The Veteran`s Day is always come on the 11th of November each year. That is one of the most important days in the country. Despite the fact that the USA entered the World War I in 1917, about a year and a half before it ends, there took part in the nearly five million American soldiers. They believe, that if they will do everything, what they can do, that will bring the best results for the nation and the country in general.

The history of this day

In order to present you the information about, when is the Veterans Day in 2019, it is important to underline the history of it. The first celebration in the USA was observed in the year after the surrender of Germany. It was on the 11th of November in the year of 1919. So, President Woodrow Wilson suggested to name it as the anniversary of the greatest victory in the World War I.

Veterans Day

Originally that holiday was called as an Armistice Day. After more than thirty years, the representatives of organizations in the United States of America have addressed the US Congress with a proposal to rename it as a Day of Veterans. They just wanted to make this day as a remembrance of all American soldiers. They wanted to name it not just for those, who fought in the World War I. So, in the year of 1954 President Dwight Eisenhower declared the 11th of November as the Day of Veterans.

The celebration

When you will know, on what date is the Veterans Day in 2019, you must also pay attention to the traditions of its celebration. In the Veterans Day, military parades are held in different cities. Also, the celebration took place in the churches โ€“ they just make the services in memory of the fallen American soldiers. On this day a lot of memorable events are held across the country, and here we must also underline one of the most solemn ceremonies. It is held in Arlington in the special cemetery near the Washington D. C. Here the President will do the obligatory laying of a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier and then the moment of silence comes.

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What day will be Veterans Day in 2019? Nowadays it is a public holiday in the United States of America. And if it falls on Saturday, the holiday started on the prior Friday. If this holiday is on Sunday, so Monday becomes a weekend.

The best presents for Veterans

Some years ago veterans were alive, so people wanted to say thank you to them. In this special day, they present them gifts to show love and respect.

If you wanted to know, which of the presents were the best, pay attention to the information below:

  • Flowers and a card were a good present for man and woman.
  • The other amazing idea was to make a collection of old films on the disks. That helps people to understand, that all the hard times passed and now the life is so good.
  • A musical album with the old songs was also an amazing idea. It helps to present the interest in one or another sphere.
  • Collage with the old picture brings a lot of emotions for people, who survived in such a severe condition. That was a memory forever.
  • Sweet present were also very popular. It could be sweets, candies, tea or coffee in the beautiful cover.
  • The cake on order was the decision for people, who just wanted to make a tea ceremony with veterans. They love it very much.
  • A bottle of good cognac or wine was also a good sign, so many people also make this purchase to spend time together.
  • The handmade soap was also great and that will help to choose the best one on their tastes.
  • Things for the house, such as bed sheets, plaid, tablecloth, things for the kitchen, table lamp, picture โ€“ all these things were unforgettable and important.
  • Home clothes, bathrobe, slippers, home flower, the little tree in the pot โ€“ that was also a good idea for people, who survived the greatest war of humanity.
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In the year of 2019, there will be an anniversary of the World War I beginning. The 100 years since this great disaster will pass away and we hope, that it will never come again. People, who struggle for our freedom, are now dead because of big age. But the Day of Veterans will be one of the most important holidays forever. These people have a very complicated life โ€“ they just make everything in order to make the USA the country to be proud of.

Veterans Day

Interesting facts about Veterans Day

If you are interested in this holiday, you must pay attention to the important facts about it:

  • The celebration of the Veterans Day often begins at the 11th o`clock. This time was named when the surrender of Germany was signed.
  • On the year of 1971, the law started to work, which presented the information, that Veterans Day must be celebrated on the fourth Monday of October. But then such a decision was canceled and a few years later it was decided that the Veterans Day is officially celebrated again on the 11th of November.

So, when is Veterans Day in 2019? On the year of 2019, all the Americans will celebrate this great holiday on Saturday. The traditions will be the same โ€“ they just come from one year to another. In this time people attend special parades and some of them prefer to go to the churches. Mister President and the other people, who work with him, will come to the national cemetery in order to lay a wreath on the tomb of Unknown soldier.

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People, who gathered to celebrate this day, just try to remember the stories about the World War I. That was an awful time for all the country, so now it is a great day to be proud of people, who were murdered in it. You also mustnโ€™t forget about such an important holiday โ€“ itโ€™s a great day to say thank you for all the people, who take part in the World War I. Now you know, when the Veterans Day in 2019 is in calendar.

That will be so easy to remember this day because the USA has a huge struggle for the life of the country. The results of it are awful โ€“ a lot of people were killed for nothing, so lots of families were destroyed. Now we must remember this severe time and make everything in order not to take part in the same wars. It is so hard to understand if you are of young age, but you must do it. The respect to the savers of our residence must take place for all the future years. And people must pass this tradition from generation to generation.


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