Work takes a huge part of a present life in a modern society. Professional job, housekeeping, taking care of children – nowadays people don’t have any time and even a desire for a rest. Moreover, the life is divided into small tasks that must be done in a stated time. The mankind sometimes forgets to notice such the most simple but important small stuff as first rays of a sunset, singing birds, a blowing wind, and a blue sky above a head.

Did you know about one unofficial holiday for all couch potatoes? If you are getting interested, let us open a big mystery when is National Lazy Day in 2022 and how everyone can unite to its wonderful advantages. This day you MUST do nothing just enjoying your free time.

Welcome the laziest day in the year!

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Lazy Day in 2022 mean for American? Well, the day-off has imposes one obligation. That is to do nothing all the day and night. This unusual gala raises a human need to have one abate day free of all duties, charges, and exercises. It is a journey that will refresh a routine manner of life and will raise somebody’s mood.

National Lazy Day

The possibility to stay in bed without limits is a perfect excuse for true lazybones and not only for them but for all who deserves and tends to let their hair down.

The anniversary has not straight rules to perform or not. Everyone makes his own choice how to hold parties and commemoration. One can sleep all the time, others take profit of an occasion and do sports or something they prefer doing at leisure time. The feast of Laze gives a lot of free time even for doing some work you love.

Despite a whole charm of a festival, it also advances some problems. The Earth inhabitants may mix up the laziness with a depression when human beings prefer to stay apart from the world thinking about their problems and troubles. Here is a big dilemma that has to be solved.

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The definition of the day

Laze is determined as an inert state of an organism, a full lack of motivation. This phenomenon has both physical and psychological consequences. Doctors often call it a real disease. What are its symptoms and can it truly produce some injuries?

  1. Absence of good humor
  2. Lack of dream
  3. Tiring
  4. Frustration

Many reasons cause an infirmity that is a long working day, fail of recreation, depressive feelings, concentration on problems. All these stated effects may conduct to bigger problems that it is only a laze.

One must agree with medical practitioners, it is a real danger for health. They are more and more insisting that our body tries to economize some forces for it’s living. Thai is so we call laziness and one can not judge slow-moving human beings. When you see a somnolent, idle person you will probably think he or she is ill. There idle starts and scientists say it such a way the human organism gives signals to itself and it starts to reserve some energy necessary for it’s living. There at check the American calendar and there are one day, August 10th, 2022 which is dedicated to whole sluggish citizens. You will surely memorize when is National Lazy Day in 2022. So, you will miss the dream opportunity to do nothing.

As one can observe, a slow-moving trait of humanity character may have two sides and it is important to differentiate them. Moreover, adolescents are one of the most affected groups between adults. They may easily loose interest for life and become inert and apathetic. For this reason, parents should pay more attention to their growing-up kids. They must prevent the illness which could transform in more serious problems.

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However, leaving aside huge diseases, the world is full of faithful couch potatoes. They are mankind sacrifice all their leisure time for taking it easy. They do not stop thinking about the rest no matter where they are at the moment – at lunch, at work, or at school. The celebration of the lazy day is a great holiday for them!

The history of the festival

There are not any historic marks of the day out creation. This party time does not have its establisher. The only facts are that people started to honor the most somnolent day in the year in the 1980th of the last century. Besides, nowadays the vacation obtained a big popularity in some US states. If you want to know when is International Lazy day in 2022, ask Columbian citizens. They are big fans and connoisseurs of the feast. There it is a national public holiday but the power of local community decided to shift the date of the celebration and set it up on August 23rd so inhabitants celebrate the lazy day twice a year – with all Americans and with its district inhabitants. This anniversary men and women, children and adults, old and young put on pajamas and they are walking down the street. The people are carrying beds or flock beds and lying on it, sleeping in the parks, near the bus station, cafes, and schools. The atmosphere there is joyful. Everyone is laughing and smiling. Their extraordinary events are especially taken in Itagua city where the first commemoration has been done some years ago.

The fest aims to promote a healthy lifestyle. It teaches how to pass a positive leisure time. As the participants say, there is nothing more pleasant that to spend all time doing nothing once a year and actively accomplish it. The citizens of the community do not want this beautiful tradition to disappear.

National Lazy Day

During a party time, some Columbians produce rolling bed and ride on it around the city. The citizens bring some food and drinks with them. They are relaxing, talking, sleeping and do it without any shame. People take part in different activities.

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 What are National Lazy Day facts and traditions

From all mentioned above, there is no strict rules in the day organization. No matter, if you are a pure lazybones or you just want to chill out from your routine life, you have to celebrate this holiday.

Let us draw a list of possible arrangements to execute while honoring a feast of laziness:

  • Stay all day long in bed. Do not take off your pajamas, take profit of a free time. Do not forget to eat something because the feast does not presuppose to starve you to death.
  • Sleep, watch TV or read a good book.
  • Invite friends to your place asking to make a pajamas festival. Take some wonderful photos, share with other people on Facebook or Instagram. Show how to make fun at NLD.
  • Tell to every one of the greatest Columbian ways of anniversary celebration and instore you own customs.

When people are not sluggish and want to relax, go out or go camping. One may propose to do some spiritual works that are:

  • Be lazy to doing mistakes and tell lies
  • Stay somnolent when somebody asks you to insult somebody or something like that
  • Become inert when a person spread rumors and prays you to join him or her
  • Choose a good-for-nothing behavior when something presents damage for your body and soul

Now, remember what is the date of the National Lazy Day in 2022 that is August 10th. Arrange yourself and do not miss the feast of good mood, happiness and a lot of calm. Make sure that all close to heart people could also take part in it. Give to your soul, body, and mind a bit of recreation and enjoy this amazing holiday! Who knows maybe it is not bad to become a real couch potato, is not it?


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