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When is National Sailor Moon Day 2022

Sailor moon is a long 200-episode anime which was shown during 1992–1997. The story was so popular, that one of its main heroes Ami Mizuno was recognized as the best personage of 1993. The anime was given a title “The best Anime of 1993” according to Animage. Anime personages gained a great popularity among children and adults across the whole world. No wonder, they became the reason of an international holiday. When is National Sailor Moon Day in 2022? What events are held in the world on the day?


This annual holiday shows how many fans anime and its relative media products have. Sailor Moon became so popular that people created the day to show their attitude to this production. The anime has got an extension in video-games and a cartoon serial.

The creator of the famous personages is Naoko Takeuchi. She made manga series in 1992 which became very popular and was taken as a plot for the famous cartoon serial. The woman wrote 52 chapters. The story was printed in 18 volumes.

National Sailor Moon Day

The main personage of the anime is a teenage girl Usagi Tsukino who spends her time in searching a magic crystal. She has some devoted friends who help her in her journey. The main goal of the Sailor Soldiers is saving the Solar System from destruction.

Japanese company Toei Animation began broadcasting the anime in 1992. During 1992–1997 3 short films, a television show and 3 feature films were made. In 2003–2004 a new adaptation was shown. The next reboot was started in 2014.

The personages gained so great popularity that various companies began producing lots of video games, soundtracks, action figures, card games, theatrical musicals and light novels. All of them are based on the anime’s plot. Various world production companies signed contracts for making their own release in English.

The series became one of the best sold examples in its group. Producers sold more than 35 million copies across the world. “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” has made a great contribution into promoting the Japanese anime into Western countries. Every version has got the title “Sailor Moon”.

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People also took part in promoting “Sailor Moon” across the world. They made a special day. The occasion coincides with the day of birth of Mamoru. The boy is the Earth’s Prince. So, people annually celebrate the event. When is International Sailor Moon Day 2022? It is set on the 6th of August.


What does National Sailor Moon Day mean for Japanese anime culture and ordinary people of the world? The occasion is a sign of people’s love. Fans in many countries are ready to spend a whole day to celebrate the occasion. Sailor Moon is a promoter of kindness, prosperity and devotion. Children and adults recognize the idea of kindness described in the anime.

Due to fans’ love, world companies, which produce different goods based on the plot, made a great income. The date gives more possibilities to gain popularity. More and more examples are made for the 6th of August every year.

The most valuable meaning concerns the anime culture itself. The day continues promoting this example across the world. It helps to involve more and more people into the fan group. “Sailor Moon” became one of the first popular anime examples. Since that time lots of anime series have been bought by many countries for further showing.

The most favorite event on the date is a parade. It is a chance to feel freer, relax and drive off the feeling of shyness. People of all ages can take a costume of a favorite personage. Friends can also gather in a group on main personages. The holiday can become a certain annual tradition which helps people to find a common ground despite different social layers and ages. The best way to have fun during the day is to find the schedule of events with a question “What day National Sailor Moon Day in 2022?”

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The title of the holiday supposes the anime watching or wearing a costume of a hero. It doesn’t raise any hesitation in ways of observing the occasion. Despite a great popularity of the anime, there are many people who don’t know the exact definition of “Sailor Moon” itself.

Various dictionaries direct the readers to other Japanese legends. The anime’s personages have a direct relation to the legends’ characters. The author took the name for her main heroine from the legend about a rabbit that lived on the Moon.

Tsukino Usagi may be reduced to elements. “Tsuki” stays for “Moon”, “no” – for “of” and “Usagi” means “Rabbit”. The legend describes the rabbit that pounds mochi. The creators of the arcade game used the term as a password.

The girl is the main heroine of manga series. She was introduced in 1991 in one of the Japanese magazines. At first Usagi Tsukino was a young girl without great problems. Later she transforms into Sailor Moon. She is regarded as the Sailor Soldiers’ leader. Originally the girl is Princess Serenity. She came from the Moon Kingdom. Foreign countries, which had bought the rights for showing the anime, didn’t change the name of the main heroine. Western adaptations used the name “Sailor Moon” too.

National Sailor Moon Day


The tradition of observing the holiday started in 2015. The initiator of the holiday was Lisa Terlato. She proposed to make an international observance. Later the organization appointed a new head, Emily Gonsalves.

Despite the date of observation is on the 6th of August, the organization makes various events near the date. That is why different internet sites may offer three or four days near the 6th of August. Fans from different countries and cities gather on the proposed date in a proposed place. Some international subsidiaries propose to fulfill an application form online for planning the amount of participants and a place for observing the holiday. It’s better to make it beforehand by finding the answer on the question on the local website “When is Sailor Moon Day in 2022, calendar of observance?” Many cities set the occasion on the 5th of August in 2022.

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People can use all propositions for celebration. They may visit meetings or take part in online events. The most traditional way of observing is to watch several episodes on DVD. There are lots of places where fans can watch the series in a company.

Another way is to go out in a costume of Sailor Moon or other heroes. The choice of a dress always reflects a fan’s personality. After the party people usually have picnics. The result of celebration can always be found in various social nets.

Sailor Moon Day Facts

  1. At first designers decided to make Sailor Moon a pink-hear girl.
  2. Naoko Takeuchi gave Usagi’s relatives the names of her own families.
  3. Japanese language was used for the whole plot, except the battles. They are always presented in English.
  4. In 1995 there was a raging scandal. The American producing company planned a remake. But the private screening gained a negative reaction. The remake was ceased.
  5. In the manga all the Starlights originally were men who later became women. The authors of the series didn’t show that fact.
  6. Naoko Takeuchi made the only great hit. After this famous anime she hasn’t made other hits. Nevertheless, the magic girls are very popular nowadays and continue increasing their authors’ income.

What is the date of Sailor Moon Day 2022? It’s traditionally on the 6th of August.

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