When is National Bat Appreciation Day in 2020? โ€“ Are you ready to answer this question? Well, we almost predict your negative reply to this easy question. Moreover, as a rule, contemporary people have never heard about such special occasion existence in the modern calendar. However, the event is so amazing that it would be unfair not to tell our readers about its presence.


The matter what day World Bat Appreciation Day in 2020 is needs some special clarifications. As a rule, all the questions concerning the historical background are usually of great demand among the readers. And it is not surprising, in fact, as the people always want to know how the event appeared and why we have to celebrate it on this day exactly.

This day was chosen not occasionally. The matter is that the middle of the second spring month is the period when the animal comes into life after hibernation.

Unfortunately, we donโ€™t know for sure who the establishers were. However, it seems like this person or even a few people were rather careful. They loved people and wanted to save them. Up to the present moment there have been appeared a great amount of various documents, devoted to these animals saving in nature. The basis for the protection of living beings has been founded by various legal acts. The exact principles and plans for their protection are described in the species protection programs. The documents that serve as the basis for the protection activities are public, and both state organizations and independent associations, citizens and their associations can contribute to their wording.



What does National Bat Appreciation Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to come to the conclusion whether to celebrate this special occasion, like any other else, of course, or not.

Since ancient times, people have felt somehow uncomfortable in the company of these creatures. But they for humans, despite the myths, legends and beliefs about sucking the human blood of creatures, are not dangerous. Most of these animals feed on insects. The largest of them like to taste frogs and rodents. For example, in Germany there are 23 species of them. In recent years, much has been done in the Federal Republic of Germany to save these species from extinction, and tells what the organization will have to work on in the future.

For bats, special landscape facilities are needed for survival, where they can raise offspring. Since they are lacking in nature, the specialists think about creating them artificially. In addition, bats need pits, reservoirs, protected areas in which they could move freely without fear for their lives.


The question โ€œWhen is International Bat Appreciation Day 2020?โ€ has to be explained in details and clarified to our followers.

The European Agreement on the Protection of Bats operates in 30 countries around the world. The task of the local secretariat is to support contacts between the UN member countries. In addition, the Bonn Bureau organizes international conferences where scientists make presentations on the conservation of species of bats. For the same, whether the agreement is respected or not, the governments of the countries that have signed their signature are required to follow. Every year they must send to Bonn a report on the vital activity of the bats in their region and on the activities that are held there with the aim of preserving and increasing the number of these mammals.

This encourages the governments of the member countries that signed the UN European Agreement on the Protection of Bats to take concrete steps to protect nature and preserve biodiversity. None of the governments wants to look bad in the eyes of the European public. It would seem that these are just some bats. But the protection of nature begins with small things. And each government is pleased with its little merit in environmental issues.

Laws and programs provide the foundation for organizing bat conservation activities. The real protection of bats begins with a specific activity. Some examples are:

  • Informing visitors of security zones about bats and the rules established for their protection.
  • Supervision in protected areas.
  • Accounting for the presence of bats when planning, incl. consideration of the migration routes of bats in the construction of wind farms.
  • Informing people about the need to protect bat colonies living in residential buildings; distribution of relevant recommendations.
  • Reduced artificial lighting in bat habitats.
  • To perform these tasks it is necessary to conduct special studies.


The answer to the question when is Bat Appreciation Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. It is not difficult to memorize this special occasion, as it is celebrated annually on April 17. Of course, this holiday is not the bank one. It simultaneously means that we should expect for any events organized on the state level. Of course, you can create something special for yourself. It is not difficult. โ€“ Just visit the local museum or a library and participate in the lecture. As a result you will get a great amount of various facts about these animals. If it is impossible, try to devote this day to discovering something new about these funny creatures.

Nowadays there have been a great amount of films, documentaries, magazines and internet articles, devoted to them, so you are free to choose something special for yourself.

bat licking her finger

International Bat Appreciation Day Facts

Discovering the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Bat Appreciation Day in 2020?โ€ we found some amazing pieces of information and today we are going to share it with our readers.

These mammals are considered to be a symbol of the night, and in most countries of the world they cause rejection and fear.

On the contrary, in China, bats are believed to bring happiness and luck. Despite the different attitudes towards these animals in different countries of the world, it is indisputable that the bats are endangered.

In the early 1990s, environmentalists were very concerned about this fact. The result of their vigorous activity was the creation in 1996 within the structure of the United Nations of a special unit dealing exclusively with bat problems. This institution is located in Bonn.

At the mention of such a large international organization as the UN, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge bureaucracy and strict hierarchy. But neither one nor the other, you will not find in the UN Secretariat for the protection of bats. Only two people work in the smallest division of the United Nations. The office of this unusual organization is located in Bon, right on the banks of the Rhine.

The Secretariat protects 37 species of bats. Just as many species are endangered in Europe. In total, there are 1,100 species of these animals in the world. Each type has its own characteristics. Often they depend on the habitat of these animals. It is precisely because of regional differences, that his organization has so far failed to convince UN members to adopt a single agreement to protect bats, which all countries would unanimously stick to. An important task of the organization is to work with representatives of such professions as architects and builders. It is known that night hunters often use old, abandoned buildings as their โ€œhousingโ€. Therefore, it is important that during the restoration builders know how to behave properly with bats.


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