What do you think about board games? Do you enjoy playing in them in general? Nowadays this leisure activity is considered to be rather popular again. Some people find it so amazing and terrific, that can’t even imagine their life without them. But can you answer the very amazing but interesting question “When is National Chess Day in 2022?” immediately? As a rule, contemporary men and women aren’t able to do it without thinking, and in some case the situation won’t change, even you will give them a lot of time to recollect.

That is perhaps the main reason, why we are going to tell you about this fascinating holiday, which no matter deserves our attention.


Of course, it is impossible to answer the set above question “What is the date of Chess Day 2022?” not taking into account any historical surrounding and background of this notable occasion.

First of all we would like to mention that this event has been celebrated worldwide since 1966.  And the date doesn’t change from year to year. It is quite fixed – July 20. It is known well that this holiday was established in accordance with the World Chess Federation decision. The organization itself was found for about 100 years ago in 1924.

National Chess Day

By the way, FIDE is an international non-governmental sports organization. Nowadays it successfully unites a great number of national chess associations of different countries. To date their quantity is really impressive: 170 constant members, represented by national federations.

All the activities of FIDE are aimed at chess spreading and developing all around the planet.  It also promotes and rises the level chess special culture and exclusive knowledge.

Not everybody knows that at the present moment FIDE’s authority is to establish the chess playing rules as well as to organize a world championship and other chess competitions on the international levels. The representatives are able to confer various chess titles.

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Currently, more than 40 official championships for youth, men, women and elderly people are held under the FIDE auspices.


What does National Chess Day mean? All in all we should tell the readers that in general there’re 64 black and white cells and 32 figures. That’s the board game, which seems to rather easy to play, but in practice it isn’t true. Believe you or not, however, for more than one century the best minds of mankind have been fighting on this black and white square. It was such a board that became a stumbling block in a dispute, who’s cleverer indeed: a modern person or a contemporary computer.

Not everybody knows that despite its apparent simplicity and democracy, this activity is imagined to be among the most difficult sports on the planet. Perhaps that’s the main reason, why the set above question “When is International Chess Day 2022?’ may seem interesting in all the world corners.

It is difficult to believe but more than 25% of the world’s population plays chess, which indicates the importance of this sport. The contemporary chess games not only positively affect mental development and the development of logical thinking, but also gather people into a huge team, a community, with the similar goals and interests. People communicate, share experiences and, particularly, play chess. This is perhaps whole point of this special day.


It’ll be rather interesting to find out that the game’s name comes from the ancient Persian language, where there was a word “checkmate”, which can be translated into English like “the ruler has died”. India is considered to be the motherland of contemporary chess. The game of Chaturanga, that is the predecessor of the modern game, appeared there in the V century. In Europe this kind of leisure activity appeared in about 9-10 centuries.

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In the gaming process the special mechanical hand moved various figures across the wooden board. Believe you or not but the apparatus won as well-known and really skilled opponents like N. Bonaparte and B. Franklin. Frankly speaking, it was a real surprise, but in the course of time it became known that the mysterious chess machine didn’t exist in practice. On the contrary in the apparatus of the spacious construction was located a professional for those years chess player. He moved all the figures and hid carefully at that time when the amazed public was going to see “machine” equipment.

Contemporary and so popular in the world chess is a well-known and really rather demanding board game on a 64-cell board, on which 32 figures are arranged (for 16 figures of white and black colors). Only 2 partners are playing at the same time. The goal of the game is to put a checkmate to the enemy’s king.

By the way it is believed that playing chess promotes the significant development of memory, mental abilities, creative and logical thinking.

According to the data received from FIDE, today chess as a sport has been recognized in 105 countries of the world. So their representatives usually know for sure what day National Chess Day in 2022 is.


There is no another way to celebrate this holiday than to play chess with somebody from your surrounding circle, for example, children or parents, just mates or close friends, neighbors or office colleagues.  In some exceptional cases you can even organized a special party in order to attract as many participants as it’s possible.

National Chess Day

As it has been already mention above this event’s celebrated annually on July 20. It simultaneously means that the weather will be sunny and rather comfort for being outside. Why not to organize a tournament in the open air? It may be even something reminding a picnic for the whole company.

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In the case you don’t know how to play, this date can be a perfect moment for discovering something really interesting and amazing. This is a new world, which is ready to attract you by its unusual atmosphere and positive emotions.

Chess Day Facts

When is Chess Day in 2022, calendar or people, who are involved in this kind of sport will inform you without any problems. But would you like to find out something amazing about this day and about the game itself?

This notable date is considered to be a relatively young holiday. And that will seem even a bit strange, if we take into account the fact that the activity was born more than 1500 years old. As it was mentioned above this event was established as to the initiative and under the patronage of the famous Federation called FIDE. That was the moment when chess fans all over the planet started various contests and tournaments.

Frankly speaking, there are no any special purposes, the only thing the participants want is to attract as many men and women into this sport as possible. There is a belief that all can take part in this game, however every person usually finds something special in this process.

Initially chess games were played without any watch or clock. But sometimes players had to play for some hours, or for even days without any break. The procedure caused the participants’ exhaustion. And at last in 1851, at the important and so crowded chess contest, the honored assistant referee noted that the performing game wasn’t finished because the existing players finally fell asleep.”

However, after that, just one year later, during the international contest the quite new device was introduced. It was represented by specially elaborated hourglass, which in 1883 was changed by the first mechanical clock, specially created by the British Thomas Wilson.


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