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When is Smart and Sexy Day 2020

When is National Smart and Sexy Day in 2020? Have you ever had about this holiday existence? Well, to tell you the truth, only a few people are able to give the proper answer to this question. So today we are going to discover the special occasion and to investigate the situation in details.


We understand quite well that the discovering of such question as “What is the date of Smart and Sexy Day in 2020?” would look rather silly without some important explanations and necessary clarifications. As a rule, our followers are rather curious and the matter they are interested in most of all is the historical background.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find out any information available about the establishers of this special occasion. We also can’t tell you why we have to hold it on March 13th regularly.

The only thing we know is that the holiday was launched by the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN) organization. The representatives of this company worked with a great amount of ladies and they decided that the day like this would help them to become more self-supportive and rather confident in their lives.

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What does Smart and Sexy Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget completely about this day existence.

All in all in general the study showed that at the age of 20-25 years, men appreciate in girl such qualities as sexuality (in the first place!), intelligence and beauty.

By 30 years old, when a man already has experience with women, his tastes change and become more subtle and refined. Along with sexuality, many guys of this age are looking for such qualities in women as softness.

After 40 the main thing is that a woman understands him and takes care of him. Female beauty goes into the background after mutual understanding between couple.

In general, according to the results of this study, the most attractive in a lady for a representative of a stronger sex is her sexuality. The more sensual and feminine a woman, the more attractive she is to a man.

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Investigating the matter what day Smart and Sexy Day in 2020 is, we have to talk much about this features of character. What do they mean in the modern society? Are they important or can be quite forgotten?

In accordance with common knowledge, sexually, as a rule, means beauty. However, these ladies are attractive not because of the standard things, which are dictated by modern fashion. Most often these are women with good shape, some of them have extra weight, because there is a lot of sexual energy, and it is distributed in the body. They have smooth movements. The body is relaxed and flexible. Their voice sounds freely.

Sexy girls are plastic, as a rule, they dance well and walk beautifully. All in all sexual people know a lot about bodily pleasures, whether it’s spa treatments or sex. The energy is manifested in creativity. Therefore such ladies and guys, as a rule, realize themselves in creative activity and even approach routine creatively.

Sexually attractive girls are able to relax their guys and to inspire them much, as in many contemporary men, especially in those who do business, the sexuality is just blocked. They work more with their heads and pay little attention to bodily relaxation.

If the sexual energy is small, the body is tense and clamped, the movements are intermittent, the walking manner is heavy. You do not feel pleasure during sex or you find it difficult to achieve orgasm. You become anxious and give a lot of attention to thought processes.


When is Smart and Sexy Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. This is not a problem in fact. The holiday is celebrated on March 13th every year. The date is considered to be fixed and it means that you can be involved any year you like or would love to.

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However, we can’t but mention that this event is not an official one, so we shouldn’t expect some things organized on the state level. But, of course, it is not a reason for being upset. – Just invent something special for yourself.

Today we are going to give you some recommendations, how to “awake” your sexuality. Here is a list of the most important things:

  • Bodily practices. Nowadays, various practices of disclosing sexuality have become very popular: Tantric, Taoist, female practices, yoga, dynamic meditations etc. They allow you to relax the blocks in the body, to help to feel your body, what happens to it at different times. On such practices, you can wake up, increase your sensitivity and learn how to enjoy your body.
  • No wonder Thailand is considered the center of sexual tourism. Thai massage promotes the disclosure of attractiveness, gives the body relaxation and enjoyment. Tantric massage is aimed at deep relaxation. The purpose of this massage is not to lose sexual tension, but to “turn off the brains”, to relax the body, to remove sexual blocks, to increase sensitivity, and to teach you to experience bodily pleasure.
  • Breathing through the open mouth. It is a female type of breath that helps to relax the jaw and through this relaxation switch attention to the body and relax it. You can inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.
  • Tribal oriental dances and mandala are more suitable for revealing sexuality.
  • Walk outdoors. In order to feel yourself in the body, it is important for a woman to be alone.
  • Expression of emotions. If you do not feel your inner butterflies, then most likely in your body there are some stale feelings, such as anger, fear and pain. In order to release them, there are many fairly simple ways: to scream, beat a pear, actively move, etc.

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National Smart and Sexy Day Facts

Discovering the question like “What is the date of Smart and Sexy Day in 2020?” we would like to give our followers as much amazing information as it is possible.

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Do you know what things make a woman sexy and feminine, except clothes? – In accordance with the most popular designers’ points of view, these items are posture, walking manner, gestures, standing position etc. However, how can you flirt if you are not self-confident? Let’s talk about all this in details.

  • Posture

Gently lowered shoulders, straight, but not tense back, taken in stomach, straight knees with legs in parallel standing. Naturally raised, but not up chin.

  • Walking manner

Legs, not a head should move easily, as well as hips or hands. At each step, the knees should be fully straightened. You need to step on a complete foot, not on tiptoe and not on heels, regardless of the shoes.

Light walking manner and proper posture create the impression of harmony, lightness and visually increase the chest.

  • Gestures

They should be miserly and certain. A slight nod of the head means an affirmation. An uneven waving of the arm, not of the hand, is an addition to what has been said. A light turn of the head towards the interlocutor when you address him/her or in response will appeal you.

  • Standing position

It should be natural. Standing you can bend one leg in the knee, slightly push it forward or set back. If the skirt is long, you can cross your legs, leaning on the toe of one of them. Sitting your legs should be set in parallel, without parting the knees, even if you are wearing pants.

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