When is World No Tobacco Day in 2022? Of course, it is quite difficult to answer this question immediately, but at the same time this holiday is considered to be rather important for the contemporary society. Letโ€™s discuss it in details.


The reason for this holiday establishment originates to 1977. Its necessity can be explained by constantly deteriorating statistical data on deaths from smoking. That year it was researched thoroughly for the first the volume of the world-wide problem.

And by the way we can’t but mention that this date is celebrated not once but twice a year in the modern world.

The very first date, on May 31, was declared by the World Health Organization in 1988.

In addition, there is a similar day of anti-smoking adopted by the American Cancer Society. This is the third Thursday of November. – The date is fixed and it means that it is celebrated each year without any exceptions.

World No Tobacco Day 2017


What does No Tobacco Day mean? – These dates are intended to draw the public attention to the important problems of smoking as well as to the negative consequences that are caused by this addiction for the individual and for society in general.

Doctors and social workers see the following aims of their activity:

  • promotion of healthy lifestyles and giving up smoking;
  • involvement of all sections of the population into the fight against nicotine addiction;
  • prevention of smoking and informing people (especially children and youth) on the harmful effects of tobacco on human health.


World No Tobacco Day is an occasion to remind all of us about the people who have died from diseases caused by this harmful or even dangerous habit. Among them there are a lot of great people: artists, writers, statesmen who could still do a lot for humanity, if they were not slaves to nicotine addiction.

Contemporary data are really terrifying. For example, they are as follows: on the planet 90% of smokers die from lung cancer, 75% – from chronic bronchitis, and 25% suffer from to ischemia, got as a result of the nicotine abuse. And there is another very curious fact: on the planet every ten seconds dies one chronic nicotine addict.


Nowadays there are specialized centers, whose mission is to assist smokers in getting rid of this terrible tobacco addiction. And the staff of these organizations can tell you for sure what day World No Tobacco Day in 2022 is.

Every year a lot of money is spent in order to explain all the smoking dangers and to develop better methods of getting rid of the disease. On the other hand, the contemporary tobacco industry spends millions to advertise their products, causing smokers to consume even more cigarettes. When you get the answer to the question “What is the date of World No Tobacco Day 2022?” you shouldn’t forget that it is also aimed at the enforcement of laws, introducing a ban on cigarette advertising. It is also proposed to toughen anti-smoking measures in public places, showing the process of smoking ban in audiovisual works for children and to increase significantly the cost of tobacco products. In short, various sets of measures are designed to restrict the cigarettes consumption.

So at the very end we would like to mention that World No Tobacco Days, which are celebrated on May 31 or in the middle of November, are considered to be an opportunity for each of us in some way to make our own contribution to the liberation of the world from the nicotine slavery.

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World No Tobacco Day Facts

Scientists have already found out where the most disgusting human addictions – nicotine from. Basically, they all agree that the origin of tobacco smoking was initially put by American Indians. They were the first, who started to cultivate the spacious tobacco plants. They used the leaves as a means of releasing nicotine smoke 6000 years ago. At the end of the XV century Christopher Columbus described the smoking process, performed by local residents. They rolled up the tobacco leaf into the so-called pipe, burned the tip of improvised cigarette, inhaled the smoke through the mouth, and discharged through the nose.

World No Tobacco Day

By the way Mayans called these devices “sik ar”. So that is the way how the word “cigar” appeared. Initially the name “tobacco” was specific to plants, planted in the Haiti province, where they were grown: Tobago. So it is not a surprise that their descendants know the answer to the question “When is No Tobacco Day 2022?” for sure. But also there is a version, according to which smoking was common even among the pharaohs. And it may be quite possible. However, if it is so and these things took place to be, the Egyptians took their secret to the grave, and the Indians discovered the properties of unusual plants once again and thus were pioneers in this area.

How did tobacco appear on the European continent? Frankly speaking, we owe this to the missionary from the Columbus command. His name was Roman Pahner. Taking tobacco seeds, that resourceful Spaniard began to cultivate this plant as a decorative one at home. But very quickly that narcotic vegetation began to be planted at the wide plantations in order to produce smokable materials: snuff or just dried leaves. Europeans were interested in smoking tobacco. They considered it to be almost a sacred item, which obtained healing properties.

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It is interesting to mention that the word “nicotine” was included in the tobacco terminology as a result of an unusual history. The French ambassador in Portugal called Jean Nico presented to the famous Queen Catherine de Medici seeds and leaves of the plants, which had been already known as “a remedy from all illnesses.” In gratitude the crowned lady called “nicotine” in honor to the person, who presented it.

Nowadays when is World No Tobacco Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems, but in practice not many people know that in the Middle Ages it was the church that began to fight against tobacco addiction. The main reason was serious smoke inhalation. By the way, the penalties for smoking were quite brutal: people were executed, walled up alive and even impaled. In 1761 the actual harm from smoking was proved by Britain naturalist John Hill: according to his researches, this addiction led to the cancer occurrence. Today, when the scale of smoking increased in ten or even a hundred times, we have already understood that a major consequence of chronic tobacco smoking is lung cancer.


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