The concept of color symbolism has appeared in ancient times. For a long time, people have given a great importance to the language of colors. And this phenomenon, in its turn, was reflected in folk tales, myths, legends and teachings. After all, shade is a kind of sign, symbol and signal. With its help, you can give information to others and in this case, it will play the role of those words that we do not pronounce. However, are you ready to reply, for example, the question โ€œWhen is National Wear Red Day in 2020?โ€ without any prompts? As a rule, it is not easy, and that is the reason, why we are going to investigate this matter in details.


Certainly it is almost impossible to discover the theme, concerning what day World Wear Red Day in 2020 is, without any mentioning the historical background of this special occasion. By the way, the date is not fixed. It is usually celebrated on the first Friday in February. In 2020 it will be on February 7th.

The holiday is not so spontaneous as it may seen at the first sight. โ€“ Initially it was first observed, more than 15 years ago, in 2002. And the aim of its establishment was rather noble. The creators, represented mostly by scientists, doctors and students of corresponding specializations, wanted to draw the national attention to the important problem and to raise awareness of heart health of women.

Also we would like to mention that that this shade was considered the color of kings, emperors and other high-ranking persons. For example, in Byzantium this coloration of boots could only be worn by the empress, because it meant high position.

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In Christianity, the mentioned abovehint simultaneously symbolizes the blood of martyrs for the faith, the sacrifice of Christ, the royal majesty of Christ, the Passover Red, joy, beauty and love.

In general it is the most powerful hint from the entire range available. In the Old Slavic language, its name sounds like “the best”. Oh, by the way have you already heard that historically thishint is considered the one of men, because it symbolizes Yan – energy.

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All in all it is very often used: the chiefs and kings were dressed in Africa. And only they were able to bear the death sentence. In Africa, earlier this shade meant crazy love. It was associated with the complete loss of self-control and the hot weather of the year.


What does National Wear Red Day mean? Have you ever thought about it? We are almost sure that your reply will be negative. However, the shades have not only aesthetic, but also psychological and even physiological effects on people. They are able to influence mood and well-being. All in all, this kind of therapy is known well in the world as a type of effective treatment.

In different cultures in various cultures, the same color can mean opposite things, therefore, in order not to get trapped, it is better to study these nuances before communicating or negotiating with people of other cultures.

Color adjusts the person to a certain harmony, and that is why stylists, image-makers and etiquette specialists pay so much attention to shades in clothes.

The language of hints in clothing plays, perhaps, one of the most key roles in creating your image. The choice of the hint of the attire in many ways determines what impression we make on the interlocutor, the employer, the loved one.

All in all we canโ€™t but mention that each color has a variety of shades, which allows each of us to wear out almost any one.



Discussing the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Wear Red Day 2020?โ€ we should our readers about the symbolism of this shade.

In many languages, it means something sophisticated and beautiful. For Polynesians, for example, the word “red” denote both the hint itself and the “beloved” at the same time. And in China, it can also mean “sincere and frank” and the locals call a sincere person as a “red heart”.

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In general the symbolism of this color is quite contradictory. Along with positive values, such as joy, love, majesty and beauty, it means blood, fire, power and struggle.

Activity of the mentioned color is difficult to exaggerate. If you want to attract attention, then there’s nothing better than putting on a red dress or a jacket.

In it, you will not remain unnoticed, but at the same time it is hardly suitable to wear this shade, for example, for the interview, as in such a way you may suppress or even frighten your future employer.

In general red is always appropriate at festive meetings and parties. This color is very invigorating and gives strength. So if you plan to calm down and relax, do not do this in a room with the corresponding wallpaper. Red color improves appetite and has the property of raising blood pressure.

In clothes it obliges to a certain behavior and manner to keep, because this color is regal. The posture must be flawless, and the gait is graceful and majestic, otherwise there will be a certain dissonance in the guise. It is the dominant color, so if you decide to talk confidentially with a friend, this is not the most successful choice.

And, please, be careful as this palette can tire others.

Girls Wear Red


When is Wear Red Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The only thing you have to remember is that it will be the very first Friday in February. This date is considered to be rather extraordinary as it may be celebrated both officially and non-officially.

Do you know how to do it? โ€“ Oh, well. It is not difficult and even easier as it may seem from the first sight. The representatives of the authorities as well as profound scientists and doctors from all over the world try to organize various lectures, seminars and meetings in order to explain all the people around about the role, which is played by blood in our organism.

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If you want to be involved, just visit these occasions. โ€“ You will get a great amount of various facts.

Some people give preference to individual events. โ€“ Read corresponding literature, watch documentaries or perhaps something corresponding.

International Wear Red Day Facts

We are trying to give the proper answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Wear Red Day 2020?โ€ but at the same time we want to tell our readers something interesting about this theme.

It is said that there is no more evocative and ambiguous color than red. Designers believe that it goes to almost everyone.

But would you like to know how to choose the most suitable shade and with what to combine it both in clothes, and in a make up? What does the red color in your image say?

As you know, in order to attract attention to yourself, you just have to put on corresponding items or make up your lips with scarlet lipstick. It is believed that men react to red color very positively and show to the woman, in the image of which there is this shade, maximum attention. Psychologists say that red is very sexy. And having conducted many studies of male psychology, the following was revealed.

Seeing a woman in corresponding items, the men read it like: “I want!” So, having nothing like that on your mind, you may be surprised at the results of your going out in this shade. Also, it is important to remember that busting with this color is simply visually tiresome, annoying and even causes aggression. Therefore, it is necessary to wear it very carefully and competently.

First, you need to know your type of appearance. Depending on this, you will be able to choose the shades that suit you best, which will only accentuate your dignity and hide faults.


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