How often do you visit malls and boutiques to buy stuff? Is it comfortable to spend 4-5 hours walking through the mall to choose something? We want you get acquainted with the most popular shopping method. So, let’s find out when is National Free Shipping Day 2017?

Well, the day is observed annually on the 15th of December and is dedicated to online shopping without any charges. The authors are Luke and Maisie Knowles who invented the celebration in 2008 in the USA.


A few years ago, each of us thought what and where to buy. But a small group of people decided to take a step forward and chose “online shopping”. In other words, shopping on the Internet has absorbed the world.

The ability to shop online appeared long before the creation of the Internet. In 1979, Michael Aldrich connected the local cable television to the computer in the United States. Thanks to this technology, anyone could order a product displayed on the screen. Aldrich called the invention TV shopping but then learned this name was used since 1977. The phrase “TV shopping” was operated by TV presenters demonstrated the goods and urged viewers to make phone calls. Then, Aldrich changed the name to “online shopping”.

The first online store appeared in the US in 1995. In 2004, the volume of online transactions around the world did not exceed a million dollars. In three years, this amount was several billion.

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Whether it is better than to make purchases on the Internet, sitting in your comfortable chair with a cup of tea in front of the computer and using the mouse to scroll through the websites of the most frequently visited stores previously saved in the browser?

In the US, making purchases on the Internet is easier: 99% of stores work with the American mail, USPS. Working with USPS, the online store connects to the program for printing stickers on packages containing all shipping information. Next, the seller collects the parcel. The USPS van comes to him and takes the sealed box. At the moment when the parcel is sent, in front of the order in the online store, the customer sees the parcel number.

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Of course, every Internet buyer can expect unforeseen situations. For example, problems with the site itself or the work of managers in this store, as well as with delivery by mail. All of these troubles comprehended John Denver, a man from North Dakota. Somehow, he wanted to check one of the Polish sites. He decided to buy something that he did not mind spending money. And he found a saw that cost $3. Having realized everything and read the buyers’ feedback, he arranged the order and sent money to the transfer. The delivery took five days. As we understand, the problem is not getting the saw. Having written a letter to the online store, he read a response: they did not receive any application, and regarding the transfer of funds – nothing can help.

You have already got to know what a day Free Shipping Day in 2017 is, so, let’s go further.


What does Free Shipping Day mean? Countless crowds and queues in malls lead to dissatisfaction after buying. Dowles made it easy to choose everything by sitting in front of your computer. You need only to scroll the websites and add stuff to a virtual cart. Then, choose your payment method and make an order.

Touching on the topic of clothing, it should be noted good stores have a detailed table of sizes on their pages. They offer clients to measure themselves beforehand to pick the right thing for themselves. In the description of the vending model, you can find information about the material and colour scheme.

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As for household appliances, it is worth noting one unit of goods can save $100-200 but do not rush to a 50% discount. Likely, you will be deceived or sent a defective device. Before placing an order, talk to the store manager about the price and delivery time.

You can enrich your knowledge on the 15th of December, when International Free Shipping Day 2017 is happening.


One of the oldest methods of delivery is mail. You receive the parcel in 3-7 days, depending on the distance. As a rule, 4% of the cost of the goods is charged for shipping, but you should know the price may increase due to the weight of the delivered parcel.

Online Shopping: Pros and Cons

The undisputed advantage of online shopping is that it will always save time and money. The reasons for such a phenomenon are clear: lack of costs for maintaining a leased premise for a store and a warehouse, payment of sales consultants and other personnel, as well as other possible costs.

Another “plus” of purchases through the web is a system of discounts and accumulative bonuses. Do not forget, most stores provide free delivery around the city, and long distance packages make a 5% discount.

The only flaw of the system is the insufficient guarantees. No one can insure the buyer against fraud, incorrectly chosen size, damage to the order during transportation, loss of parcels etc. But shoppers need to think about how often they were deceived offline.

Of course, you can go for a purchase yourself, but do not forget you will spend your personal time. So, did you get what to do on what is the date of Free Shipping Day 2017?


The best way to follow the observance is to take friends and relatives and make yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee. Many websites are waiting for your orders. They provide a discount in shipping and any order will be low cost. Give a present to your family by creating a family club card with 15% discount for any purchase. Be sure, they will be happy and thankful.

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Online shopping: payment methods

There are three most secure and convenient payment options for purchases.

  1. Option one – payment for goods after delivery. As a buyer, you can check the availability of all components of the order, their quality, and integrity. Then, give the courier the necessary amount. Most of the stores have their own courier staff. They will ensure the delivery of goods and will give the opportunity to write the indignation or the joy of buying.
  2. The second option is a bank transfer. Here, a manager will send a settlement account to your mail, which you can pay at the nearest bank department. You can apply to the court, having on hand a check and requisites of the online store, if you have problems with the goods.
  3. And, finally, an effective way of payment is a credit card. On the store website, you will see a list of payment methods. With this choice, you will go to your bank page, where you can independently transfer the required amount to the store account.

Online shopping and delivery choice

As mentioned above, courier delivery is one of the best and most reliable. Most often, you can get your goods on the same or the next day. This service is free, so when you receive the goods you pay only the amount specified in the receipt.

The calendar told us when is Free Shipping Day in 2017, and let’s check some interesting facts.

National Free Shipping Day Facts

  • On average, girls spend more than $200 to buy clothes.
  • A woman spends on shopping about 25 thousand 284 hours 53 minutes in her whole life.
  • Psychologists claim buying new clothes brings people more joy than buying kitchen utensils and household goods.

To sum up, spend your time by shopping and making a discount in shipping the order, You will get unforgettable memories and satisfaction from it.


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