Our planet in full of people. Everyone is different with his own values and secrets. We can not notice all of them, but we can name the main distinction – religion. And it is not a mystery that every faith has its own banner daytimes, days of mourning, and sometimes they fall on the same day. So in this article we are going to talk about the last ones. Specifically about Tisha Be Av. This celebration is solemnized by the Israelite commonages.

Tisha B’Av 2024 will begin in the evening of July 29 and ends in the evening of July 30. Then it would be better to tell our reader what’s is it (if you know – you can skip this paragraph, but if you do not – just read it). Well, this red-lettered day is a fast daytime which happens per annum. And, to be honest, it is very questionable fiesta, because it emblematizes a sequence of tribulations in Hebrew history, and it is considered as the most disappointing daytime in the Judaic menology. Extermination of the Premiere Sanctuary the in the first instance and the Second Shrine by the Roman Catholics in the main Hebrews’ City.

Tisha Beav

The reasons of heartsore

In accordance with the Mishnah, a few (especially five) concrete happenings took their places during the night of the thirty-first July to the first of August (by the way, it is the time that jumps together with the response to the cross-question “what is the date of Tisha Beav 2024”. These incidents give an excuse to this post.

  • The twelve intelligencers, transmitted by Moses to keep watch over the territory of Canaan retraced their steps from their hole-and-corner task. No one but two of the emissaries offered up with a affirmative account, whereas rest of their group spited it out depreciatingly about the glebe. The most feck piece of information summoned the Olive Branches of Jewish Nation to play the women, panic and lose hearts of not to coming right in the “Promised Terra” under no circumstances. Therefor they were dropped on by Supreme that their breed would not walk into the land. By reason of the Israelis’ non-availability of belief and credence, the Creator decided that for all above-ground people and their descendants this when would turn to a daytime of lachrymation and unhappiness.
  • The Premiere Sanctuary upbuilt by Tsar Solomon and the Realm of Hebrew distrusted by the Catolic Romans with Nebuchadnezzar at the head in the five hundred and eighty-seventh (587) years before Anno Domini following a two-year long besiegement and the Israelite were shipped into the Roman excommunication. If you believe in the Talmud, writer of Ta’anit’s text told us that the total extermination of the Main Sanctuary started in fatal nighttime from the thirty-first of July to the first of August. Cathedral was on fire the entire first day of the last month of summertime (July 29th).

  • The Second Chapel, erected by the saviors of the Jewish people – Era and Nehemiah was played the mischief by the Babylonians in the last moon of summer, on the seventieth year before our era, dispersing the population of Jerusalem and ringing the curtain up of the great Judaic exile from the Promised Land proceeds to our days. Representatives of Rome at a later date suppressed the insurrection of an militant Bar Kokhba and played the devil with the shower of hail of Betar, at the same time extinguishing existences of more than half of million its residents on the fourth day of the month that ends the summer (the fourth (4th) of August). In consequence of the rebellion of an aforementioned activist, Babylonian general T. Rufus furrowed the ground of the Jerusalem Penetralia and the circumambient neighborhoods in the one hundred and thirty-fifth year.

Footnote: Due to the fact that the difference between the Hebrew and the usual calendars is about two years, the time in which the Premiere and Second sanctuaries were broken down is still being called in question and remains out of wquare. However, the above dates have been agreed by many scientists who study history, to look at an updated version of the calendar. But it is not the reason to forget what day Tisha Beav in 2024 ( it is about the night between the last day of July and the first day of August).

Tisha Beav


As you know, Tisha Be Av is not a very happy holiday, so the traditions here are also mirthless.

  • Pupils must learn deplorable documents such as the Volume of Lamentable, parts of Jeremiah, the enactments of penitentials and so on.
  • As usual drawn covered Paroches is pulled off or just unbared on the time of trouble. On the rest of days this contexture cloaks and embellishes the synagogue’s reliquary.
  • People should sit on the ground or as close as possible to it. It would be better to take away all food (with the exception of one hard-boiled egg and a lump of soft tack moistened into cinders in the middle of this comestible. All of these continue as long as the noontime blessing pronounces.
  • At this time, it is to refuse of work, do not turn on the lights, to sleep on the flooring, not to give donatives, and do not to pass the time of day with somebody.

Maybe this traditions look weird, but it is not impossible to do not understand them. Well, it will be a nice experience if you participate in this. And if you do, do not lose sight of when is Tisha Beav 2024 (will begin in the evening of July 29 and ends in the evening of July 30).

Just to make life lighter…

Here you are able to see when is Tisha Beav in 2024, calendar:



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