkey and the mare is the least nutritious.

However, have you ever heard that the first animal that was used for milk was not a cow, but a goat? – The cow was domesticated much later.


When is Milk Day in 2020, calendar is asked not very often in fact. However, even in the bustling contemporary world there people, who want to get the exact answer in order be involved into something interesting on January 11.

There are no any official ways and rules used for spending this time, but, of course, you can always invent something for yourself and your surroundings in general.

What about trying some unusual things and making the various experiences? Or, perhaps, discovering something new? – We will help you!

Do you know what the connection between frogs and this type of drink is? – Let’s see together. As a rule, this amphibian is considered to be rather disgusting, and some people prefer even not to take it into your hands.


However, our ancestors did not think so and they were sure that the frogs were able to protect milk from souring. It turns out that the skin glands of ordinary frogs give off special substances that have antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It is an aggressive environment for the frog, so it gives off a lot of such substances to protect, and as a result they do not allow the milk to sour. Oh, the method is not very humane with regard to frogs and has not been fully studied from the point of view of the effect of enriched frog product on human. There is a lot of information, devoted to this direction, so you can always find much.

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On January 11th we also recommend you to read much about the milk benefits. You can find an amazing movie as well. After that it is possible to organize an amazing discursion with your family members or friends.

National Milk Day Facts

Closely discovering the matter “What is the date of Milk Day 2020?” we would like to give our readers some pieces of amazing information about this product.

  • Have you ever heard, that in order to get a kilogram of butter, you need to use exactly 21 liters of product. A kilogram of cheese is produced from 10 liters of milk.
  • For 10 minutes after its getting fresh product contains a large amount of estrogens, so it is not recommended to be drunk regularly by men. On the other hand, well-known for all of us beer also contains phytosterols, similar to female estrogens, but many people consume it without any problems.
  • It turns out that when milk is being stored in a glass container, it loses its vitamins very quickly, as they are destroyed under the sunlight. Therefore, it is usually recommended to keep it in dark places.
  • If you need to wash the vessels, where the milk has been keeping, do it initially in cold water and then already in hot. If you immediately process dishes with hot water, the strong protein becomes viscous, sticky and it simultaneously means that it will be washed badly off the walls.
  • The scientists have already proved that milk lovers, who spend time in the gym, train more efficiently. You see to this conclusion the specialists of the University of McMaster came after a chain of experiments. They found out occasionally that the ladies, who drink two huge cups of it a day after each training on simulators look fitter. Why? – The matter is that they lose more fat and their muscles are stronger.


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