Traditionally, in the many cuisines all around the planet, the so called first dish has always been the most important meal of the day. Every person seems to know that eating a hot soup is rather required for our organism. So men and women, who care about their health, try not to miss the opportunity. But up to the present moment opinions about the positive and negative parts of this type of nutrition are so different. The opinions about this dish benefits are divided. In this article we propose you not only to obtain the answer to the question โ€œWhen is National Homemade Soup Day in 2020?โ€ but to investigate the whole matter in details.


Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Homemade Soup Day 2020?โ€ we should give our readers all the information possible about the past of this event. We understand this quite well, but unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find out the facts about the establishers of this event as well as about the reasons to celebrate it on February 4th.

However, according to historians of cooking, this kind of meals appeared in ancient times, when it was cooked (not boiled) in the form of a broth from pounded or coarsely ground grains of cereals, previously baked on hot stones.

Over time, it started to be made denser. However, the courses like those ones, quickly turned sour and became bad for eating. Boiled meals, according to some experts, appeared only when people first began to make clay pots.

Homemade Soup

There is another point of view, according to which it arose when a person learned to use fire and mastered the cooking process. Supporters of this version suggest that animal skins were used for cooking meat in water. They were specially tied and hung above the fire.

According to some reports, soups were prepared in the Mediterranean in the Stone Age. With the expansion of the territory of the Roman Empire for it more and more varied ingredients were used: leeks, onions, carrots, garlic, fennel, mint, parsley and coriander.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the soup continued its history in Byzantium, and here, over the centuries, the menu was enriched with samples originating from Central Asia. Turks, unlike Western Europeans, ate it not only at certain times of the day and not only as one of the dishes of the day’s meal. In addition, they used a variety of vegetables.

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What does Homemade Soup Day mean? Oh, are you really sure that we can answer this question instead of you? โ€“ Of course, not! โ€“ The matter is that it is only up to you to define your attitude to this kind of dish.

In general this kind of meal can be called any broth based on meat, fish or vegetable broth. Such things are found in all the cuisines of the world, while they are served in the first place. That’s why they are called first, but why soup, not snack or main dish? Have you ever thought about it?

The fact is that the stomach needs to wake up before digesting food. It should be something light, liquid, but nutritious enough to be considered a dish. If you completely exclude it from the menu, the likelihood of problems with digestion will increase significantly.

Using soup in front of meals that are hard to digest, you reduce the risk of gastritis or ulcers, and these ailments are pursued by those who do not spare the stomach.

There is another reason why you should not skip the first course too often. The soup plate contains the daily norm of minerals and vitamins. In addition, an abundance of recipes will not make you bored.


Investigating the matter โ€œWhen is International Homemade Soup Day 2020?โ€ and arguing on the advantages and disadvantages of the first courses, you can not but mention the other side of the coin, namely, the harm of soups. First of all, supporters of separate nutrition are sure in this. They consider that all the liquid which gets to an organism during meal, is able to dilute our gastric juice and in such a way to worsen digestion process. Therefore during the so called separate kind of nutrition it is not recommended to drink something and to eat simultaneously.

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When soups are cooked for a long period of time (for some of them it may take even hours), the useful substances, which are in the products, are mostly destroyed. If you are eating a soup, prepared on chicken or any meat broth, in a warm state it, getting into the body, absorbs quickly by the intestine. At this time our liver isn’t involved into process of the meat consuming. And as a result, these parts as a result are carried in the body in the form of poisons. It may damage internal organs.

During the cooking of meat broth, harmful substances enter the meat soup. These things enter the meat in the process of growing animals, because almost every farmer uses a variety of growth accelerators and hormones, which then enter our body together with broth.

Improvements in the taste qualities can be achieved by more gentle ways. First of all by adding spices and herbs: sweet pepper, bay leaf, parsley, celery or dill. Secondly, observing the rules of salting: fish soups are salted at first, and meat and vegetable only after the vegetable preparation. These two simple ideas are useful for a delicious dietary meal!


When is Homemade Soup Day in 2020, calendar will surely tell you. This is not a problem indeed. In fact it will happen as usually on February 4th.

Of course, there are no any official events devoted to this event. No parades, no meetings, no contests. But can we celebrate it, if we want to be involved?


Frankly speaking, in this case everything depends on your imagination level. The choice of recipes, which can be used for cooking, is really endless.

However there are people, who take this day as a beginning of new life. It is not a secret that in the USA there are a lot men and women suffering from excess weight. And, unfortunately, not everybody knows that after the conducted researches the experts in the field of nutrition came to an amazing conclusion: soup is an ideal dish for those who want to say goodbye with extra pounds without keeping severe diets.

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The secret of this phenomenon is the following: the calories that our body spends on digesting soup, significantly exceed the number of calories contained in the dish itself.

The same studies have confirmed the fact that in the diet of the most slender ladies the first dishes take an honorable place. It is not surprising, because in a bowl of soup cooked on a meat broth, about 100 kcal is contained, and in a vegetarian portion, even less – about 40 kcal.

For comparison, let’s take a potato casserole with vegetables. Its energy value is not less than 470 calories per serving. As it is said, comments are unnecessary! However, it must be remembered that the caloric content of the first courses depends on the ingredients used.

National Homemade Soup Day Facts

Discussing the matter, what day Homemade Soup Day in 2020 is, we would like to give our readers a whole set of various recommendations.

Useful meals of this kind, as a rule, contain a lot of vegetables and cereals: rassolnik, cabbage soup, buckwheat and bean soup. During heat treatment, most of the vitamins are lost, but the residue is quite enough to replenish the stock.

Rich broths can be the cause of heartburn and indigestion. Taking into account the situation on the meat market, we can say with confidence that it is not worthwhile to boil the broth for a long time. โ€“ During the prolonged cooking, heavy metals, if there are an, come out of the meat. They are usually accompanied with antibiotics and hormones that are added to animal food in order to make the cattle and poultry to grow quicker.

Well, let’s sum up. There are dishes for every day you can and even have to use them. But, of course, this is not the only way to save your stomach healthy. Sour-milk products, teas and light snacks will help keep your digestive system toned.


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