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When is Pentecost 2018

Passover – is a holiday of the movement, the day of implementation of God’s way. And Shavuot (Pentecost) – is a special milestone on this path of Easter. This stop, as a result of which the people of God acquires acceleration, gains the possibility to move with the new speed of God’s way. In addition, people get a new quality themselves. From this point of view, it can be designated as the Passover holiday “looking forward”, and Pentecost – a holiday that “looks up”.  in Orthodox tradition This day is held on the fiftieth day after Easter, so this festival is also called Pentecost. Many people who are interested in religion feasts want to know when is Pentecost in 2018.

After the Resurrection of the God, the disciples continually lived sense of celebration. For more than forty days he appeared to them one by one and assembled together. In the eyes of the disciples, the Lord rose from the ground, as if to convince them that the last day of the world He will come to earth as well as went to God the Father. Saying goodbye to them before the time, he promised to send the Holy Spirit, proceeding from God the Father. The disciples did not know what it means but believe that everything will be according to the word of the Lord. What day Pentecost in 2018? We will learn further.

Pentecost 2018

About First Pentecost

When God decided to prepare the folks for the Pentecost, he previously said that this time Israel must celebrate the holiday, and designated it as the celebration of the first fruits. He did not say what will be the first holiday of first fruits. The Bible does not say that it happened on Pentecost, but it can be calculated by looking at the calendar and the ancient Jewish sages are easily calculated. When is Pentecost 2018 – it will come up in summer, Sunday, June 9.

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Please note that on the day of the first Shavuot, we can say, shook the first harvest in His people. They were the first fruits of Passover, the first fruits of liberation fruits outcome. It was the first fruit that brought freedom. It is difficult to call the first fruits of the physical salvation, healing, the escape from Egypt, the Red Sea transition – it’s sowing. It is difficult to name the first fruits of the complaint and murmur against Moses and Aaron and those committed wonders. The fruits have begun on the day of Shavuot. Then the people of God was not until the feast of the first fruits, and how it was possible to celebrate it in the desert. However, God Himself has celebrated this holiday, and its fruits were people.

Likewise, when God’s people traditionally celebrate Shavuot in Jerusalem – bringing the first fruits of the harvest from the land of Israel, celebrating the giving of the Torah – God harvest the first fruits of the greatest Passover of all time, which ushered in the era of the New Testament. They were the first fruits of the outcome of that Yeshua did in the Garden of Gethsemane, in prison, in the courts of Caiaphas and Pilate, on the sorrowful way to Golgotha, in hell. He made his death and resurrection from the dead, made forty days socializing with students in a new way and then the ascension. They were the first fruits. And in the second Shavuot people were the first fruits.

Shavuot helps us navigate the spiritual map of our life, to see where we are, evaluate the features of the terrain, know the Lord which route paved for us to clearly define milestones on this route and then move.

We are now on the move, but the Lord wants to make it more meaningful, clear and purposeful, more uniform and sat on his force.

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Meaning of the Shavuot or Pentecost

In the English translation of the “Shavuot” people translated as a “7 weeks”. This 50 days or 7 weeks after the escape of the from Egypt, the God came to Moses and taught Torah to him.

As a big part of the celebration in the community has a tradition of Torah study late into the night, or even overnight.

Pesach and Shavuot are closely linked. Passover Jews were freed from God, and on Shavuot – the moral laws that help to understand the difference between good and evil, to become better, kinder and happier. According to the Bible, the Jewish people voluntarily pledged to follow the laws of the Torah. What is the date of Pentecost 2018 is easily calculated. You need to calculate 50 days after Easter.

Traditions of Pentecost

On Shavuot, there is a tradition to confirm the covenant with God. Then read the Ten Commandments, and remember the importance of Torah law throughout their lives.

On Shavuot, everyone read the book of Ruth, which deals with the history of the Moabitess woman, who has not left her old mother in law and with her she’s back to Israel, where she became Jewish.



This holiday, like Passover and Sukkot, has a common name “Shalosh regalia”, “Three days for the pilgrimage.” In the Book of Exodus (Shemot) states that every man should be three times a year in the face of the Lord, that is, to carry out a pilgrimage to the Jerusalem.

Longtime Jews mostly engaged in agriculture, because some of their religious calendar holidays coincided with the economic cycle. Farmers have worked hard to get a good harvest. Because of Shavuot, before the harvest of grain crops, they asked God’s blessing on this matter and protect the crop from various disasters. When Jerusalem was the temple, brought as a sacrifice to the two loaves, baked fresh flour and Bikurim – the first fruits. But since there is no Temple, this tradition was interrupted.

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To all buildings people put flowers and plants as a decoration in this holiday. This tradition is copied from an old habbit of taking the first harvest to the blessing of the Temple which is in Jerusalem. It also means the hope for a bountiful harvest.

Traditional kitchen

On Shavuot, eat all kinds of dairy foods and honey. Rabbinical tradition sees in this an analogy between sweetness and nutritional value of milk and honey and the sweetness of the spiritual food, which is contained in the words of the Torah.

The most common we are festive dishes Pancakes, dumplings with cottage cheese, cottage cheese casseroles, milk soups.

In this festival taking two festive meals – morning and evening, each of which begins Kiddush (blessing), during which the generous use mentioned, as well as other foods that contain dairy products and honey.

When is Pentecost in 2018, calendar? Calendar shows 9 June, in 2018

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