Where did the cookies come from? Lovers of sweets often do not even think their favorite pastries has its own unique history, calculated for decades and even centuries, long before the wholesale confectionery companies appeared.

In general, according to chronicles, Persia of those times was famous for its cakes and luxurious taste of pastries, which was made from rice flour. Some historians argue on the contrary that allegedly flour confectionery products began to be produced in Europe, and cookies were already prepared from wheat flour. Let’s find out when is National Bake Cookies Day in 2017.

The global observance is held on 18th of December yearly. The main target is to recall and emphasize the role of biscuit in our modern world. The author is not known but this holiday remains popular.


In every country, flour confectionery products are called in their own way: “koozie” in Holland, “biscuit” in England, “biscotti” in Italy. By the way, according to historical records about cookies, it was baked the following way: firstly, a small amount of dough was placed on a baking sheet to check the temperature of the stove, then the main batch of the figured dough was already immersed. Hence, apparently, what happened from the Latin “bis coccus”.

baking cookies

Much later, in the Middle Ages, biscuits became an indispensable companion for seafarers: it had the property not to grow stale for a long time. The only thing that could hit a cookie is mold. Time passed, and the biscuits densely entered the everyday life of people. Each people of the world had their own recipes, and we do not even know about some of them – the overseas culinary specialists kept the recipes so carefully.

In Russia, biscuits appeared in royal times. It is known Empress Catherine II traditionally began the day with a morning strong coffee and a basket of tender sugar cookies. However, peasants baked cookies themselves in especially solemn occasions: on church and ceremonial holidays. Baking was given special properties: for example, cookies of “birds” were baked on the day of the Forty Martyrs and these birds were singled out by the warm spring. Cookies were baked on weddings, they were presented with relatives of the bride and all the guests at the celebration.

What should you know more about what day World Bake Cookies Day in 2017?

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Around the same time in Russia, people learned about oatmeal cookies. Initially, by the way, it appeared in ancient times – but then sugar was not added to oats, cookies were used more like bread. Later, when pastries became sweet, they obtained a “capital” – St. Petersburg. From the whole country, lovers of oatmeal biscuits came to the capital to buy a few pounds for a traditional tea party with St. Petersburg biscuits.

In Russia, flour confectionery products began to be produced in the middle of the XIX century. By the beginning of the XX century, there were wholesale confectionery companies, the main specialization of which was biscuits, cakes, and other delicacies. The October Revolution interrupted the work of many private factories, but some managed to hold on and increase production over the years.


What does National Bake Cookies Day mean? It is a cause to gather your friends to appreciate the world of various biscuit tastes and appearances. Share some stories about this pastry. For example, the “invention” of chocolate-chip cookies is due to Ruth Wakefield (an owner of a small hotel) who added slices of chocolate bars in butter dough instead of grated chocolate. The confectioner hoped that in the process of cooking chocolate will melt and give the product a brownish tinge. However, chocolate did not melt, and as a result, humanity recognized the divine taste of chocolate-chip pastries.

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Known oatmeal pastries appeared in Scotland in the XVII century. Then, wheat was inferior in popularity to oats. The delicacy was cooked on an open fire, laying in the oven just on the stones. Today, you can find biscuits, in which sweeteners and wheat flour are kept in abundance. At home, you can bake a more useful oatmeal cookie. By the way, gourmets say the taste of this confectionery is revealed only with red fish and cheese.


A cookie turned out to be portable food for a long time, which had a long shelf life and was ideal for travel. For centuries, they, like iron, were on any ship board left the port, as travel could last for several months or even years.

Another of the most popular sweets is almond biscuits. It is made from almond paste and accompanying ingredients. Such cookies were especially popular after the marriage of Catherine de Medici with Henry II. The Queen brought her bakers who gloried with their skill. But a tradition of filling between two halves of the cookie was started only in the twentieth century.

Thus, you should be interested in what is the date of National Bake Cookies Day 2017.


One of the most delicious types of pastries is almond or Macarons. The main ingredient for the preparation of these products is an almond paste, which consists of almond flour, egg white, and sugar. The history of the appearance of Macarons is rooted in the Renaissance. Known for this cookie was thanks to Catherine de ‘Medici: when she married the Duke of Orleans and moved to France, she brought her bakers with her, thanks to the work of which they became popular at the royal court. The tradition of ‘gluing’ two cookies using filling began in the XX century.

Homemade cookies

Firstly, the global observance is followed by numerous cookie festivals held all around the world. Secondly, to keep in touch you should be interested in the topic and know many recipes and way of cooking. Thirdly, you shouldn’t forget about social media which helps you to keep the moment in your memory.

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So, understanding when is International Bake Cookies Day 2017 we step forward. As you can see, traditions are so different. You should try to spend this day in the way you want. It could be a festival or home family cooking etc. Sing a song about bisquits, watch a cartoon where they are the main character.

International Bake Cookies Day Facts

  • Among an unusual taste biscuits, we should distinguish ginger. According to legend, it was invented by English monks in the 12-13th century, when various spices were used in cooking in many European countries. Ginger was especially popular. Over time, pastry with an addition of ginger has become an invariable attribute of Christmas holidays.
  • The taste of biscuits is 11 times better to be revealed if it is mixed with milk drinks, but hot coffee “flushes” all sensations before a person can enjoy the dessert.
  • In 1901, the first design of a package of pastries was developed. Before the appearance of packages, pastries quickly lost their market appearance, poured and became sloppy, their filling could get out. The first package of pastries showed a boy in a yellow raincoat. A special layer of paper was laid inside the package for protection. Other firms quickly adopted such a good idea and began to produce sweet goods in packages.
  • The world’s largest biscuit was created by Immaculate Baking Company in 2003. It was more than 30 meters in diameter and weighed over 18 tons. The process lasted about 12 hours.

To sum up, the calendar always helps you to find out when is Bake Cookies Day in 2017. Your role is to enjoy the moment and follow the observance.


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