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When is Apple Tree Day 2018

When is National Apple Tree Day in 2018? This is the question, the answer to which is usually found with a great difficulty. That is the explanation for our decision to explain the special occasion of January 6th in details.


Certainly we understand that the discovering the subject “When is International Apple Tree Day 2018?” needs the detailed explanations from the historical point of view. It is rather clear in fact, but unfortunately we haven’t managed to find out something really interesting for, as well as to realize why we have to celebrate this holiday every year on January 6th.

All in all here are many legends and myths, which were created in different nations. A great part of them is devoted to the trees and its fruits, when the harvest days were turned into holidays.

In Ancient Hellas, for example, this plant was considered a symbol of love and was dedicated to the goddess of beauty Aphrodite. The ancient Germans believed that these trees enjoy the protection of all the gods – they do not even touch the lightnings, and therefore surrounded their dwellings with these fruit orchards.

Apple Tree

An item represents temptation, the Fall of Man and Salvation. From the Middle Ages symbolizes the forbidden fruit. But in the text of the Bible, it is not specifically mentioned what kind of fruit Eve introduced into the temptation (fig, peach and quince were represented in art, besides the apple).

The traditional association with it comes mainly from its Latin name malum, which means “evil.”

As a symbol of Christ, the “new Adam,” the fruit symbolizes the atonement of sin and, thus, salvation. Also there is an associated with the exceptional health and vitality, according to the old saying: “Apple for lunch – and all the diseases there.”

In the Scandinavian mythology, the gods eat these fruits that grow in the gardens of their legendary Asgard and Iri.

The blossoming symbolizes eternal youth and fertility, and in China – peace and beauty.

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What does Apple Tree Day mean? Oh, in fact it is rather difficult to do it instead of you, as we don’t know for sure what importance this vegetation plays in your life of if there is any at all.

A tree of this kind in general and its fruit in particular are associated with many customs and traditions in the world. The most part of them relates to wedding rituals, marriage and family. The Slavs had an apple as a love sign. They believed that in order to see a future partner in a dream and experience love, a shy girl needs to lie down under the tree in the summer.

To offer an apple meant to fall in love and a girl took this fruit it simultaneously denoted that her consent to the marriage.

A branch of a tree decorated a wreath of a bride. It was also used in the creation of so-called wedding tree and a festive table itself. In the old days Slavs stuck a branch of an apple tree in a wedding cake, and Russians – into a chicken.

In some places, the newlyweds ate a ruddy sample, broken in halves, right after the wedding. According to the belief, this ensured them fertility and the beauty of future children. According to other beliefs, for the future health and beauty of the kid,for the pregnant women it was recommended to hold on to the apple tree and look at its branches in winter, or on apples – in the summer.

It was believed that an apple that grew first on young applesas well as the plant appeared after the second blossoming, helped from the infertility.

By the way, even nowadays, in accordance with some believes, if the pregnant woman sees in a dream the fall of two apples, twins are born.


Discovering the matter, what day Apple Tree Day in 2018 is, we would like to demonstrate our readers some curious facts. They are so amazing and unknown at the same time!

For example, not everybody knows that the symbolism of an apple is also not straightforward. Virtually all people take is as a symbol of fertility, health, love and beauty. And at the same time, according to Greek mythology this plant is considered to be a symbol of discord, and in the Christian tradition – anitem of temptation, original sin and a forbidden fruit. There is a legend, in accordance to which a fallen angel tempts Adam and Eve with a fruit given by this tree, saying that by eating it, they will become gods.

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The round shape of the apples was treated by ancient philosophers as eternity without beginning and end, the integrity and unity of the world. In accordance with them a tree is a family, and an apple is a child. Flowers of the apples tree usually appear in spring: it the beginning of the year and in some cases the beginning of love.

Its fruit the tree gives us in autumn, symbolizing in such a way the end of the year and the end of life. The flowers of the apples tree also mean maternal devotion. And in some countries, for example, in Ukraine, for a seven-year-old girl wove a wreath of seven flowers and for the first time we wove apple-tree flowers into it.

Apple Tree branch


So, we have already decided: when is Apple Tree Day in 2018, calendar will surely remind you. And there are no troubles concerning this matter. How can you celebrate it? – Frankly speaking, the best idea to spend this day in a proper way is to prepare something from these items.

In accordance with the specialists’ point of views, to cook dishes with apples is a real pleasure: they enrich the dish with an extra flavor of sweet or add sourness.

These things of sour varieties are best suited for preparing different meat dishes. They can be used as a filling in meat rolls, stewed with meat with them to the dishes of their chicken or fish. The same apples are well stuffed with pork, also bake whole chicken or duck.

All in all the sorts are combined well with almost all vegetables fresh – in salads – or with baked. With apples delicious bake potatoes in the oven. To do this, the fruits are sliced ​​and should be added to the potatoes 10-15 minutes before the end of cooking.

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Ones of sweet varieties are usually added to salads. However, people do this usually at the very end of cooking and necessarily sprinkle it with lemon juice, so it will quickly darken. Things, added to the soup, will give the dish a fresh taste.

And how many recipes for baking: shares, charlottes and yeast pies, cakes and strudels, casseroles and puddings, cookies and tartlets, as well as apple pancakes and pancakes with apples.

National Apple Tree Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Apple Tree Day 2018?” we have found a lot of information about this plant. So we are really glad to share it.

Children have always been taken as a definite continuation of life, generation and family. Many years ago people found New Year’s Day as the beginning of a new life. Perhaps, this is the reason, why they gave their children apples as the source of accumulated energy.

And in the mythological representations of our ancestors, the apple had the ability to predict fate, save from misfortune and be the so-called elixir of youth. According to legend, the samples were strong. They grew up in a distant country at the far end of the earth, in the thirtieth kingdom and guarded by their evil giants and dragons. Fight for these apples was worth it, because they could not only give health and eternal youth, but even return life to the deceased and gain power over the universe.

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