Odd holidays are held throughout the world. Many of them are devoted to the religious matter and others are the reflection of culture and customs of a nation. People can observe such events or can avoid celebrating them. The choice depends on a person’s likes and dislikes. If you are a curious person, you can follow the tradition and take part in the increase of its popularity. One of such observances is opposite to the common superstitions. It is the day when you are to use an umbrella even if it doesn’t rain. When is National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day in 2020?


The strange holiday was created in 2003. The founder of this odd observance is well-known to the society. It was Thomas Edward Knibb. He decided to make a tradition which can fight against the people’s superstitions. He decided to encourage the majority of people to stay outside the common belief and make offbeat things.

The first records about umbrellas concern the beginning of the Christian era. It was probably designed by Wang Mang for a carriage which was used for a ceremony. It was founded in the Korean peninsula as the old tomb. It is an official version.

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There is a theory that people created umbrellas many years before the official creation. The archaeological excavations dated to the 6th century BC let the scientists make a guess that things like umbrellas were used many centuries before our era. They belonged to Zhou Dynasty and were made of bronze.

There is a notion about something like an umbrella in Zhou Li. It was the book which described old ceremonies. It dated to more than two thousand years ago. The Chinese pictograph which pictures the word also has a form of an umbrella.

Small tents were used in the Chinese ceremonies. They were taken when the Emperor went hunting. His servants took 24 pieces to follow the Emperor. It helped to save him from the sun and rain. Later that design was taken to Persia, Korea and the Western territories. New parasols were similar to the first design. In the 13th century a book was printed in China which had a picture of a thing that was like a parasol. It was similar to the modern Chinese variant. The details of the history of the parasol can be got during specialized dates. “What day World Open An Umbrella Indoors Day?” It’s on the 13th of March.

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The ancient Egyptians used different things as parasols. The most popular was a palm-leave. A colored feather was also very popular. According to various paintings, parasols were used by wealthy people. They were also pictured with gods.

Greek wealthy women had to use parasols in the 5-6th centuries BC. They could be carried by slaves that followed their owner. Men didn’t carry parasols, otherwise they could be considered feminine. Later the fashion to use umbrellas was used by men. The tradition was considered to be luxurious.

In the Latin culture umbrellas were used by noble people, especially women. Their servants bore these things over their owners’ heads. The use wasn’t explained as the protection from rain. The reason of the usage is mainly the sun.

According to the old Indian legend an umbrella was proposed by the sun. Kings and maharajas were surrounded with many umbrellas.

Parasols appeared at the European territories in the 17th century. They could be adopted from the Chinese tradition. A Roman Catholic priest brought parasols which were painted with Chinese ornaments. Later parasols were made from fabric covered with wax.

In 1710 the first European umbrella was sold in Paris. The shop of Jean Marius proposed his own lightweight variant. It was less than one kilo. In a half of a century the variant with a button was created. People could open that umbrella easily. In the 20s of the 20th century pocket umbrellas appeared. They were created by Hans Haupt. When is International Open An Umbrella Indoors Day 2020? It’s on the 13th of March.

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What does National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day mean? The role of the day can’t be exaggerated. The reason is that it doesn’t carry any strong value. It isn’t an official holiday in any of the country. People don’t have any day-off on the date. The occasion is a free observance. People don’t have any need to celebrate the event.

Its core is to break funny and dull beliefs. Many nations have got lots of superstitions. People have been creating them since the ancient times. The observance was created to make people get rid of them. They mainly spoil our lives and make us feel constrained. Even the usage of a parasol has got several superstitions. The main is that a person can’t open it at home. It is believed that opening a parasol inside can bring only problems and bad luck. If you don’t want to feel unhappy, don’t do it.

The creator of a strange holiday proposes people to avoid such beliefs and to do everything they like with their umbrellas. If they want to open a parasol, they should do that immediately without any hesitation.

The occasion is mainly for brave people who are self-assured. They can avoid fear and uncertainty without any problem. What is the date of National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day? It’s observed on the 13th of March.

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The event isn’t clear to many people of the world. The fact can be explained by absence of this superstition in many territories. It’s difficult to denote the meaning and content of the event. There are many countries in the world where people don’t use these things or use other things to prevent soaking and heat. Besides, umbrellas are very expensive in many countries. Poor people don’t have any possibility to buy any variant, expensive or not.

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The term was used in the 17th century when the item was brought to Europe. The origin of the word is Latin. It meant “a shadow”. It came to English through Italian.

The word is used to denote any kind of a parasol. It can be used for protection from rain and the sun. The common meaning is used for any kind of protection.


It is said that superstition could come from the ancient Egypt. We are not the ancient Egyptians, that’s why shouldn’t be afraid of such odd beliefs. There are different ways of observing the occasion. Nevertheless, we should distinguish the most common. The first thing to do is to learn much more information about umbrellas.

If the weather lets, you should take the best umbrella you have and show it to other people. If you don’t have any parasol, you should buy. Some shops make various profitable propositions. Sometimes you may feel the need to buy a summer variant. There’re many designer variants. Just by the best one.

The most important way of celebration is opening the umbrella indoors. Don’t be afraid of bad luck. You’re certainly brave person. When is Open An Umbrella Indoors Day in 2020, calendar of sales? It’s on the 13th of March.

International Open An Umbrella Indoors Day Facts

  • The modern variant was designed in the 18th
  • Hanway from England was the first to carry the parasol.
  • The most number of umbrellas are produced in China.
  • The real umbrellas are waterproof due to the Teflon coverage.
  • The American customers annually buy more than 30 million umbrellas.


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