When is National Chaos Never Dies Day in 2022? All in all the answer to this question can be quite actual for those men and women, who are sick and tired of everyday noise and bustle of the contemporary world. Unfortunately, only some of us are ready to reply properly.

That is the reason why we have made a decision and to discover the situation in details.


Of course, we understand that it is almost impossible to explain, what day Chaos Never Dies Day in 2022 is, without taking into account the historical background of this event.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been managed to find out any information available about the establishers of this memorable date as well as why this holiday is celebrated in November 9th annually.

Inn in all the word “chaos”, which comes from the Greek “open”, means a category of cosmogony or even the primary state of the universe, something like a formless set of matter and space. This condition is quite opposed to order.

Chaos Never Dies

In accordance with linguists’ points of view, in an allegorical sense, chaos means confusion. The concept is arisen from the name in the ancient Greek mythology. It was only in the early Christian times that the word became interpreted like “disorder”.


What does Chaos Never Dies Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether this notable date is important for you and your surrounding company or you are free to forget about it completely.

Of course, the fast rhythm of life has certain advantages, like good job, stable income and a great amount of relationships. But have you ever thought why there are such a large number of people complaining about the emptiness and the meaninglessness of their “saturated” life? Why does this phenomenon become more common even among successful people? And what is the reason why wealthy and appreciated people with a good status and income suddenly throw everything and go living to the countryside?

The only conclusion is that material well-being does not equal the state of happiness. Perhaps, in chaos, when the time is more or less limited, a person seems not to hear his/her desires, emotions and needs.

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When a man or a woman is constantly busy at work or with home affairs, when he/she does not even have time to eat calmly, there is a feeling of psychological discomfort. We ignore our own body, which communicates with us with the help of emotions. And unfortunately, as a rule, we don’t hear and don’t realize these feelings and as a result start to suppress obsessive desires in various ways: overeating, using “food drugs”, alcohol, television and computer.


In our attempts to find out the answer to the proper question “When is International Chaos Never Dies Day 2022?” we can’t but mention some rather amazing observations?

Life in the modern world can be described in one simple word – “rush” or even “chaos”. Why? – The matter is that, as you can see, we are hurrying all the time – to live, to work, to feel and even to get some pleasure. In many situations the life reminds something like a closed cycle: work, home, family, study and work again. A modern person is often compared to a squirrel, which is running inside a special wheel that almost never stops.

Of course, such a rhythm of life has certain advantages as it may seem at the first sight. Here is our approximate list:

  • Permanent employment. When a person is constantly busy with some kind of activity, he/she does not have time to think about unpleasant things. There is no time to think about yourself, your place in this world, the meaning of life, etc. Of course, a man or a woman avoids the unpleasant emotions associated with these thoughts.
  • Permanent income. Working on several jobs (or even on one), we have a stable cash income. We are more or less sure in our future life and have some definite possessions to live in and to put on.
  • Necessity to society. Permanent employment allows a person to believe that being demanded, he/she brings a certain benefit to society and other people.
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When is Chaos Never Dies Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. This is not a problem indeed. However, in the modern world there are a lot of contemporary men and women, which don’t know how to celebrate this special occasion, happening on November 9th annually, properly.

Unfortunately, we are either not able to give you a whole list of various customs and rules, devoted to this date. Why? – That matter is that there is no any in fact. But, please, don’t be upset, because it is not a problem for those, who want to celebrate it in a way. You can always invent something interesting.

Take this autumn day for yourself only. Would you like to know in what way you can achieve perfect results? – Just doing only those things, which are able to de-stress your emotions and lifestyle in general, of course. In this situation the choices are really endless. For example, you may pack your lunch with and go for a pleasant picnic into the park. It is possible to do it alone, if you are tired of any kind of communication or in the company of close friends, relatives or even colleagues from work. It seems like your partner won’t mind to do it for a difference.

What about watching a good (perhaps romantic) movie or reading an amazing book? Among the constant bustle of the contemporary life, these activities will surely bring you some time for thinking and beautiful relaxation.


And the next way seems to be the easiest one. – Can you take a nap just in the middle of the working day? Try this year and you will notice the results. This year it will happen on Thursday, so you are free to do it even in the office. And remember that the chaos around never dies, that is why you can devote this special day only for yourself.

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National Chaos Never Dies Day Facts

Trying to get the proper answer to the question “What is the date of Chaos Never Dies Day 2022?” we usually to find out something interesting about this matter. So today we are going to talk about the ways to stand against the harsh circumstances of contemporary being.

According to the specialists’ points of view, the best way to make relationships with yourself, with your physical and psychological state, is to devote a little time just to your inner world. Agree, 10 minutes a day won’t interfere even with a very busy schedule.

Simply arrange yourself in a convenient and safe place, mute the light, turn off the phone (for only 10 minutes!) as well as the other sources of noise. Spend these minutes alone with you. Close your eyes and immerse in your thoughts.

What do you feel in your body? What emotions are you experiencing now? What kinds of images arise when you do not think about anything? Try to spend these minutes without evaluating what’s going on. Just note and fix. After that, you can write down the special moments in a definite notebook. The results will be important and interesting to you.

Try to take the rule to give yourself each day 10 minutes to be alone with you. You will notice how your life and well-being will improve over time. It sounds not very difficult, doesn’t it?

All in all in order to feel more relaxed and calmer, it will be enough to “stop” several times a day. Stop, feel the taste of this moment, look around, notice the details. It seems very simple, but at the same time it’s a complicated matter.


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