At the beginning of the blossoming spring, there is a holiday of roses and happiness. People congratulate each other and celebrate with their families and loved ones. The feast is annual and is held on the fourth Sunday of March. In the old days, it was a middle of the Lent to ease restrictions a bit. When is the Mothering Sunday in 2022? It’ll be on 22th of March.

Mothering Sunday

Tradition from the days of yore

At first, the fourth Sunday of March was a Laetare Sunday. It was a day of rest when even a help could be dismissed to visit a church and their families even in their hometowns.

At some days the whole families could be on the way to the church. They would walk and chat and have quality time with their relatives. Kids gathered flowers for their mothers. Overall it was one of the rare occasions to gather the whole family.

The origins of the name

The name of the holiday is seldom confused with Mother’s day. It’s understandable, and sometimes these holidays are celebrated on the same day. But the etiology is a little bit more complicated.

During the Lent, people were not allowed to eat like they were used to or celebrate. Laetare Sunday allowed them a day of rest so even scholars and apprentices were given a day off to meet their families and go to the “mother church”. Preferably that was what originated the name.

The church felt the need of people to cheer up and create a spring atmosphere. That’s why on the day of Laetare all priests changed their robes from traditional lent purple to light pink. It symbolized the mixing of the penance and feasts (purple and white).

At that day it was common to bake sorts of Easter cakes and decorate homes and temples with flowers. It’s not surprising, considering that a holiday was on the vernal equinox. The celebration was partly with the victory of the light over the dark days of winter.

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How is the time spent

What a day — Mothering Sunday. In 2022 it will probably be celebrated along with a mother’s day because this practice proved itself to be popular. People have lunch with their significant others and give presents to their mothers. It seems more fitting for the mature people who left home some time ago. It will remind them of the childhood in their hometown surrounded with mother’s care and love. It’s also quite common to visit the church a person has been baptized in. It helps to make everyday troubles go away or at least take one’s mind off them for a while.

What present should I give?

You probably want to ask: when is Mothering Sunday 2022 going to come, what do I bring my mother as a present.

First of all, do not forget to buy a bouquet of flowers — her favorite roses, gerberas or irises. If resources permit, it is possible to mix the plants, and then you’ll have a beautiful composition that your mom would definitely love. But, in fact, the dearest woman to your heart will be glad about just one flower because it had been presented by her attentive and loving child.

The perfect complement to the gift of flowers will be a book. Learn about updates at the book market and of what authors your mother has recently been interested in. Maybe she has long wanted a recipe book by a famous author? There is no need to spend your precious time and ride through the city in order to buy the edition you liked: it is enough to order it from the online store.

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Book & flowers

If your mom is interested in plants, it would be nice to get a Bonsai tree as a gift from you that requires attention and skill. A large Japanese tree in miniature will bring pleasure and become an addition to interior decoration. Do not forget to buy a manual guide for the care of this unusual plant.

Impress your mom with a massage or spa treatments at the beauty salon, horseback riding, skydiving, hang-gliding, master class tour — all the things will bring her unforgettable emotions and sensations.

So, if you wonder, what is the date of Mothering Sunday in 2022, the answer is 22th of March. Make a notification for yourself, so you will prepare a present in time. It may be something created by your own hands! It may remind your mom those years when the clumsy, touching drawings and crafts, that her little baby had made for her, warmed her heart. It’s unnecessary to be an expert in needlework. Almost everyone who has a bit of effort and imagination is able to create a sweet little thing that will carry a part of his soul. It can be an embroidery or potholders decoration, woven or beaded decoration; knitted shawl, beautifully painted or decorated in the technique of decoupage box or cutting board decorated with beautiful seashells, a picture frame or frames for mirrors, personally cooked and imaginatively designed scented soap, funny soft toy, painting, poems of your own, a culinary masterpiece. You can buy a one-color T-shirt and use acrylic paints to decorate it with amusing drawings and inscriptions.

Useful gifts

Speaking of useful gifts for comfort, the following things will be a great choice:

  • a bath towel;
  • a lamp;
  • a hair dryer;
  • a pillow blanket.
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Pillow Blanket

Another option for a gift for a woman, who loves to cook, can be a variety of utilities:

  • scales;
  • dishes;
  • a pan to bake pancakes;
  • a set of ceramic pots for roasting;
  • a multi-oven;
  • a bread maker;
  • an electric meat grinder;
  • other kitchen appliances.

To please your mother on this day it’s possible to make her an exotic dish or her favorite dessert. You can cook it yourself to bring more zest to the present.

Funny gifts

The gift can be humorous. For example, a certificate or a prize “to the Best Mom” statuette. And you can make a collage of funny pictures and print them out on a mug, T-shirt or a calendar. If the present involves not only children but also grandchildren, you can make a small theatrical performance in honor of the mother, where the children will be the actors, and adults can help with the preparation and organization.

So, when is Mothering Sunday in 2022, a calendar day which is anticipated in the whole Commonwealth? It is on the 22th of March. You can use spring weather to your advantage – invite your mother for a walk or hiking. The most important thing – what words you’ll tell your mom during the presentation of the gift. They must come from the heart and be sincere, express your affection. Such words often come to us with difficulties, but they are even more valuable that way. You can write a short story, which will be filled with your most precious memories associated with her and your best wishes for her. Indeed, the main gift for Mother’s Day is love. Love and kindness make our world more beautiful and remain in our hearts forever.


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