A process of waiting for a birth of a baby is very exciting. It gives certain hopes or happiness. Besides, this time can be used by parents in developing themselves. They can manage everything they can to be ready to accept their child in the best inner world. But despite the great hope a disaster can come into the familyโ€™s life. The amount of infant loss is really huge. Lots of pregnancies end with a negative result. Young people can face a great problem bearing a baby. The problem is always discussed during certain days of the year. When is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day in 2024? What events are usually provided on the day?


The first events devoted to the problems of pregnancy and infant loss took place in 1988. The President of America, R.Reagan, decided to initiate a set of events devoted to the discussion of this problem. He announced October a month when these problems could be discussed. The occasion was invented on October, 25th.

The new date was observed in 2002. It became October, 15th. Three people, T.Novak, L.Brown and R.Bear, were initiators of that observance in 2002. They wrote a petition to representatives of the federal government and other 50 states.

According to those historical facts, the proclamation was recognized by twenty states. Thus, the appeal helped to support its main core. In 2006, on September 28 the official occasion was accepted by the government. Since then every year every American state observes the occasion. Some states annually sign a permanent proclamation.

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The Canadian initiators joined the US one in 2004. That act was proposed by T.L.Coggan who initiated that occasion in Canada. The woman became the official Director of that Canadian Campaign. The observance was set on October, 15th, in Canada. According to the governmental proclamation, the occasion is held in every province of Canada.

What day World Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day in 2024? This occasion is hold on October, 15.


What does National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day mean for countries itself or a separate family? This observance is a chance to involve people into the problem and make everything possible to prevent a disaster. Nobody can say exactly what the way out is. But professionals in the medical sphere try to improve the situation. They annually develop new ways of predicting the problems of pregnancy and prevent babiesโ€™ deaths.

The occasion was made to get peopleโ€™s attention and to help many women understand the importance of medical examination. Doctors raise the alarm that many pregnant women donโ€™t want to make various medical tests. The lack of them often causes great problems with pregnancy. Women often think that natural pregnancy and the absence of medicines are the best ways to have a healthy baby. Thatโ€™s why they usually wonder why their infant babies become ill or even die almost at once after their birth.

The occasion is a very great chance to analyze the problem. Professors from all states of America and Canada join for the conferences and discuss the ways out. They announce new researches and medicines which can change the whole situation.

Though the date wasnโ€™t proclaimed as a national holiday, it has become a special occasion for the sake of health of pregnant women and infant babies. The occasion is also used to accept any governmental support while researching of reasons of early infant deaths.

When is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day 2024? The day is set on October, 15th.


The occasion is definitely clear for every person who knows what a pregnancy is. People understand that they should think over their health in every life cycle. They donโ€™t need a concrete explanation of the phenomenon but they certainly need more information as to the problems with health.

The word โ€œpregnancyโ€ appeared in the beginning of the 16th century. The term is used in the official medicine. It is accepted as the official terminology, though different languages have got their own variants. Vocabularies give their own explanations of the term. The most frequent is the quality or state of being pregnant. The humanโ€™s instance lasts for 40 weeks.

The term โ€œinfantโ€ raises some discussions as to the age limits. The word derived from Latin word. It meant โ€œa lack of ability to speakโ€. It is often used as the synonym of the term โ€œbabyโ€. The word โ€œinfantโ€ can be also used to describe young animal organisms.

Typically the term is used to describe a child who is from one month to one year old. Sometimes it is used for a two-year old child. It is used for a child who canโ€™t walk yet. British dictionaries insist on the fact that an infant is a person from the birth untill 18 years old. British infant schools accept children from 4 to 7 years old. What is the date of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day 2024? This occasion is set on October, 15.


The observance is held every year. There are many conferences which are provided to discuss the most important issues and problems. They are provided not only in the US and Canadian territories but also in other countries. This event is the great reason for many medical professionals to visit these conferences and to share views on these problems.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

The occasion is a good chance to tell every woman and young girl about the importance of making tests during pregnancy. They are to take care of their health. They are to know how to prevent various problems. Mass media usually take part in the occasion and propose many educational programs to watch.

Educational establishments also try to participate in the observance. They provide certain educational trainings and programs. Their main motto is to prepare young people for a real life and be ready to resist problems. Thereโ€™s no need to hide a problem from children.

If you are a future parent, try to follow the doctorsโ€™ instructions. Besides, the occasion is a great day for studying the problem. Educational programs really help for such a purpose. When is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day in 2024, calendar of conferences is available in the internet.

International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day Facts

  • There is the fact that every fourth or fifth pregnancy ends with a miscarriage. This index was set with the help of official statistics. But there are many cases when women donโ€™t even come to doctors to inform about their pregnancy.
  • Psychologists insist on the fact that the loss of a baby give much suffer not only to a mother but also to other people who loved that child, especially their fathers. Men have to support their wives despite their own great internal pain.
  • Every woman should know her rights when she loses a child. She can ask a medical personal to make a photo of her deceased child. She can also give her baby a name and then bury him. She even can have another room in a hospital if she feels uncomfortable near crying babies.
  • The occasion is used also for remembering about the deceased children. Women are to be taught how they can continue living. Another pregnancy can give the light of hope to such women.


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