National holidays arenโ€™t always the days of national glory and the topic of the public glorification. There are several events that reflect personโ€™s will to relax and have a rest. Weird festivals and occasions are usual for the United States of America and Canada. They like to observe the dates of food and drinks. There are many holidays that encourage people to do different actions. The main peculiarities of these days are rest, relax and lots of joy. When is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day in 2022?


Though many persons donโ€™t eat cakes at all, others donโ€™t like citrons. Nevertheless, this kind of a pie should be tried in all cases. Real gourmets say itโ€™s a real wonder, itโ€™s like a miracle. Lots of restaurants have included it into their menu. The history of the cake is a very disputable question.

There are several ideas of creation of the date and the pie itself. The modern recipe was made in the 19th century. The creator of the original taste was a baker from Switzerland. He decided to combine its main ingredients. Meringue already existed for that time. It was created in the 17th century. People ate these pies in the medieval times. From those times many nations have tasted this kind of a pie.

National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

Another hypothesis is that lemon meringue pies were invented in America in the beginning of the 19th century. The creator was a woman from Philadelphia, Elizabeth Coane Goodfellow. She proposed her neighbors that recipe.

The history of the day is unknown. There are several thoughts about it invention. It may be the proposition of a cafรฉ or a restaurant. The owners could decide to raise their sales and to attract visitors. All nationalities adore this dessert, so they could take the proposition for granted. Nowadays several nations like to spend their time in cafes and restaurants on the day. The occasion is on the 15th of August. The list of local propositions can be found in the internet. Itโ€™s better to ask the internet community โ€œWhat day National Lemon Meringue Pie Day in 2022?โ€

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What does National Lemon Meringue Pie Day mean for the majority of people? The main idea of such observances is to promote restaurants and cafes to local people and guests. Initiators usually make propositions to them. The day is a good chance to make promo sales. Nobody can stay indifferent in such a day.

The occasion is a great chance for people to gather on a cake time, to spend time with their families. It is a time when dear people can buy a piece of cake and make a sincere talk. It is a chance to give attention to children. Parents, aunts and uncles can take their children to the cafes or just bring them a tasty piece of cake.

The occasion can be used to spend the whole time alone. A person can visit a quiet cafรฉ and try the dessert of the day. On the 15th of August itโ€™s a lemon meringue pie. This cake is always on sale during the day. People can also spend the evening in a loud company of the best friends. Itโ€™s a chance to meet each other. As a variant, it can be a good tradition to make a lemon meringue party where people can demonstrate their creativity, express their feelings and communicate with their relatives and friends. When is International Lemon Meringue Pie Day 2022? All nations observe the day on the 15th of August.


Not everyone knows how to cook this kind of a dessert and even what it is. It is very popular in the United States and Great Britain. Tourists from lots of countries prefer to taste a cake. This kind of pie is thought to be a dessert. It is always baked. The base is a pastry which is filled with lemon curd. At the top of this kind of a cake is meringue which fluffy. The original recipe insists that there isnโ€™t an upper crust in this pie. Only a bottom part is crusty.

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The word โ€œmeringueโ€ appeared in the beginning of the 18th of in France. It is defined as a dessert. All dictionaries agree that itโ€™s a baked mixture made of sugar and eggs. People usually use it for toppings for cakes. It can be used separately as a dessert. There are lots of recipes when meringues are filled with various kinds of jam.

The word โ€œpieโ€ has got several meanings. The main one is for a cake which is filled with ingredients, salt and sweet, fresh and boiled. Another meaning is for a whole thing which people can divide. Various dictionaries explain the word as an activity too. The word appeared in the 13th century. The previous origin is unknown. The title of the holiday is obvious. People understand what they are to do when they hear about the event.


The traditions of the celebration depend on people. They may like to go out or to make their own parties. Every family makes its own ways of observation of various events. Some persons like loud companies; others prefer to be lonely for some time.

When the date comes, itโ€™s better to follow the tradition to go to a cafรฉ or a restaurant and have a piece of a pie. Lots of places have it in their menu. They may verify the way of cooking the dessert a little, though the traditional recipe is the most popular. There is no need to follow a tradition of tasting the dessert on the exact date once a year, though on this date people have a chance to use sales. What is the date of National Lemon Meringue Pie Day 2022? It is always on the 15th of August.

National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

People always like to follow the observations of food holidays. It is a chance to taste their favorite food and to communicate with their children and friends. People can go out with them in their favorite restaurant and spend an evening there.

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Another way is to gather dear people at home and make a family supper. The hostess can make the pie herself or buy the best variant. If there is a desire, friends can make a contest. The main aim is to make the tastiest lemon meringue pie. The winner could be the queen or king of the date.

The event is a great day to relax and communicate. People also can visit their elder relatives and bring them this kind of a pie. It can be bought or made at home.

Lemon Meringue Pie Day Facts

  • C. Goodfellow founded the dessert. She also founded her own cooking school. She is the inventor of lemon custard.
  • A tree produces lots of lemons every year, 250 kilos. This tree can give fruits several times a year.
  • The lemon juice is a very useful product. People can treat a sore throat by gargling it with a juice with water.
  • The history of cultivated lemons began in the 1st century AD on the territories of the Mediterranean.
  • The best producers of the crop in the United States of America are Arizona and California.
  • It is obligatory to eat lemons every day or to drink juice for avoiding scurvy.
  • Lemons are mainly gathered in China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and India.
  • Itโ€™s thought that a citron and a sour orange combined into a lemon.
  • The American lands got a lemon-tree in the late 15th century due to Christopher Columbus.
  • Lemon is used in many cuisines, in many dishes. Itโ€™s used for cooking fish, meat, desserts, cakes and beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  • Chefs like to use lemon leaves for many dishes, including tea.
  • The biggest fruit was gathered in 2003. Its weight was more than 5 kilos.

โ€œWhen is Lemon Meringue Pie Day in 2022, calendar of celebrations?โ€ Itโ€™s on the 15th of August.


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