People love combining the pleasure of a holiday and delicious meal. Today, we have exactly that one and we will speak about candy corn that is eaten mostly on Halloween, So, let’s switch to what and when is National Candy Corn Day in 2022.

So, C.C.D. will be celebrated on 30th of October and is held to keep in touch with the importance of such an advance of civilization as corn. The founder of the day is George Renniger who invented this food.


Taking some notes of history we will turn then to what day World Candy Corn Day in 2022 is.

It is reported that “C.C.” was invented in the 1880s by the manufacturer of Wunderle sweets, and more specifically – an employee named George Renninger. It was Wunderle that became the first company to announce the production and sale of these sweets – followed by Goelitz, which has officially been making these sweets since 1898. At that time, the process of creating sweets was tame – sugar and a mixture based on cereals syrup were used to produce tricolor sweets that were cooked in a large cauldron, from which everything was poured into buckets, and then poured in concrete molds.

Candy Corn

“C.C.” is often associated with autumn, as corn is directly related to the autumn harvest. In the fifties, these sweets became traditional for the Halloween holiday – it was then that they began to give out one in separate packages to children who went to their homes and asked for sweets. But back in the twenties, these sweets were sold in boxes with a picture of a cock and had no connection with Halloween.

Before the discovery of America, corn was not known in the old World. It was first reported by Columbus on November 5, 1492: “I saw the grains called maize.”

Soon after, cereals from America was brought to Europe and Asia. In Spain, in the city of Seville, documents that the seeds of cereals were brought here in 1500 have been found. In 1516-1525, cereals from Spain was brought to Portugal. In Italy, it appeared in 1533. From these countries, cereals began to spread throughout Europe.

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In East Asia, cereals were imported by the Portuguese, who arrived on the island of Java in 1496. In the first quarter of the XVI century, it was brought to China and neighboring countries. In Japan, maize appeared in 1775, and in Africa – in the late XVI century.

Thus, the beginning of the spread of corn in the old World refers to the end of the XV and the beginning of the XVI centuries.

By the time of the appearance of Europeans in the American continent, cereals had reached a very high degree of cultivation there and served as the main cereal for the local population. The Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs used corn in the most different types: fried and boiled grains, flour for making flat cakes and various cookies, immature cobs, etc. of the germinated grains and stems of some maize varieties, syrups and wines were prepared, and other varieties were grown especially for religious rites. The god of the fertility of the Aztecs, Tlaloc was simultaneously considered the god of corn. Sculptural images of corn served as an ornament to temples and household utensils.

Archaeological excavations of ancient burial grounds of Peru showed that corn in this country was introduced into culture 2-3 thousand years before A.D.

Currently, corn does not occur in the wild and therefore it is impossible to establish its true origin. The wild ancestors also failed to establish during archaeological excavations of Native American burial grounds, the antiquity of which is estimated several thousand years before our era. Two wild species from the family of cereals are the closest to corn: Teosinte and Tripsakum. Plants of these species are often found in the tropical regions of America as weeds of maize crops, freely crossing with it.

It was also not confirmed that the modern cereals are derived from tapeworm one. The most likely assumption is that in its current state it is the result of the domestication of an unknown wild species. It is possible that the natural crossing of this species with other species, and in particular, with the appearance of Trypsakum, contributed to the loosening of its hereditary base and the appearance of more plastic forms of plants. The main role in the creation of cultured corn belongs to domestication.

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What does National Candy Corn Day mean will be mentioned below. So, this Day means you should try your best in consuming such candies, especially on Halloween and Easter as they are theme food that is eaten on some festivals. Take your friends and relatives with you to get crazy emotions and feelings. Try to set up some competitions to definite the best player. Furthermore, don’t forget to make some posts on social media and use popular hashtags.


When is National Candy Corn Day in 2022 is now well-known for you and we can go further.

In the modern world, the most incongruous tastes are combined, amazing and terrifying combinations of products are created, these candies do not look so terrible. And even they definitely will have their fans and admirers. And in any case, they still remain a symbol of America in general and Halloween in particular, because until nowadays they are handed out in the night when all are disguised as monsters in order to frighten people and collect sweets.

Candy Corn Pumpkin


We have already discussed what is the date of National Candy Corn Day in 2022 and let’s turn to some tradition aspects. Talking about Halloween, themed costume is the main tradition of this holiday. Mostly on this day, people dress up in costumes of various evil spirits, supernatural characters, gnomes, trolls, vampires and other horror. In addition, it is customary to visit houses in a suit, begging for sweets.

Among the games for Halloween, various fortune-telling exists, telling people about the upcoming wedding and even possible death.

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Halloween can not do without attractions, the purpose of which is to frighten adults with horror.

Day Facts

  1. With the constant use of cereals, human health improves significantly. Calcium improves the state of tooth enamel, glutamic acid – the work of the brain, pectins – prevent the development of tumors and improve the work of the digestive tract.
  2. In the industry, corn syrup is made by multi-stage hydrolysis of cereals starch, as a result of which, the starch itself decomposes to glucose. The resulting mixture is flavored with stabilizers, so that the product does not crystallize during the storage period
  3. Stamens of the female inflorescence of cereals, known as “hair” of cereals, is the most valuable part of the product. They are rich in vitamins and microelements, favorably affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract, remove toxins, have a choleretic effect and even strengthen immunity.

So, just keep in touch with any opportunity to get unforgettable memories and emotions even if you have to combine fear and candies.


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