Poetry has always been a very popular thing among people. Being a poet was a very valuable profession in many countries. The advantages of it are always evident. Lots of popularity, worshipping and recognition are given to the majority of real professionals. Sometimes poets weren’t recognized during their lives, only after their death. Nevertheless, this profession remains one of the most romantic in the world. Every nation knows their heroes in the poetic sphere. The most brilliant representatives of the sphere are known worldwide. When is National Poet’s Day in 2022? What are main ways of observing the event?


The history of the date is disputable. It occurs that the world society has got three days devoted to poetry. The first occasion is held on the 21st of March. Its main goal is to recognize poetry itself. Great festivals are held in the world. This date was proposed by UNESCO in 1999. It was decided that poetry should be recognized by every person whether he is educated or not.

Another occasion is held on the 21st of August. The date is dedicated to poets. It was initiated in England in the 90s of the 20th century. The reason was the same as in the first case.

National Poet's Day

The third famous occasion recognizing poets is held on the August 21th. The festival is known to be provided in 1994. Millions of people have been involved in the celebrations since that time. The whole day is a dedication to the related events throughout the world not only in reality but also in the internet.

The first festivals didn’t get their own topic but only the main purpose. It was to recognize poets. The next years were dedicated to the concrete theme. In 2022 the events will be dedicated to Freedom.

Poetry has a very long history. The first known poetic forms are known to be written by the Sumerians. This way of epos was used to pass down the legends and the experience to the descendants. The most outstanding ancient philosophers tried to explain the significance of poetry. The representatives of this brunch of art gave their thoughts and feelings to the humanity and were very popular among the people. Ask the internet community “What day National Poet’s Day in 2022?” and you’ll get information about your local events.

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What does National Poet’s day mean for the society? According to the statistics lots of people across the world don’t read poetic masterpieces even if they belong to the most brilliant representatives of the poetic brunch of literature. A great amount of human beings on the Earth even can’t read. The day was initiated to educate the society, to help it to elicit the most charming and exciting themes. It is a chance for everybody to find his own idol of poetry.

The reasons to initiate the event expanded greatly. It has got a great meaning of recognizing not only the most famous poets but those representatives of the poetic field who can’t vaunt for their success. There are many poets in developing countries whose masterpieces are really great but they aren’t famous throughout the world. It is a chance for the public to be involved into the studying process.

The occasion can become a real chance for young poets to breakthrough in the poetic world. They can promote their poetry in the educational establishments and mass media. People with dramatic talent also use their skills during the date. They can spout poetry under the open sky and the thematic cafes. When is International Poet’s Day 2022? It’s on the August 21th.


The definition of the holiday doesn’t raise any hesitation in the people’s minds. Even small children understand its meaning. The words “poet” and “poetry” sometimes need explanation, especially to people who hasn’t got any education.

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The word “poetry” has various meanings which are relative in definitions. It can be a metrical writing. According to this term there’re many poetic forms. It is also a piece of art which was created by a poet. Poetry can also be used to name a process of expressing the individual’s thoughts and awareness through rhythm, sound and meaning. The word is often used in other spheres in order to express something that has got the beautiful sign of expression. If the prose has qualities of poetry, it can also be named as poetry. The word began being used earlier than the 14th century. Its origin isn’t clear. It is probably derived from the Greek variant.

The word “poet” can be considered as a derivative. It means a person who writes verses. It is also a person who is considered to have the gift of poetic expression. He is usually a creative and imaginative person. The word also began being widely used in the 13–14th centuries. Its derivation from the word “poetry” is obvious. The roots of these two terms can be found in Greek language. What is the date of National Poet’s Day 2022? It’s on the August 21th.


The first way to understand the beauty of poetry is to read all proposed types of verses and poems. There’re thousands of poets in the world literature. It’s better to read the verses written by the unknown poets. It’s the best way to create the certain picture of the world poetry.

It is the day when a person can get new information about his favorite poet. A person can read a biography and watch educative programs. The occasion can be observed by walking to library and reading the masterpieces written by foreign poets.

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National Poet's Day

The date is great for creating verses. Even if you aren’t talented in poetry, you can try to express your thoughts on the paper. It may be a great thing. This variant is usually used by educational establishments. They propose students various contests where the youth can show their talent in creating beautiful poetic things.

Shy persons also can take part in contests, though for these men and women a good variant is online contests. These individuals can even make a mystery of their name. A pseudonym can become a way out.

Families and friends can make a tradition to observe the occasion together. They can initiate poetic evenings where they can declaim the verses of their favorite poets. It is the best way to present feelings and thoughts to other people. By the way, it may become an additive reason to be friends.

If you want to visit communal festivals devoted to the date, it’s better to get the information about local occasions “When is Poet’s Day in 2022, calendar of events”.

Poet’s Day Facts

  1. Before 1999 the occasions weren’t devoted to a concrete theme. They appeared later.
  2. The haiku is considered to be one of the most favorite short forms of poetry. It was originated in Japan.
  3. The longest poem in the world literature is Mahabharata. It has got nearly 2 million words.
  4. There are three dates in the calendar according to which poems and poets are recognized.
  5. The earliest form in the world poetry is the epic. It’s a poem about heroic deeds of personages. They can be real and fictional.
  6. The Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest representative of this kind of literature. It’s more than 4 thousand years old.
  7. One of the great ways to study new words is to read poems. One of the most extensive vocabularies was Shakespeare’s. It included more than 20 words.
  8. Free verses are verses which are not rhythmic.


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