When is National Happy Thanksgiving Day in 2022? Well, we are almost sure that you know the answer to this question and are able to reply it immediately and without any problems and hesitations. The matter is that up to the present moment, this holiday has become so popular that it is known quite well all around the planet, not only among the people, who are living in the USA. Today we are going to represent you this occasion, giving some amazing details. Are you ready for this?


It seems impossible to discover the matter what day Happy Thanksgiving Day in 2022 is without mentioning the historical background of this occasion.

First of all, we should tell you that the popular holiday got its official name and date only more than 160 years after the corresponding decree of the honorable US President George Washington. It happened in the distant year of 1789. It is interesting that the wise President himself took the special occasion as an idea of the special gratitude of the Americans to the Constitution.

But Thanksgiving became a real national holiday in 1863. That was the period of the President Abraham Lincoln ruling. During the Civil War the head of the country introduced the particular parties, during which the people were asked to sit together at the table. Moreover, it was he who set the date by which the holiday is now celebrated: the fourth Thursday of November.


As it is known quite well in addition to family dinners, parades have already become traditional all around the country. In our turn we canโ€™t but mention that this tradition dates back to 1924, when Macy’s department store workers decided to organize an amazing carnival in honor of the beginning of Christmas markets in the stores of the famous chain. That year four hundred people in colorful costumes of clowns, cowboys, knights walked through the streets of New York, accompanied by professional orchestras and 25 live animals from the local zoo.

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What does Happy Thanksgiving Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not sure that we can give a definite answer to this question instead of you. Why? You see, the matter is that we donโ€™t know our followers personally, that is why we canโ€™t even predict whether this holiday means something special for them or not. Moreover, we have the followers from all around the planet, so it is not a great surprise, that the people from European countries do not usually celebrate something traditionally American and vice versa.

All in all we canโ€™t but mention that Thanksgiving dates back to the distant year of 1620, when, after a disastrous two-month ocean voyage, the brave English ship called “Mayflower” came finally to the shores of America. About a hundred pilgrims sailed on it. Due to religious persecution, all those people left their native country and went on a journey in search of free land. Unfortunately, the first winter turned out to be very harsh and difficult, so it took many lives.

Only thanks to the local Indians they managed to survive. The Indians taught the arrived colonists everything, for example, to grow good beans, corn and pumpkin. However, it was not everything, of course. The aborigines also showed where to hunt game. As a result, the settlers harvested a very generous crop and it allowed them to survive the next winter. Pilgrims staged a grandiose celebration as a sign of gratitude to God for generosity.


Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Happy Thanksgiving Day in 2022?โ€ we would like to introduce our followers some really amazing details.

In the USA Thanksgiving is considered to be a traditional holiday, which is celebrated all around the country on the fourth Thursday of November. It simultaneously means that in 2022 it will be on November 26th. As a rule, there are a plenty of rules and traditions, which are usually associated with this occasion, however, the main one is a turkey, of course.

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The amazing thing is that the residents were so thrilled to see the first parade that they wanted to make it regular. Since then, every year on Thanksgiving in New York, this bright parade has been held greatly. By the way it has been broadcast on television since morning as well, so everyone is able to watch it. Traditionally, bright carnival platforms pass through the autumn streets to the sounds of great orchestras, and huge balloons floating around the crowd depicting American characters. The most appreciated ones are the cartoon heroes like Mickey Mouse, Snooppy, Garfield and Santa Claus of course.


When is Happy Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. However, you have to be rather careful if you are really going to be involved into its celebration. The matter is that this special occasion doesnโ€™t have the stable date of its celebration. It happens on the fourth Thursday in November, so the date is a bit different every year. As it has been already mentioned above, in 2022 the holiday will be held on November 26th.

As a rule, the holiday is associated with many traditions that Americans carefully keep all around the country. They usually come from the generation to generation, so they will be kept in 21st as well. On this day, all family members should go to church, and after the particular service they should gather together at the festive table, which has a roasted turkey, a tasty pumpkin pie, some mashed potatoes and a delicious cranberry sauce.

During the great dinner and a huge meal, there is a tradition of counting โ€œgifts of fateโ€, when every person takes a blank sheet of paper and writes down all the perfect things that has happened during the year. It is expected that the person has been grateful for all these occasions. Sometimes the members of the family prefer to write some bad items too. It is done for forgiving everyone.

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Usually the good prevails, and for this the Americans also thank each other and God. After the holiday, the locals and the residents of the USA have two more days off, during which they usually eat well, but do not forget about those who do not have a family and cannot afford a festive table. Newspapers post donation announcements for charity festive dinners for the homeless; metro stations even have special tables where you can put gifts for the people in need.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Happy Thanksgiving Day in 2022?โ€ we would like to introduce our followers something really amazing.

There is an amazing tradition, which is not as popular as the others ones. It is called a Turkey pardon. The twentieth century gave the world not only a spectacular parade, but also another interesting custom. About fifty years ago, then-US President Harry Truman laid the foundation for the turkey pardon tradition. The matter is that a lot of turkeys are eaten annually during the holiday, but according to this tradition, at least one bird should avoid such a cruel fate.

This is a half-serious-half-joking ceremony, which is performed on the very eve of the holiday. During it on the lawn in front of the White House the president reads a decree on the Clemency of the turkey. After that, the โ€œpardonedโ€ bird is sent to the zoo, where it lives to death. Be sure to broadcast the ceremony on television so that every American can see everything with the own eyes. The rating of this ceremony is usually very high.


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