When is National Day of Unplugging in 2020? – That is a very good question, which unfortunately, can’t be answered by a great among of contemporary people. Sometimes we behave like robots that are not able to live without electricity and modern devices. Let’s discover the special occasion in details and check ourselves.


Of course, it would be quite silly to discover the matter what day World Day of Unplugging in 2020 is, without paying attention to the historical background of the special occasion.

At the very beginning we would like to mention that this holiday is considered to be relatively young. It was established by Reboot organization, which is considered to be a well-known nonprofit Jewish community. The movement itself was originally created in 2003.

However, you shouldn’t be only Jewish to participate. You can be of even religious view in general, or even an atheist. It is your own business.

The establishers defined the main idea of the holiday. Behind the day there was a certain experience or challenge. Those men and women wanted other people to keep their electronic devices off and not use them for 24 hours.

woman and gadgets

Why do we need it? – The matter is that from time to time contemporary humans have to use the opportunity to take some break and to spend moment relaxing with families, friends, or even alone.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, this is definitely something special that would be necessary to everyone, regardless of belief or lack of it.

The representatives of Reboot are sure that such a day, used to “reboot” the inner systems and philosophy in general, will make everybody around happier, more confident with his/her lives, and to enjoy even the smallest things around.


What does National Day of Unplugging mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether this special occasion is important for you or it can be quite forgotten.

We live in a society where just one day without internet and mobile phone is capable of making life of any person intolerable. It is terrible for any of us to imagine that there is simply no way to call someone, since most often the only contact data is the mobile phone number and e-mail address.

As soon as we lose access to the Internet, a sense of loneliness and isolation from the world immediately appears. There is an opportunity to check the electronic box for the availability of new letters, visit your page in the social network, view the weather forecast and read the news feed.


Discovering the question “When is International Day of Unplugging 2020?” we want to give our readers some explanations as well as recommendations.

You see, the dependence on information technologies is considered the norm in contrast to narcotic and alcohol dependence. It manifests itself mainly only in fatigue, but those people who make a significant part of their life in the network are more susceptible to mental disorders.

Older people are more dependent on television, younger – on mobile phones and the internet. The common life of children and adolescents is closely linked to online games and social networks. For many, the worldwide network completely replaces real life.

Usually, if a person realizes that he/she has some kind of harmful relationship, then he/she tries to displace one dependence of another. In the event that someone has decided to get rid of Internet dependencies, he/she simply switches to television or telephony.

With the development of technology, people became more troubled and impatient. The nervous system of any person suffers from bad communication quality, computer viruses, data loss, breakdown of equipment, etc.

The modern man or woman should think about the fact that some of the time spent on telephone calls and correspondence in the social network can be devoted to close people who need much more.


When is Day of Unplugging in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. But in the situation like that you have to be rather careful if you want to be involved. Why? – The matter is that the holiday is celebrated on the second Friday in March every year. So the date can’t be called a fixed one. In 2020 it will be on March 6th exactly.

Of course, this holiday is not an official one. That is why you should expect any events on the state level. However, at the same time it is considered to be very popular all around the planet.

In the USA it is called sometimes “Day without gadgets and electronics”. All participants of the action are asked to refuse to use portable electronics for 24 hours.

The event has been already celebrated for some times. It begins with the sunset and ends in a day.

With the help of the promotion, the organizers expect the users to switch their gadgets off and to communicate with friends and acquaintances without resorting to smartphones, as well as without popular social services such as Twitter and Facebook.

For those who wish to take part in the “Day without Electronics”, special reminder applications have been developed. Links to them could be sent to the owners of mobile phones by SMS.

The event is usually organized by a movement called the Sabbath Manifesto. As PC Mag writes, it is created by a group of Jewish artists to spread the Jewish Sabbath tradition to a wider audience. The organizers offer all users this day “to avoid technologies, go out, lit candles, drink wine and eat bread.”

I unplug to

International Day of Unplugging Facts

Discovering the question “What is the date of National Day of Unplugging in 2020?” we would like to demonstrate our followers a great amount of amazing information.

Everybody knows that contemporary gadgets as well as numerous electronic devices play a significant role in our life. So many specialists all around the planet try to understand their influence on us.

For example, the psychologists, who have been convinced that modern children are too dependent on the benefits of civilization, have decided to do an unusual experiment.

According to the investigations, modern kids can not do without electronics, do not know how to spend time alone and are not familiar with their inner world. The psychologists have decided to confirm this hypothesis scientifically.

In the experiment children from 12 to 18 years old participated on a voluntary basis. In the course the experimenter needed to spend 8 hours alone with each other without using all the benefits of civilization, such as computers, telephones, televisions, radios, players and other gadgets. Children were allowed to write, read, play musical instruments, draw, sing, do crafts, walk in the fresh air, etc.

Teens were supposed to do all this alone at home, writing down their feelings and thoughts at will. Also, in the presence of unpleasant sensations, the experiment was proposed to stop and to note the reason why it occurred.

At first glance, this experiment seemed completely harmless, but its results drove everyone into shock. Of the 67 participants, only three children coped. Almost all of them experienced a number of unpleasant and even dangerous symptoms, among which – nausea, hot flushes, sweating, dizziness, feeling of fear and anxiety of different levels of intensity. Some even had real panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

If the first couple of hours of experiment were relatively easy, the state of children was rapidly aggravated with each subsequent hour.

That is why we can come to the conclusion that modern girls and boys can’t live without these things. It sounds like a sad and rather frustrating result.


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