Summer is the heart of a year. It is the time of sun and sea, joy and fresh fruit, activity and open-air parties, holidays and good mood. Nature is in all its abundance, people have fun and enjoy themselves. Cities stay alone – the citizens are escaping from the heat and go out in villages or abroad. All try to take much profit of the clean air and summer. The shining sun makes us forget all the life troubles and problems and let it totally fill our souls. In the summer, there is one very special drink that restores the water balance in humans organism. It is an ice tea. This beverage allays thirst and greatly refreshes. Moreover, it is very good for the health. Though Americans proposed to set up this special holiday and it is curious to find out when is the National Iced Tea Day and why it is so funny and special for American people?

I suppose you will agree with me that everybody needs a piece of rest. While one is performing some job, one is getting tired, exhausted or even depressed. Summer is perfectly suitable time for relaxing after a long working period and bring new life forces and life love.

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Iced Tea Day mean for Americans? Why do people like to gather for this feast?

National Iced Tea Day

First of all, one must not forget we are living in a very changeable world. Society is developing very fast and sometimes we cannot even keep pace with all the changes. A huge social and economic progress improve people’s life but it greatly influences the spiritual side of it. We are eating a grass fast-food, drinking unhealthy water or drinks, are getting ill more and more quickly. From the other side, drinking healthy beverages and eating a good food reminds us of living a healthy lifestyle. The holiday of Iced Tea Day directs attention to an interesting fact that we deserve to live a long and happy life. The holiday marks the necessity of a good life position toward the well-being of all people you love, care and respect.

Second of all, children and teenagers grow up in the severe world and it makes a bad contribution on their mental outlook. Most of all they begin to look for drugs and alcohol and may even become young criminals. The day of Iced Tea must remember to them life is the unique and we have to live it in all the entirety. This holiday tends to make people lead the healthy way of life renouncing from bad behaviors like alcohol. I think a teenager alcoholism is a very urgent and important problem which has to be resolved very quickly. Involving children in the Iced Tea party, show them by your own example that life is beautiful and multicolored without strong drinks. Therefore, the problem will decrease and soon disappear.

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The definition of the holiday

No wonder the day-off has many aims to achieve and its definition comprises many points. Let us find some the most wanted.

  • The day tends to draw people attention to the alcoholism among the adolescents and their awareness of the problem.
  • It proposes the means of resolving it that is to live the healthy life.
  • The event wants us to pass more time outside and not sitting before the computer. It also aims to take the bigger hold of summer, make the world joyful and strongest.

The history of the holiday

By the way, the tea history is very interesting. From the beginning, it was used as a medicine that heals different illnesses. People began to use the tea leaves as a beverage in IX century in Ancient Japan and China and its name «tea» derived from the Chinese one «te». Portuguese and Holland sailors brought tea in Europe in XVII century and since then it became very popular especially among French and German aristocrats. Here tea served as a drug against several diseases. Furthermore, tea as a product cost a lot of money – only rich people could permit oneself to buy it. A cold tea or the iced one got to be very popular in the USA in the second half of the twentieth century. Nowadays the history changed a lot. It is not difficult to buy some good tea, there are different tea sorts in the supermarkets but we sometimes neglect its helpful qualities.

The tea is the second world most drinkable beverage after water. Mankind knows two main tea species – black and green one which both do benefits for the health. With lemon or without it, tea is a strong antioxidant even more powerful than vitamin C. It destroys free radicals and prevents the growth of cancer cellulars. The drink contributes better work of cardiovascular system; it is beneficial in some diets and averts the processes of age hardening.

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In such a way, taking this beverage makes people healthier and positively affects our bodies. An iced tea is not an exclusion. It is a form of a tea. Sometimes it is served with sugar and in package. The ice tea may be accompanied with strawberry or cherry but the taste is great – this chilly full aroma. Remember those feelings while tasting it on a hot sunny day!

National Iced Tea Day

Having a lot of problems we sometimes forget to enjoy the life which is only one and unique. That is because I want to stress and make you underline in your calendars when is National Iced Tea day in 2022. It is annually celebrated on June 10th when summer has just started. It reminds people not to center around social and economic questions but to share the life energy and a lot of free time. Your leisure time is in your hand. Take the big profit of it and do not waste it. Iced Tea Day may not be the only one in a year. It is up to you to arrange for a Lemonade Day or Apple Pie Day. It does not really matter. People creativity never ends.

This year the holiday falls at Saturday so the day of the Iced Tea Day in 2022 coincides with a weekend. Even if you have not already taken the vacation, be sure you will not miss the party time.

What are the National Iced Tea Day facts and traditions?

Tea is very popular in the USA and especially the ice-tea. This is why Americans invented a whole party. People choices on the Day of celebration differ from state to state. The main and the most general rule is that tea must be cold! Everywhere! There are many ices tea recipes to make. So, take your pocket-books and note the useful suggestions of a funny and cool Iced Tea Day. Involve your children in a party organization. Teenagers are ready for party but ask them to invite friends and relatives, neighbors and teachers. Let them choose an open area or a restaurant. You may also pray them to prepare the cold drinks for all and to sell it for example. I believe it is very funny watching your child make a drink. In such unusual manner your cooperative work will bear fruit and makes you closer to your child. One can even arrange a disco or a nightclub with iced tea and without alcohol. Trade on with a beautiful occasion to pass a good evening with people close to your heart and stay at the summer beginning celebrating peace, love and freedom.

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In addition to this, life passes very quickly. People should know what is the date of Iced Tea day in 2022 and enjoy it. Please, take a lot of photos and share it on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Make your children sure that life is wonderful without bad habits, show them your love and care. I am sure they will never forget these moments. Frankly speaking, the feast is amazing, the summer is great and the life is wonderful. Do not miss it!


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