When is National Vape Day in 2020? Can you answer this without any prompts from our side? All in all it is not easy in fact, and we understand it quite well. – At the same time, the harm or benefit of any electronic cigarette (a vape) can be argued endlessly. Of course, it is not a complex of vitamins, but not a tobacco cigarette as well.

Today we are going to discuss this matter in detail and to give the reply to all the questions possible.


Nowadays electronic cigarettes have become widespread throughout the world. They have become one of the strongest competitors for world tobacco brands. However we understand that it would be quite stupid to discuss the question “When is International Vape Day 2020?” without mentioning the historic background of this event in general.

All in all the inventor of the electronic cigarette is the Chinese scientist, pharmacist Hon Leak. He was inspired by the invention of cigarettes after the very tragic event. – His father died from lung cancer. The terrible diagnosis had been caused by a disastrous habit. After the funeral Hon Leak promised to give up smoking either. He was a very hard job, as the man used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.

The motivation was very strong, of course, but the guy was suffering so much from attempts to quit smoking. As a result the conception of the new device appeared.

In 2003, his invention was called an electronic cigarette. At first the product was not positioned as the proper way to quit smoking. It was stated that the smoke of an electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative to ordinary process.

Smoking Vape

However, some time later, the healing property of an electronic cigarette was also recognized, which can help a person get rid of nicotine addiction. The transition to e-smoking does not cause psychological stress, like chewing gum or nicotine patch, because in fact the person does not refuse the process itself.

In 2005, electronic cigarettes won the Chinese market and a year later they became popular almost all over the planet.

Since then the holiday has been celebrating on April 21st. The date is considered to be fixed, which means that you can be involved every year, if you like.


What does National Vape Day mean? Oh, to tell you the truth, we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? – You see, in the contemporary world there are a lot of those men and women, who don’t smoke. And it is not a great surprise that they are not going to spend April 21st in a different way.


Discovering the matter, devoted to the theme what day World Vape Day in 2020 is, it is necessary to discuss all the peculiar features of this contemporary device.

Whether electronic cigarettes are harmful or not, the experienced scientists from New Zealand have tried to understand. They conducted a study on the subject of the influence of this fashion invention on the appearance of precancerous condition.

As a result, the specialists managed to establish that steam doesn’t cause the disease, because it does not contain any carcinogens. And, as you know, the smoke of tobacco cigarettes contains about 4,000 harmful substances, including those that cause cancer.

Therefore, smokers are advised to start electronic smoking, because if you smoke at least one tobacco one a day together with an electronic cigar, the risk of premature death will double!

But do not think that a newfangled device will not harm your body. Electronic cigarettes are harmful if nicotine is present in the liquid. This stimulant is the cause of heart disease. Nicotine is a health hazard. But the liquid without nicotine reduces the harm of electronic cigarettes to a minimum.


When is Vape Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. And there are no reasons for being worried about. As we have already mentioned above, it is only up to you to decide, where to spend April 21st in a different way or to forget completely about its existence.

We are sure that it wouldn’t be a great surprise for you, if we tell that this holiday is not the official one, so there are no any events devoted to this special occasion.

Those who have long been unsuccessfully trying to give up the smoking habit know that it is difficult to quit cigarettes once and for all. You need to go through a series of painful stages.

Like many people all around the planet you may use this day for some new experience. For example, why not to start using a vape instead of new cigarettes or to give up the habit in general?

For this purpose a strong motivation is usually necessary. Nicotine plaster and candies don’t usually do their work. And serious changes in life are able to cause stress.

In this situation, it is difficult for a person to make deliberate and consistent decisions. This is often the reason for the relapse: not the rejection of nicotine consumption as such, but the change in the way of life that accompanies this refusal.

Although if you are a strong man/woman and have kept the promise that this cigarette (vape) will be the last in your life, then this is worthy of respect.

International Vape Day Facts

We understand that investigating the theme “What is the date of National Vape Day 2020?” we should give our readers as much corresponding information as it is possible. So we want to discuss one very important question for the contemporary society.

All in all, in accordance with the specialists’ points of view, an electronic cigarette is a thing that for its pluses can be contraindicated for some people.

Girl smoking

Well, we definitely do not recommend using electronic cigarettes for some people, namely:

  • Persons under 18 years old

In order to avoid delays in the development of the body and addiction to smoking, these boys and girls should give up this habit or not start it in general. At a young age, a person is especially susceptible to acquiring new armful activities.

  • Pregnant and nursing women

Even if such a serious motivation, such as the expectation of the child’s appearance, can not make a woman completely abandon the habit, then the replacement of the tobacco cigarette is an electronically – even safer but still harmful to the baby.

  • Harm for non-smokers

The use of even an ordinary liquid can be the starting point for later on nicotine smoking. Do not start if you have never taken a cigarette in your mouth. Nicotine is poison, it causes the strongest dependence, and the mentioned kind of cigarette, first of all, is a guide for nicotine ingestion!

  • For smokers with allergies to liquid components

The harm of electronic cigarettes for them is directly in the composition of the smoking liquid. Therefore, the use of such an “irritant” can lead to serious health problems.

And is a vape harmful for any other smoker with experience? If a person does not have all the above items, then the use of the electronic device will turn out to be only positive ones:

  • there will be no smell of tobacco and smoke;
  • the yellow hint of teeth and fingers will gradually go away;
  • with time, breathlessness completely disappears;
  • the face color will significantly improve;
  • gums stop bleeding;
  • bright flavor sensations will return.

As you can see, the benefits and harm of this type of cigarettes are quite relative and inseparable from a person.


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