When is National Day of Pink in 2020? To be honest with you, we are now almost sure that only a small amount of people can reply this without any hesitations. The most part of contemporary ladies and gentlemen have never heard and thought about its existence. Frankly speaking, it is not a great astonishment indeed. To make the situation clear at present we want to introduce this special occasion to all the most interested followers of our Internet resource. Are you going with us? โ€“ We are starting.


Discovering the direction what day Day of Pink in 2020 is, we came to the amazing conclusion. You see, according to our mind the matter needs some important clarifications and significant explanations. As a rule, all the themes concerning the initial background of the event are of high demand.

Initially this holiday was established by two students of the local high school in Nova Scotia. This day they saw a cruel accident, happened with their mate, a gay student, who was wearing a bright pink shirt. That person was bullied seriously by other people. The boys prevented the fight and after that made a decision to do something in order to prevent any kinds of bullying.ย  They invented a rather simple, but at the same time effective method. โ€“ The students started to ask everybody in the institution to wear the clothes of this kind. In such a simple way they demonstrated a huge solidarity. As a result, the whole school joined this action and the young people began working in this direction together.

day of pink

Nowadays the representatives of this theme use a rainbow flag as their traditional symbol, but have you ever thought what their initial mark was?

In the 1970s, the sex minorities used pink triangles as a symbol of the struggle for their rights. And it was not an occasional choice. โ€“ Unfortunately, it has a rather sad background. The matter is that the Nazis in concentration camps marked homosexual robes with just such an identifying mark.

Also, gays and lesbians in the 70s widely used the Greek letter โ€œLโ€ in their attributes, which was supposed to symbolize liberation.


What does Day of Pink mean? To tell you the truth, nobody can give you a definite answer to this question. It is only up to you to decide whether to spend this April 8th in a different way or to forget everything and completely about its existence in the contemporary calendar or corresponding internet recourses.

All in all, National Pink Day shouldnโ€™t be mixed up with quite a different occasion that is called in a similar way International Pink Day. The last one is kept in summer, on June 23rd to be more exact, and followed by this color lovers and appreciators all around the planet.

On April 8, on the contrary there is an opportunity to celebrate the International Day of Pink. In its turn, this is an event, when the definite communities, both local and international, organize various events in order to draw the attention to the problems of homophobia, transmisogyny transphobia, as well as all forms of their bullying.



The theme, which is sounded like โ€œWhen is International Day of Pink 2020?โ€ is considered to be rather requested today. Why? โ€“ The explanation is quite simple indeed. This matter is believed to be rather controversial and a lot of people want to understand its details.

All in all this holiday is usually associated with so-called sexual minorities. In fact, it is a collective term or definition, which is often used to refer to people of other sexual orientations other than heterosexuality.

Following some specialistsโ€™ points of view, this term can have quite various interpretations, beginning from fairly narrow, including only homosexuals, and up to fairly wide, involving all persons whose sexual orientation, sexual preferences or sexual behavior go beyond the framework of the usual sex-role models.

However, homosexual and bisexual people are often referred to as sexual minorities. It is believed that the phrase โ€œsexual minoritiesโ€ in relation to homosexual or bisexual people is not correct and may cause offense.

The question of the acceptability of uniting such disparate groups of people into a minority group is debatable. Undoubtedly, numerically this group of people is a minority, but members of this group lack a common sense of belonging to a single group. Some researchers’ opinions that the single criterion is a single โ€œgay cultureโ€ are disputed by other authors, since what is commonly referred to as an LGBT culture can be quite different, therefore many homosexuals cannot identify with any LGBT culture.


When is Day of Pink in 2020, calendar will remind you without any difficulties. The holiday has a fixed date and it is celebrated in definite circles on April 8 annually. However, there are no worldwide traditions, devoted to it. In some towns or cities the local administration allows to organize the parades of people, who are either share these positions or see nothing bad in them.

This day some people prefer to play the role of the so-called ambassadors. As a rule, they are represented by different Canadian politicians and various community leaders. These people want to take a word and to talk on behalf of the diversity of other men and women.

bullying stops here

There are some famous blogs devoted to this holiday and theme in general. There the participants talk about their desire to wear something pink on April 8th. New bloggers are always welcome.

If you are living in a small settlement but want to participate, just devote this day to discovering the direction in details. You see, nowadays there have been a great amount of books, magazines, internet articles and specialized online recourses devoted to this theme in general.

You may even organize a discussion at home, inviting your friends, relatives or just colleagues to tea. The main point of this special occasion is to understand your personal feelings concerning this event. Do you agree or disagree? โ€“ Well, it is a controversial point.

National Day of Pink Facts

The question โ€œWhat is the date of Day of Pink in 2020?โ€ needs additional clarifications and explanations. For example,

This bright-colored flag is considered to be one of the essential and the most important symbols of the world-wide movement for the equal rights and freedoms of sex minorities. Its representatives say that such a banner is intended to show that all people in society are born different and true harmony can only be achieved if each person can get equal chances for self-realization.

The symbol was initially used on June 25, 1978. It happened in the American city of San Francisco, where thousands of marches were organized in defense of the corresponding rights and freedoms. The idea was realized by an American artist and civil activist called Gilbert Baker.

In accordance with the author, there is special meaning in each flag shade: pink – for attraction and sexuality, red – for bright life, saturated orange – for good health, yellow – for sunny day, green means environment, turquoise – for art, indigo – for inner harmony and brilliant violet – for spirit strength.

However, in the course of time, two shades (pink as well as turquoise) were taken away and the left indigo was changed to with blue. Changes were made because of the economic and technical difficulties to achieve the necessary hint.


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