Probably all of us have one tried such a delicious meal as Éclair? There is no doubt in this fact and even a holiday was founded. So, what and when the National Chocolate Éclair Day in 2022 is?

National Chocolate Eclair Day, which is held on 22th of June, is a holiday when people enjoy cooking and eating delicious cream-filled pastry which is covered in smooth chocolate. Usually, this delicious dessert is made of an oblong bun filled with cream and chocolate on it.

There are many traditions and habits of this holiday and different nations have many varieties in the process of making this chocolate masterpiece. If in Ukraine eclairs have retained the traditional name, in Spain, for example, these cakes are called “pepto”, in Argentina, the eclairs are called “Palo de Jacobo” (“Jacob’s staff”).

National Chocolate Éclair Day


Let’s plunge into some history film before getting directly to what Day National Chocolate Éclair Day in 2022 is.

An “Éclair” is a French dessert in the form of an oblong patty cake with cream (usually brewed). The creation of an eclair is attributed to the French culinary expert Marie Antoine Karem. The word “eclair” comes from the French word, meaning “flash of lightning”. One of the first mentions in the English-language literature is the recipe in the book “Boston Cooking School Cook Book” in 1884.

The history of the custard dough required for the preparation of eclairs begins in 1533 when Catherine de Medici moved to France, accompanied by her entire household, including a cook named Panterelli. Exactly he “discovered” the custard in 1554, proudly calling it his own name — pâte à Panterelli. The new baking made a real furor at the court, and foreign buns were willingly added to the royal menu.

The recipe for a modern custard dough appeared by virtue of another court cook — Marie-Antoine Karem. Marie-Antoine Karem is rightfully considered one of the founders of modern world cuisine. He was the court chef of Napoleon I, working in England for George IV. Karem served as a cook even in Russia, where for a few short months he organized a real gastronomic revolution at the court of Alexander I.

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French confectioners believe that ideal eclairs should be 14 centimeters long, the same and even. Usually, they are filled with custard: vanilla, chocolate or coffee. It’s not so easy to fill the eclair without a cross-section! To mask the holes through which the cream gets inside the eclairs, the French use a special sweet, which glazes each cake from above.

According to the Dictionary of the French Academy (French), dessert is called “lightning” (l’éclair) because it is eaten very quickly.

In the United States, eclairs are sometimes called “long johns” (English long john) – oblong donuts (the recipe does not differ from the famous “donut”).

In Germany, eclairs are sometimes referred to such obsolete German names as “Liebesknochen”, “Harepaw” (German Hasenpfote) or “coffee bar” (German Kaffeestange).


Knowing what Chocolate Éclair Day means will supervise you with understanding the festival. So, when Chocolate Éclair Day in 2022 is organized, the aim is to cook as many delicious cakes as you can and then it’s up to you either to share it with your family and friends or to swallow it all by yourself. Thus, if you are interested in making a masterpiece on this day, it is advised to upgrade your knowledge by searching some recipes and choose the best one.

There are some misunderstandings about three kinds of such bakery. Thus, people call it “Éclair”, “Profiteroles”, “Shue”. So, what is the difference?


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– this is a small round bun with a diameter of up to 5 centimeters. Their name came from the French word “profite”, which means “profit” And this is quite logical: inflating, the product significantly increases in volume and, thereby, visually deceiving the consciousness, still brings “income”. Traditionally, profiteroles fill with fillings — both sweet and not sweet. For greater attractiveness, they are covered with a glaze or sprinkled with one or another crumb.


– miniature buns, which are often served with soups, stews, gravies instead of bread. The shape is round, diameter — up to 2 centimeters. In view of the miniature size, the shue is filled with fillings extremely rarely.

Translated from French, the word “eclair” means “lightning” — there is a version that such a name by this cake was given for the ability to rapidly increase in size. Eclairs are easy to learn thanks to their elongated shape. This is also a product from the custard but baked in the form of sticks with an average length of 10 centimeters. Traditional stuffing is sweet. Eclairs must be covered with glaze, sometimes sprinkled with nuts, waffle crumbs, and other sweet additives.

National Chocolate Éclair Day


When is National Chocolate Eclair Day in 2022? The calendar has helped us with it and now we can turn to another issue. There are some interesting facts about the history of this delicious meal and its founder.

So, what about Eclair? Marie-Antoine was recognized as the most famous professional who worked with a brew pastry. And Eclair cake appears in Leone in 1850. Accordingly, his invention is attributed to the confectioner Karem.

Before the appearance of eclairs, there was a famous cake Duchess. It had no relation to the pear variety — in French, this word means “countess”. Mari-Antoine redesigned it into finger-shaped cakes, removing almonds and apricot jam from the composition, and stuffed with vanilla, chocolate or coffee cream. However, this cake was not yet named Eclair, and it was purchased only 20 years after Karem’s death. A lot of jokes developed around the origin of this name. Eclair, which in translation means “flash”, according to some, “so tasty that it is eaten in a moment like a flash,” according to others “its glaze shines like a flash.”

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So, according to this mysterious story of an Éclair, it would be rude not to try this masterpiece at least once a life.


Lots of traditions are assigned for this holiday and here are some of them. The most appropriate way to celebrate this perfect holiday is to come up with the best way of cooking your chocolate cake. After these actions, you may lead your ordinary life or add some colors to it to diversify such sweet holiday. There is a big variety of opportunities so everything depends on you and interests of yours.

Well, the choice is always up to you but it’s highly recommended not to miss such an opportunity getting lots of emotions both positive and useful.

Chocolate Éclair Facts

Generally speaking, there are 2 facts that will assist you in realizing the whole capacity and gravity of Éclair National Day. Let’s immerse in the study of them.

Firstly, in order to get the most positive emotions and good memories at the end, there is a tradition by which you should gather as many friends and relatives as you can.

Secondly, despite the fact it is “party of cooking”, you mustn’t forget to share your own masterpiece with others and let them try your ones.


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