Since the schooling is universal and compulsory for every human in today’s world, the 11-12 years-long experience of attending the place evokes mixed feelings about this period of life. Some people recollect it with a touch of nostalgia; others just wince at the thought of once being forced to learn. Nevertheless, everyone remembers vividly that chill aroused somewhere inside the stomach whenever they received a notice asking to come by the principal office.

Oh, that awe literally might be recalled through the years! What’s that visit going to bring to me? What’d this all-powerful sovereign do to me? We’d bet, you recognize this swirl of thoughts running through your head after the unwanted invitation. Anyway, despite the general belief that all principals seem to be quite formidable (which is basically a job requirement), there is a day in the calendar when you can thank them for everything they’ve done to make you an intelligent and decent person. You will certainly find them in their high spirits as the day in your honor is always a nice thing. So, when is School Principals’ Day in 2018?

School Principals' Day 2018


To get you more impressed with how old and important this occupation is, we’ve prepared a short tour into the so-called history of the school and its head.

Craving for knowledge, urge toward the social progress and sharing of the generations’ experience have long impelled the conscious people to teach and be taught. Since the ancient times, there were groups of pupils, striving for comprehension of this world and their mentor that tried to encourage them to seek for the new knowledge and discover the unexplored sources of knowing. The researchers claim that the schools (of course, with a greatly limited number of students) existed in the Ancient Greece, Rome, and China.

Before the start of the holiday:

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In the earliest Middle Ages, a rough model of the establishment was shaped in the Western Europe with a purpose-built place, the chief, and the enrollees. The former was to supervise the assistants and perform the duties of the main schoolmaster while the latter were to listen to the superior tutors, take in the new information and gain the required qualifications. However, those schools served the purpose of teaching the priests and administrators only and were divided into the cathedral structures and monastic ones.

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Afterward, Europe again introduced the grammar schools that specialized essentially in the learning of Latin. Gradually adding the new subjects to linguistic classes, in time the pupils studied a wide range of disciplines – from the religious fundamentals to the sciences. With the course of centuries, the persuasion had grown that the literate and educated people were the power of the state.

Thus, came the time of compulsory education, originating from around the 18th century. The accent on universal literacy dictated the necessity to increase the number of the institutions of learning and teaching, as well as the teachers and the principals. Since 1920, Europe and the United States have featured well-equipped and decently sponsored educational facilities that graduate the qualified youth prepared to continue their road to knowledge at the universities.

Can you imagine how much of the principals there was since the origin of schools and how much more of them will be? It seems like when is School Principals’ Day 2018 is a really important issue. Don’t forget to make a thick line under the date of May 1!


What does School Principals’ Day mean? First of all, it means the opportunity to recognize the constant contribution of the principals to our children’ training and education. It is them who keep the whole building ran smoothly and effectively. It is them who are at the wheel of a newly established school bring it up to standard, hold at the proper level and always seek for making it more developed.

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We often underestimate the principals’ work and in the school years occasionally got angry with them when they scolded us for mischief, tell us off for the bad grades or, worst of all, call our parents in his office. Negative emotions are more likely to be memorized rather positive feelings. We keep in mind that this unbearable person once sent us back home for inappropriate appearance but do not remember of the advanced IT classroom with the latest equipment. We eagerly want them to suffer the same pupils’ fate but we’ve never thought about the possibilities we had due to their wise management of the school.

The principals play a major part in getting us prepared for the adult life. No matter what day School Principals’ Day in 2018 falls on, we have to tell them thanks once after the graduation.


Who is the school principal? Is it always a strict and vigilant overseer or a fair mentor taking care of the better educational environment for the best place of learning? Actually, it’s the same person just like our parents yet with one little exception. They have umpteen children under their wing and so much of responsibilities due to their job.

For example, take a usual day of the typical school principal. They get up at best at 6 o’clock in the morning, ran the everyday routine, grab a breakfast while checking the e-mail and send a goodbye kiss to their sleeping spouse and children. Take a notice that the working process starts at the moment they woke up, at least in their mind. The numerous appointments, unscheduled calls to the administration, the morning conference with teachers and an unexpected flood in the toilet – all these rush in their head and phone in an endless flow.

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School Principals' Day

They come back home to the almost sleeping family after the dozens of walkabouts, observing sessions, meetings, consultations and conversations. But nonetheless, they come back happy and content because during one day they’ve seen the kids laughing, the senior students planning their future and the parents smiling at their offspring’s success. These small yet so important things make the school principal forget about the burden of the previous day and be at the ready for tomorrow.


Have you solidly memorized what is the date of School Principals’ Day 2018? Then we’ll throw out some ideas of how this holiday can be celebrated.

You can favor the issue of a special edition of the school’s newspaper dedicated to its chief. Provide it with the pictures of the first graduates, mix them with the warm greetings from the former students and be sure to supply it with a detailed biography of the person and their awards and prizes. Join the concert in their honor (if there is one to be) and thank them right from the big scene.

Order flower delivery to their office, help the staff decorate the room or organize an unexpected celebratory dinner. For the shy ones, we can offer to make a handmade souvenir (be it a photo collage or just a greeting card) and send them by post or write a few words of gratitude.

That’s all they need – just the smallest gesture of appreciation!

School Principals’ Day Facts

  • ThankAPrincipal is a tag used in the social networks related on the occasion of this holiday.
  • There is even School Principals’ Month, however, it takes place in October.

So come up with some thanks for your principal and mark in the calendar, when is School Principals’ Day in 2018!


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