National cuisine is very often the central theme of many holidays and festivals. Besides, its popularity isnโ€™t always gained by native dwellers. Sometimes foreigners take this meal with great pleasure. They also use the elements of other cuisine in their own one. Unusual things and meals always attract people from other countries. One of such meals is tempura. The term is unknown for many countries. Itโ€™s a Japanese meal which was created in Portugal. When is National Tempura Day in 2020?


The dish is fried and battered. It is usually made of seafood and vegetables. The history of the dish started many centuries ago. The exact date of creation is unknown. The Jesuit missionaries who came from Portugal used to cook such meal for many centuries. They brought the dish to the Japanese territories in 1550. Itโ€™s said that this meal became the most favorite dish of Tokugawa Isyasu. That man was Portuguese Jesuit. He is also known as the 1stshogun in the Tokugawa shogunate. From those times the dish has been very popular in Japan.

This kind of food is sold everywhere in the country. It is especially popular among street vendors. Local residents and foreigners know them as yatai.


Nowadays the meal is included into the menus of many restaurants in the whole world. It is thought to be a Japanese meal though itโ€™s not true. Chefs use many various recipes of this kind of food. They include dry fruits, asparagus, zucchini and broccoli, though these products arenโ€™t usual for this dish. Ingredients and batters are also often varied from the original recipe.

Many nations suited the recipe to their native taste. Americans use cheese and chicken for the recipe. A new kind of sushi was proposed to people who adore Chinese food. It is cooked by dipping the entire part of sushi into batter. Then it was fried deeply.

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The year of the eventโ€™s creation is unknown exactly. It could be created due to the internet. Another variant of the creation proposes the idea of the observation due to a restaurant which aim was to attract more clients. โ€œWhat day Tempura Day in 2020?โ€ This event is observed on the 7th of January.


What does Tempura Day mean for consumers and restaurants and cafรฉs? The day is observed in many courtiers of the world. The dish isnโ€™t a national food in these countries, but there are lots of fans of this kind of food. This meal helps people to get many calories though the dish itself isnโ€™t considered to be a very useful food. It is fried in a serious amount of batter. Nevertheless, this kind of fast food gets people lots of taste and fun. The most useful variant of the meal is made of vegetables.

The event gives many possibilities for restaurants, street vendors and consumers. The representatives of food industry get a good chance to present its own recipe which can become the most famous examples.

Itโ€™s a great time to make sales for the concrete dish. Visitors of many cafรฉs get lots of tempura meals. People may taste it with different sauces and toppings. Prices are low enough during the day. The occasion makes people get more tempuras, sostreet vendors have a serious benefit on the day. They can earn much money cooking their usual products. They can find new recipes and make new propositions to their constant clients. They can advertize their service during the holiday and attract new regular customers.

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When is International Tempura Day 2020?The holiday is on the 7th of January.


The meaning of the holiday can be clear to people who knows Japanese cuisine very good. They may be fans of such foods. The definition of the holiday makes people follow the traditions and buy at least one of the dishes of this type. Foreigners are to find the meaning of the word in the internet or ask their friends to explain it. They also may start from famous recipes. They may be sometimes become fans of the dish.

The term has got the Latin origin. It derived from โ€œtemporaโ€. Spanish and Portuguese missionaries used this word. This term means โ€œtimesโ€. It also referred to Ember Days.

Another variant of the wordโ€™s derivation could come from the Portuguese term. It meantseasoning, though this version canโ€™t be fully substantiated. Despite the Latin origin of the term, its popularity grew in the Japanese territories.

The last meaning of the word, accepted by the Japanese, can be defined as food which is prepared with hot oil. Sometimes tempura consists of food accepted in Japan. The most famous variant of the dish is fish. Itโ€™s prepared without batter. Nevertheless, the fish is always deeply fried.

The cuisine of Bangladesh also has got an example of the meal. Itโ€™s made of marrows or pumpkin. Batter is made of rice flour and spices. This food is also deeply fried. This kind of dish is named kumro ful bhaja. Every person can choose any variant he likes and make it its favourite dish. What is the date of Tempura Day 2020?It is observed on the 7th of January.


One of the most suitable ways of celebrating the holiday is to try a new kind of tempura. Everybody should go to a local cafรฉ or a restaurant and have a portion of the meal. There are usually lots of new propositions as well as familiar recipes.

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Foreigners who come to Japanese in January are to taste the food and share their impressions in the net or among their friends. The food is sold not only in restaurants but also in street stands of fast food.

Shrimps in Tempura

Another way to celebrate this holiday is to follow the cooking tradition. Fans of the dish also may prepare it themselves at home. Thereโ€™re many recipes which can be cooked at home without special equipment.

Friends or relatives make tempura meetings. They can prepare food and welcome guests. Some meetings are made as a competition during which friends can present their own interesting variants. The winner may welcome a party next year.

If you are a fan of sushi, you can find a restaurant which proposes such variant. You may also take part in cooking competitions organized by local restaurants. Find the information in the internet. When is Tempura Day in 2020, calendar of events? The majority of meetings are made on the 7th of January.

National Tempura Day Facts

  • This food is made of vegetables and seafood.
  • The creators of the food are the Portuguese.
  • The first acquaintance of the Japanese with this dish happened in the middle of the 16th century in Nagasaki.
  • The term has the Latin origin and means โ€œseasoningโ€.
  • The holiday has got the strict date.
  • Coating for tempura has not got breadcrumbs.
  • The Japanese people try to serve all nutrients and the texture, thatโ€™s why the most suitable temperature is chosen.
  • Some recipes include kosher salt to make the better batter stick.
  • Shrimp is the best ingredient for seafood kind. Itโ€™s called abi.
  • Originally the recipe included sesame oil. Later canola oil and vegetable oil were used.
  • Daikon is used with tempura.


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