A ferret is one of the most interesting creatures in the animal world. It is curious, funny and pretty. In many countries people don’t usually have them at home as pets. They watch them at nature, in zoos and on TV. The animal is so interesting that the ferret lovers made it possible to follow the observance when everybody can pay attention to this creature. If you want to observe the event, you should follow the international calendar. When is National Ferret Day in 2020? What are the main traditions of observance?


The origin of the occasion isn’t exactly known to the majority of people. It was initiated in 2014. This date was recognized officially, though it wasn’t a real start of observance. It is known that its initiator Carol Roche from New York proposed the occasion in the end of the first decade of the Millennium.

The woman claimed that her pet didn’t behave as an ordinary wild creature. She insisted that it was independent and could play as a kitten. She also compared her pet with a dog, as it was social and affectionate. The woman loved her per so much that she decided to provide the official observance. It wasn’t very easy as she had to find a sponsor of the event. They eagerly supported Carol’s idea and put some links on their website. As a result, the observance got recognition of Chase’s Calendar of Events. It meant that from that time it could be officially celebrated.


People of several countries are used to domesticate this funny animal, though sometimes it is really difficult to do. Historians say that ferrets were domesticated more than 2 thousand years ago. The reason to domesticate the creatures isn’t certainly known. Some chronicles have information as to usage of them. According to historical facts the citizens of the Roman Empire used ferrets to hunt. Later these creatures were taken from Europe to the New World by travelers to solve the problem with other rodents such as mice and rats. Since then every ferrets’ fan knows exactly what day World Ferret Day is.

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What does National Ferret Day mean? A ferret is usually called plague specie. They are used in research projects. Scientific medicine uses it to examine ways of treatment of many diseases and for exploring pathogenesis. These creatures take part in experiments which are provided in neuroscience, endocrinology and virology.

The animals give a certain comfort to their human friends. They give calmness and tenderness. They also make people feel happy. As they are very funny, people usually have a better mood when they play with their pet-friends. Even a simple watching these creatures may make our day happy.

Children like ferrets even more than adults. They adore playing with them. These animals are rather peaceful, so it’s safe to play with them. The event is very important for people who don’t have pets at home. This observance can make them change their mind. If they can’t have a dog or a cat at home, ferrets can be the way out. It can live in a cage. It can be walked in a neck collar.

A person, who hesitates whether to have ferrets as pets or not, can visit a zoo and watch them there. It is a time when everybody can watch some documentary films about these animal creatures. It is time to make a decision about ferrets at home. Besides, children adore these furry animals. The observance can become a real holiday for a family. When is International Ferret Day 2020? It’s on April, 2.


The knowledge of English makes it easy to understand the meaning of the event and to avoid unnecessary questions. It is an event which value is carried in families and natural reserves. The observance hasn’t been accepted into the calendar of governmental holidays as it doesn’t carry any political or historical value. Nevertheless, people have accepted the event as their traditional observance. Especially it’s true to people who have got ferrets as pets.

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The word itself has a long history. It was adopted from a Latin word which meant fur “thief”. It was connected with the behavior of this animal. Later the term was taken into late Latin and Old French. In those variants it changed its form. The latest variant appeared in Late Middle English in the middle 14th century.

The term means a polecat which can be domesticated. If so, it’s mainly catches rats and rabbits. Its color is white and in some cases brown. These animals have got red eyes. The term is also used to define a person who can search thoroughly. If the word is used as a verb, it means to hunt with the creatures. What is the date of National Ferret Day? It’s on April, 2nd.


The observance isn’t obligatory to be celebrated. Nevertheless, it can be very interesting to follow. There are some ways to spend the date. The most suitable way is to spend time with ferrets. All pets adore playing games with their human friends. Those people who don’t have pet ferrets can follow the tradition.

The first case to do is to get some information about this animal. The facts can be got due to TV programs and encyclopedias. Surfing the internet is the best resource of knowledge. You can find facts and videos there.

Another way of spending the event is to make a festive dinner not only for ferrets but also for the human representatives of the family. People should serve yogurt, different kinds of meat, cheese and eggs.

Ferret babies

Children can spend the date drawing or modeling these animals. Parents can help their children in this case. It is very important to bring up the sense of love to nature from the early years. Children are usually very sensitive to animals. It is high time to visit a local Zoo. Let your children feed the animal themselves.

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European cities also provide various festivals and fairs where people can watch racing contests. The usual participants are ferrets. They compete running in pipes.

Many people celebrate the event making photos and videos with their pets. The most active internet users post them in Twitter or Instagram. It is a chance to participate in a photo contest. The hero of the event is to be a ferret.

One of the ways to observe the date is to make a cake in a form of a ferret. Children are certainly to like this tradition. It can be a very big cake or many small cookies. Small sweet sugar candies in a form of a ferret are also great for the day.

Many postcards and other souvenirs are sold during the holiday. It’s high time to congratulate relatives and friends sending them a small present. A parcel with a toy ferret is also great. The most wonderful surprise will be a real ferret as a present for the holiday. “When is Ferret Day in 2020, calendar of events?” The occasion is followed on April, 2.

International Ferret Day Facts

  • These animals usually sleep for almost 20 hours a day.
  • Do you know what the “Ferret Wardance”? It is the expression of joy. Animals jump and bump something.
  • People like having ferrets like pets as they can use little boxes like other pets.
  • A wild ferret performs a dancing while hunting or ferreting.
  • They pulled wire into the tunnels when it was necessary.
  • Ferrets can have sinus or influenza, though it is impossible for them to catch a human kind of cold.
  • Artists depicted these creatures. The most known portrait is “Lady with an Ermine”. It was created by Reonardo da Vinci.


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