Every country has some interesting holidays. What day is Presidents’ Day? In 2020 a country has the special day. It is an official weekend, and it means that on Monday all state structures will not work, except that one who working in national security. This Monday the banks, schools, and some companies are closed and give their workers a couple of days off. To understand when is Presidents’ Day in 2020, we can observe the calendar of holidays and find third Monday in February. Presidentโ€™s’ Day is not just a long weekend, but also a moment for understanding the history and for honor not just one ex-president, but all presidents of US including first one.

Presidents' Day

Meaning of holiday

There are no ex-presidents. In the US, even a holiday was dedicated to all who led the country before. The person who is elected to be a head of state, throughout life and keeps his title and a good payment from the state. In contrast to North America, in South – the president after the resignation could well easy become the poor citizen.

George Washington held the presidency during 1789 – 1797. Before he took president chair, he played a huge role in war operations and led to the victory the American Continental Army in 1783. George sometimes is considered like a “father” of the US, and he was a famous figure in politic. He was only one president who was chosen unanimously.

US Presidents Day – important American holiday

Although the day name is Washington’s Birthday everyone know it as the “President’s Day.” This is a memory for people about both the “February” presidents – G. Washington and A. Lincoln and a chance to keep in memory all those who have held this post. The idea to rename Washington’s Birthday to President’s Day belongs to President Nixon (though it and found documentary evidence).

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US Presidents Day has celebrated annually every third Monday in February and belongs to the most famous politicians of America, who were in charge during the most complicated periods of the country’s development.

A favorite for all American school children tradition: in honor of the US President’s Day Schools does not work all week, and the students go on a small vacation.

What is the date of Presidents’ Day 2020? Why isnโ€™t it certain?

Usually, the public holiday is celebrated not in certain date but on a special day of the week. Memorial and Labor Days are celebrating on Monday, but Independence Day tied up to date – it’s 4 July.

Also, if holiday will be on Monday, to the delight of workers, it gives three days weekend. If you planning to have some cheerful holiday in America, you might be interested when is Presidents’ Day 2020.

History of the holiday

This favorite holiday of all Americans began to count to 22/02/1782, with the first official celebration of the 50th anniversary of G. Washington. It happened in the city of Richmond, Virginia. During the next 20 years, more pompous and luxurious celebration of this day, the people of America had ever seen. Elegant balls, bright speeches of politicians, fun, fireworks – all these immutable attributes accompanied Birthday of the first and most popular American president. In 1985, the festival officially became national. In the early 70-ies of the decision of the Congress, many public holidays transported on Mondays.

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Thanks to another great President Abraham Lincoln, also born in the second winter month, it was got over with the Yankees and Southerners strife that began because of disagreements on the problem of slavery. Since 1865, his birthday has begun to be celebrated in society. And later, in the early 70-ies the ruling President Nixon proposed to merge these holidays in the US Presidents Day to give tribute to Abraham and other worthy politicians. President’s initiative was supported, but the official law it never outgrew. However, since then the idea took a root and gave the people another national holiday.

Lincoln & Washington

The most memorable moment of the Presidents Days

It happened in 1850. On the Ball, organized in Los Angeles, California for the occasion, they were invited only representatives of the elite of society. The regular citizens, offended by such injustice, threw the burning core to the hall. Several people were killed and some of them injured.

Traditions or this day

This day you will not notice the bright parades, hear the noisy fireworks dedicated to this holiday. This day for Americans is a reflection of history.

Municipal and state institutions do not work. Supermarkets organize large-scale sell-off, wrapping their myths about the US presidents.

On the eve of the holiday, a special memory of the lessons is held in schools, dedicated to the outstanding American leaders, school performances are put on patriotic themes.

Sociological services conduct surveys among the population that tries to find out the most beloved American president.

Presidents’ Day is not just a favorite long weekend of the United States, it’s a memory of sons, who lifted their land in the international community. When is Presidents’ Day in 2020, calendar time is 15 February.


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