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When is Victoria Day 2017

Victoria Day is a Canadian holiday that among traditional celebration symbolizes the very beginning of summertime in Canada. For those who are wondering, when is Victoria Day in 2017? It is important to know that the date is changing from year to year. Traditionally, this Canadian official holiday usually celebrates the last Monday before the 25th of May. This is the reason this day symbolizes summer and the beginning of the new life for each and every Canadian Patriot.

However, what day Victoria Day in 2017 can be easily found on different sources – so in the 2017 year it is the 22nd of May. This special holiday has a rich history and honors Queen Victoria’s birthday. The first time when the holiday was partially started and accepted was in the middle of 19 century. There were some people from United Province of Canada (today it is Ontario) appeared exactly in front of the Government House. They decided to wish her Queen all the best what proved she was the respectful person for particular reasons.

Victoria Day

When is Victoria Day 2017? As it was said, the first time of its appearance was in the far 1854 when, as World famous history says, Victoria was a good politician of those difficult times and is respected by giving Canadian people their independence in 1867. As an example of remarkable and marvelous celebrating on the day of 1866, there were organized plenty of different local music festivals, picnics, and different sports activities. But after some time in the 1890s after the independence being achieved, Victoria Day has become the official holiday for all the Canadian Patriots. However, the name of the holiday “Victoria Day” appeared just after the death of Queen in 1901.

So rich, interesting and very significantly and remarkably in history, but what is the date of Victoria Day 2017? Even if she was known as a Mother of Confederation and still respected by local people, by the citizens of other empires and most of the world famous politicians, it wasn’t properly established the date of celebrating Victoria Day. During the plenty of decades, the official date was being constantly changed and rewritten for the particular reasons – it had been different and had always depended on royal denunciations before the changeable system was changed. But that year the government changed the rules and decided to make the permanent date of celebrating Victoria Day. Since then for a very long time in 20 century it had been celebrated on the same day as Empire Day. But Empire Day was later renamed to Commonwealth Day and the celebrating of this holiday was changed in 1977s.

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After that plenty of changes in Canadian political system, people chose the second Monday in March for celebrating Commonwealth Day so it no longer chimed in with Victoria Day, also known as the Queen’s Birthday. However, it is important and informative to know about the unfortunate tragedies while celebrating Victoria Day at the end of 19 century that are, for some people, the association for this holiday. In 1881 ferry called Victoria turned upside down while crossing the Thames River with plenty of passengers. There were also children among 182 other people who drown quickly after having a picnic and honoring the Queen. This event was called Victoria Day disaster, so in 2013 modern political figures and famous actors sent a request in order to change the name of Victoria Day to Peoples Day or just Victoria.

Interesting facts and traditions about celebrating Victoria Day and about the life of Queen Victoria

After the answering the questing when is Victoria Day in 2017, calendar of patriotic Canadian people and the others who respect this holiday should be marked and checked as it has some interesting facts the reader may have not heard yet. So these are:

  • When Victoria was just a little girl playing in the backyard she has a nickname – people and friends called her Drina.
  • Victoria was born in England, but despite that, she spoke German language in the first few years of her life.
  • When William IV died Victoria was only 18 years old and she had to marry a man known as Albert because of her future position in the political system.
  • With King Albert she had approximately nine children and later around forty grandchildren.
  • After the 1861 year she suddenly started putting on the black clothes for the rest of her life. The reason was the death of her husband Albert.
  • She liked to drink the alcoholic beverage called Vin Mariani that contained Cocaine.
  • Queen Victoria was the first woman on the Earth who started the tradition to wear white dresses on the weddings. Before this tradition appeared, women just wore their best clothes or dresses no matter what the color was.
  • During the Queen’s long and interesting life, she has plenty of assassination attempts but her royal guards have always managed to save her life.
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Queen Victoria

  • The capital city of British Columbia was renamed in honor to Queen – Victoria – in order to honor her existence and the things she did for the country.
  • Trading post known as Hudson’s Bay Company was built in 1843 was originally called Camosun that means “rush of water”. But a little bit later after its first appearance in British Columbia its name was also rewritten in 1843 Fort Victoria.
  • City Victoria has four sister cities.
  • Canadian people accept Victoria Day as an official beginning of the summer so before its celebration they clean their houses and open the cottages.
  • Victoria Day is Canadian traditional holiday but it is also celebrated in some parts of the United Kingdom. Among them is Scotland including Edinburgh where it is chosen as an official holiday.
  • As a part of the celebration, many cities hold the different parades in honor of Victoria Day, where included people of different nations, including Turkish Canadians.
  • The celebrating of Victoria Day in May is usually started by the salute from 21 guns in the each city and town of the province.
  • Royal Union Flag has to be appeared at each government building during Victoria Day.

As you can see, Victoria Day, celebrated in 2017 and in previous years, has rich history directly connected to the life of great Queen Victoria.

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