When is National Sweater Day in 2020? โ€“ Can you answer this question without our prompts? Frankly speaking, in this case your negative reply is quite predictable for us. And it is rather surprising in fact because this kind of clothes is considered to be an obligatory thing, both in men’s and women’s wardrobes. As we find sweater a necessary idea in the cool season (and, of course, in winter cold) we are going to discover the situation in details.


Of course, we understand that the matter, what day World Sweater Day in 2020 is, needs the explanation and clarification of some historical background. It is clear enough, but to tell you the truth, we havenโ€™t been able to discover any information available about the reasons for celebrating it on February 4th, as well as about the establishers of this strange but amazing special occasion.

In accordance with some specialistsโ€™ points of view, initially this day was nothing but a successful advertizing decision.

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What does National Sweater Day mean? Oh, in this situation it is only up to you to decide. Nobody can tell you, what holiday to celebrate. Do you like this type of clothes? โ€“ Well, if your reply is positive, you may be involved. Why not to participate in something interesting?

As for the color of a thing, then this is the place for your imagination. It is a fairly universal item of wardrobe. The variations with the color scheme are also quite broad. Classic ones include black, white, gray, sandy, red and brown shades, but other colors should not be neglected too.

In choosing a sample ย in color it is worth paying more attention to its purpose.ย  If you are going to wear it to the office, give preference to soft pastel tones. If you are looking for a sample for every day, for walks and rest, the colors can be quite different – from classic white to bright raspberry. And in the rest – listen to your taste.

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You may find that the sweater is so versatile that it suits any other clothing. And indeed, it looks good with jeans, and with a skirt and trousers. However, all in all there are several main models of things.

A large knitted sweater is great for winter colds. Due to the presence of a high neck, the model eliminates the need to tie a scarf, which in this case will only cause inconvenience.

Large-knit items usually look quite volumetric, so putting on some other things under them is not entirely convenient. It can clutter movements, especially if the top is wearing thick outer clothing.

Large-knit models look pretty stylish, especially if they show an interesting winter pattern in the form of snowflakes, deer, etc.


Discussing the matter โ€œWhen is International Sweater Day 2020?โ€ we would like to give our readers some important recommendations. When choosing a sample, give preference to natural fabrics – wool, cashmere or angora. Today it is quite difficult to find a sample made of natural yarns, without any impurities of artificial ones. โ€“ Producers try to save on natural threads, therefore artificial fibers are added. Nevertheless, more or less well-known manufacturers try not to deceive their buyers and show on the label the true composition of the product.

A clothe made of wool (sheep, alpaca, merino, Scottish sheep or mohair), thanks to its natural composition, saves greatly from the cold and at the same time does not cause a “greenhouse effect” on the body.

In an item of wool, you will always feel warmth, and you will not sweat, as it often happens in synthetic clothing.

You should mind that amodel made of wool is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is comfortable for wearing and does not cause irritation and discomfort.

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When is Sweater Day, calendar will definitely remind you. And there are no reasons for being worried about. As soon as February 4th comes, you will be able to celebrate.

Of course, as you can understand there are no official events devoted to this holiday. But you can always invent something special for yourself if you want to be involved. The easiest way to do it is to purchase a new sample. Winter is a perfect opportunity for this. However, do you know how to do it properly? โ€“ We will give you some recommendations.

So, going for a new thing, pay attention to our little tips and hints:

  • Carefully watch the sweater through. – There should be no holds and loose knitting loops threading threads, seams should be neat. The new cloth should not have any pellets. – If they are present, then it means that sweater has been tried on a lot, or it is tied from low-quality threads.
  • When buying a baby item, make sure it is soft and comfortable to the touch. The kid shouldnโ€™t have any irritation, tingling and itching. You see, the product created from this type of threads is not suitable for your son or daughter. Well, if a baby cloth has bright, catchy drawings it will always raise his mood.
  • Carefully read the label with its washing instructions. Most models require delicate washing, but in any case you need to get acquainted with certain requirements for caring for a particular model.
  • Today, scarves, hats and mittens in the same style are sold very often in a complete set with this type of clothes. These kits look very unusual and perfectly emphasize your image.

People in sweaters

International Sweater Day Facts

Investigating the matter โ€œWhat is the date of Natural Sweater Day 2020?โ€ it is recommended to draw special occasion to the peculiar features of some types of these clothes.

When you are trying to purchase something new, it is necessary to make a choice not only taking into account your individual preferences, but also thinking about so called “qualitative” parameters.

  • A cashmere sweater is a great idea for a comfortable and active rest. Due to the features of the fibers, such a sample does not look cumbersome. It sits well on the figure, is pleasant to the touch and warms well. Thin cashmere models are great for sports, as they do not cause sweating, but at the same time warm the body well.
  • Sweater from Angora wool (angora) is a great variant for winter frost. Angora wool is very soft and warm. In general clothing from Angora does not look volumetric and perfectly adjoins to the body. Sweaters from Angora wool have a very aesthetic look, but it is worth noting that the wool slips very quickly, especially in places of friction (on elbows, under armpits, on the sides). It is best not to wear a sweater from Angora under your outer clothing. Otherwise your sweater will quickly lose its appearance.
  • Sweaters made of synthetic fabrics (acrylic, polyamide and polyester) are not the best choice for winter frost. First of all, they are poorly kept by heat and can cause a “greenhouse” effect on the body. In the winter cold you can sweat and at the same time freeze. Synthetic fibers are considered to be quite durable and nimble. These are perhaps their only advantage. However, during the wearing the sweater made of synthetic fabrics, doesnโ€™t differ in positive qualities – they can get pellets. And they may cause unpleasant feelings being worn.
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If you liked the item, where both natural and synthetic fibers are present, do not bypass it. Due to the presence of natural yarns, the sweater will be warm and soft, and synthetic impurities will significantly prolong the life of its service. However, it is desirable that the synthetic yarns make up not more than 30% of the total percentage of fabric fibers.


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