As a rule, animals are not able to explain in words that it hurts and therefore a big minus of the profession of a veterinarian as well as a vet nurse is the need to predict the condition of the patient by secondary signs. Unfortunately, owners often do not help, but on the contrary, complicate the work of a specialist, come in a state of nervous excitement and often can’t really clarify the diagnosis. However, can you answer the question “When is National Vet Nurse Day in 2022?” immediately? Or, perhaps, you need some time for thinking over it?

Usually contemporary people are not able to do it and that is the reason why we are going to discover this matter in details.


Of course, we understand that it is almost impossible to answer, what day Vet Nurse Day in 2022 is without close discovering the historical background of this special occasion.

As it is known well, this holiday is celebrated on October 9 annually, however, unfortunately we haven’t been managed to find out who the establisher of this notable date was and why it is celebrated just on the date mentioned above.

All in all general veterinary care with elements of animal health appeared during the period of their taming and domestication. The oldest information refers to the 4th century BC. And the facts were registered in Egypt and India.

Vet Nurse Day

Shepherds, priests and pastoralists were engaged much in veterinary care. In ancient Greece, animals were treated with specialists the category of which in local language was called like hippies and sometimes physicians.

Veterinary medicine developed in Greece, Rome, Arab and other countries. Animal diseases were described in the writings of Roman scientists such as Cato the Elder, Varro and Columella, in whose works the terms “veterinary aid”, “veterinarian”, “veterinary medicine” were mentioned for the first time.

In the middle of the century, animal owners carried out veterinary assistance using random, usually folk remedies. In the second half of the 18th century, professional veterinary schools were opened in France, Germany, Austria and other countries.

Veterinary care was provided by specially trained people in the late 18th – early 19th centuries.

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What does Vet Nurse Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide. In the modern world there is a great amount of people, who have heard neither about this profession, nor about the notable event, devoted to this special occasion.

Representatives of the speciality are considered to be quite rare in our times. You see, not everyone will decide to be involved into it.

The typical day of this specialist is rather complicated as the guy or the lady should perform a lot of duties.

  1. Personally or together with the veterinarian, zootechnician gives medical and preventive help to animals.
  2. Prepares necessary medical instruments and materials.
  3. Conducts consultations on the animal treatment, the prevention of their diseases and sanitary and hygienic standards for their maintenance.
  4. Controls the quality of feed, sanitary condition of premises and equipment.
  5. Prepares animals for examination and treatment.
  6. Attends animals that are in quarantine, in isolation or on inpatient treatment.
  7. Performs technical duties on artificial insemination of animals and provides them with obstetric care.


Trying to find the answer to the question “When is International Vet Nurse Day 2022?” we should give the definition to this profession.

The 21st century is the time of technical progress. In such conditions, nature protection professions acquire great importance. Veterinary assistant or a vet nurse is a profession from this list. This person is a specialist, who is dealing with anthropozoonoses, diseases common to humans and animals. You see, our pets, animal circus, inhabitants of large industrial livestock farms, all need the services of a specialist of this profile.

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The profession of a vet nurse is considered not very popular, as the labor market is experiencing a decline in interest in it. Veterinary paramedics have lost their relevance to employers, either because the field of activity is outdated, or there are too many specialists.

All in all veterinary assistant is under the supervision of a veterinarian or zootechnician. His/her work can be very diverse, but mostly he/she carries out preventive measures (vaccinations, sanitary control of premises, feeds, etc.) and provides medical assistance to a wide variety of animals (including birds and fish). This nurse supervises the production and sale of livestock products, carries out pre-slaughter inspection of livestock, provides obstetric care to animals, performs cosmetic surgical operations and other activities, which largely depend on the place of work.


So you have already known that the answer to the question “What is the date of Vet Nurse Day 2022?” sounds really simply. This holiday will be celebrated on October 9 and this year it will happen on Friday. However, what should we do in order to spend this notable event properly?

Unfortunately, up to the present moment there have been no rules and customs for its organization. But, of course, it is not a problem for those guys and ladies, who have made a decision to be involved in this activity.

Vet Nurse Day

October 9 is a perfect moment to try this direction. For this purpose, you can go to the local animal clinic and ask for some simple tasks.

Loving animals when they do not cause trouble can everyone, but when they need help – it’s quite another matter.

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This profession is the possibility of combining romanticism, nobility and a large store of love. It will require not only academic knowledge, but also the ability to respond quickly and make decisions. A good doctor knows very quickly what hurts the animal, chooses the necessary treatment and calms the worried owner.

National Vet Nurse Day Facts

When is Vet Nurse Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to demonstrate you, but would you like to find out something amazing about this special occasion as well as about the people, who are in it?

Here is our list:

  • Have you ever heard that at the beginning of October each year, just at the time when Nobel Prize winners are named, the Nobel Prize parody is handed in parallel for achievements that can’t be reproduced or whether there is no sense to do it? In 2009 some vet nurses decided to participate. They declared the amazing fact that a cow with any nickname gave more milk than an unnamed one. We are almost sure that they did it just for fun.
  • In dogs and cats, there is almost no caries. They have many other pathologies, associated with changing the color of the enamel, but this is not caries, which is often found in humans. This is due to the shape of the teeth, the lack of chewing surface as well as because of other diets, in which there are few carbohydrates and many proteins.
  • In accordance with contemporary statistics, the modern profession of a veterinarian as well as vet nurses in the Western countries is among the TOP ten mostly respected and highly paid specialties: in Germany and Canada this sphere is on the 4th place and in Israel – 3rd place. It is ahead only by architects, beauticians and neurosurgeons.


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