One old proverb says that we are what we eat. Alimentation is one of the most necessary conditions for a well-being of men. It influences the state of health, the strength and forces for work and leisure time that is why the nutritional products must be healthy and fresh. Nutritional disorders cause many serious diseases, which may lead even to death.

Every vital process in the human organism depends on what food we consume. It is related to the quality and quantity of menu we take every day. Despite a variety of foodstuff, nowadays, many citizens of some African countries starve and die from hunger. From the opposite POV, inhabitants from the high-developed societies risk falling sick because of the irregular alimentation and overweight. The problem is very urgent the last decades that is the reason to speak about when is World Food Day in 2022. The present article will enlighten some difficult points and will give answers to many important questions.

The meaning of the time

What does World Food Day mean for Americans? We may suppose the holiday has the global meaning and touches everyone on the globe. The celebration is held every year on October 16. It is the time of the foundation of Food and Agriculture Organization establishes by United Nations. Annually, it has the different theme and proposes various topics for discussion.

World Food Day 2017

The main purposes of the celebration are the followings:

  1. Cooperate to diminish the hunger and malnutrition. Today, the statistics show that more than 700 million of humans are affected by chronic hunger not to mention the fact that the Earth and its population are able to fabricate enough nourishment for everyone. Even more, children are stunning from malnutrition what badly affects their health. The primary task is to guarantee people the free access to a food not only to the healthy one to the products itself.
  2. Abate poverty, especially in rural areas. In the matter of fact, the inhabitants of small villages are mostly attended by the lack of comestibles. It is strange because of the reason the village settlements always were the source of agricultural and farm production, the products there were grown by farmers on the ground. What is more, men are women leave their households and start living in big cities, so then the villages stay lonely and deserted. The second step is to promote the agricultural production, to sustain the local population, to bring them hope and to help resolve the dilemma. We may suppose the holiday has the global meaning and touches everyone on the globe. We are sure every person has to recognize the need of this anniversary and promote the time when is International Food Day in 2022. All the Earth must unite in the battle against the misery and aid the poorest among us.
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The history of the feast

The United Nations initiated the creation of this special holiday. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), was founded by UN on October 16, 1945. Its main obligations are helping to fight malnutrition and hunger all over the world. Since 1979, FAO is responsible for the events which take part annually.

That year in Rome, there was an official assembly of the organization and its leaders proposed to set up the occasion, which could help people to compete hunger. Since 1981, one chooses the appropriate theme for each year in accordance with what special meetings and conferences are held.

As an international unity, the foundation accentuates on several aims:

  • They greatly tend to the improvement of fisheries, agriculture, and forestry. These natural resources could bring a lot of food for the poorest so their efficacy have to be supported.
  • Its members initiate legal rights and obligations at the State and international levels. They involve numerous enterprises, institutions, as well as private figures to take part in this big charity work. Governed by each county, this affair blossoms year by the year.
  • The state-members of the organization gather and donate millions of dollars for the promotions of new projects and plans. It is important to make people do something, do not let grass grow under the feet, to give some pieces of advice, to give hand, and to encourage all who desires to change the situation.
  • The unity aims to share the information and attract more and more men to do some actions and moves.
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During the last twenty years, more than 150 countries in the world honor the date when is Food Fay in 2022. Circle this date in your calendars red and do not forget to memorize it. As a fact, it deserves to be mentioned and commemorated because anyone can be apart from the hugest miseries between us. No one has right to show indifference to the death of innocent kids and adults because of malnutrition.

The definition of the holiday

FAO has its symbol with the circle and wheat inside it. It wants to draw our attention to the need of healthy eating and drinking. If you have some bread in your house, do not waste it, try to consume and share it with homeless people or any poor person you know. This feast is not very joyful and happy because it is not appropriate to have some fun while someone is dying somewhere. It is rather the commemoration, an occasion to understand better the existence, human destiny and the tasks we have to accomplish on the Earth and they are to become a โ€œMan among menโ€, to become compassionate, to help and aid others.

World Food Day

The day factsย and traditions

We have already mentioned, the celebration of the date when is National Food Day in 2022 includes a lot of countries. Each of them makes the contributions to the good of all affair.

In the USA people celebrate the feast from 1979. More than 450 volunteers reunions gather money and even more, American directors of the FAO created the Sunday Food Dinner Day. The sponsors choose one Sunday to organize a big lunch. It is free for everyone. The event takes place in Iowa. European countries hold conferences, exhibitions, symposia, and press- conferences as Germany and Italy. Spanish people prefer, for example, to spread some information through media resources as TV and newspapers. The UK Food Group is involved in broadcasts. On this occasion, Pope sends a message to all Catholics and Earth inhabitants concerning the protection of human rights and the consuming of food.

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Other European countries as Albania, Hungary, Georgia, Czech Republic participate through conferences and gatherings.

African states create an unusual and wonderful celebration all over the world. Egypt, Chad, Angola, Ghana, Tunisia, and others are between them. For example, Angola organizes the annual meeting of rural women. In Burundi, the vice-president plants some vegetables. It symbolizes the manual work everyone must do for a good harvest and that the future products will grow on the ground cultivated with love and patience.

Asian countries are not dropped behind all the others. The powers of China, Bangladesh set up big festivals, Korean inhabitants visit practical forums. Some agricultural organizations in Bali and Indonesia gather thousands of participants at specials Food expositions and seminars. In Cyprus, at the local school, teachers provide the sort of open lessons. They explain to their pupils and their parents the meaning of the holiday of alimentation and underline the significance of healthy nutrition for everyone.

In which way can one join the day of the celebration?

At the beginning, if you want to share the celebration, you have to understand what day is National Food Day in 2022. It is the perfect occasion to make some changes in two main directions โ€“ in the individual one and the global one. Think about your lifestyle and if you are going to lead the unhealthy mood of living, renounce of it. Start eating good products, going to the gym and feeling better. Imagine how the situation is difficult and sorrowful in poor areas where there is nothing to eat. Visit conferences and events, take part in food ceremonies and festivals, donate some money, products, or just your time to be together with the globe. Nothing is possible when human hands are joined and help other ones.


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