Chocolate is one of the most favorite world desserts. Despite the age and race, there are no people who do not love this sweet product. It is the permanent component of many other sweets like cookies, ice cream, drinks, and cakes. Sweet and tasty, the world counts three general types of the food – black, milk and white chocolate. Besides the cookery, the product is mentioned in the literature, architecture, it is also often used even in perfumery and medical therapy. In other words, chocolate touches many parts of human’s life.

Americans celebrate a feast of one of the kinds of chocolate – the milk one. People who love the savory may rejoice, even if someone would not respect it. It is interesting to know when is National Milk Chocolate Day in 2022 and what is so special about the day. There are a lot of curious facts about this sweet course. Let us discover some of them.

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Milk Chocolate Day in 2022 mean for Americans?

National Milk Chocolate Day

First of all, one has no right to accuse people of loving chocs. People who adore this sort of sweet stuff are sometimes called choco lovers or chocoholics. Funny and educative at the same time because but you’d rather love to eat this food or to get attached to other bad habits. The holiday gives a wonderful chance to taste the delicious product and eat it as much as you can.

Then, the milk chocolate is very good for our health. It is worth to be honored all over the world:

  • The delight contains a big number of antioxygens which slows the process of aging.
  • It also produces endorphins, the hormones of happiness. Endorphins enhance mood, tonicize and gives new life energy. If you are depressed, eat a good portion of the savory and let the small endorphins to raise up your mood!
  • Scientists discovered the chocolate make human brain to work faster and more efficiently so if you are a student and you have to pass an exam do not forget to buy a bar of good chocolate milk product.
  • The dessert makes a positive impact on the heart, a nervous system and a blood pressure.
  • It may reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Made of cacao beans, they help to lower the cholesterol level in blood.
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As one can see, in any case, chocolate is very good for people’ well-being.

The definition of the holiday

The word «chocolate» has Greek roots and its translation is «food of Gods». It is worth to mention what day National Milk Chocolate Day is in 2022. Celebrated annually, it falls on July 28th and should not be neglected. In the very middle of summer, there is nothing more pleasant than to meet someone you love and bring him a bar of milk chocolate. The chocs party includes old and young, «milk chocolate all ages surrender». The celebration is meant to make the life happier and sugarier.

The history of the holiday

The history of milk chocolate is as old as the world. As usual, it is made of cacao beans, milk, and sugar. One should ask why is notably this sweet possesses a feast and why did the people choose it for celebration.

Its first roots are found in Mexico where the ancient Indians were gathering cacao fruit to cook a sort of liquid. When Christopher Columbus discovered the American continent, local nations brought him a beverage but he refused to drink it because of bitter taste. His successor, Cortes, arrived in Mexican coasts, tasted the new drink and liked it a lot. It smelled good and was delicious. Cortes advised adding some sugar and milk to it. That is how the new sweetness appeared on the Earth.

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Didn’t you forget when is National Milk Chocolate Day in 2022? Memorize it in calendars because this year it is on Friday, the perfect occasion to start and continue all chocolate weekend.

Returning to the history of the milk savory, there were Holland who brought it Europe in XVI century. Meanwhile, the food did not have the form of bars and it used to be a beverage. The Europeans greatly appreciated this new brewage and even called it «black gold». In most cases, people were drinking the hot dessert to restore forces and to improve their health. In XVII century, the French queen, Anne of Austria, Louis VIII of France’s spouse, first tried it and since then, it became the aristocracy’s most famous drink. Spaniards, the inventors of this food, kept a recipe in a big secret and did not want to share it with others. Despite, the chocolate stuff became very popular in Europe and many cafes were opening in there buying a flavored drink although it was so expensive that just rich people could permit it to them.

In XIX century the delight took its sold shape. Holland scientist Coenraad van Houten invented hydraulic press which helped to produce chocolate bars. Nowadays the «food of Gods» is publicly available, everyone can buy and enjoy different kind and sorts.

National Milk Chocolate Day

What are National Milk Chocolate Day facts and traditions?

The food is so popular in the world that there is even an International chocolate organization which introduced the holiday of the milk chocolate. July, 28th is the day when is International Milk Chocolate Day in 2022. The institutions want to underline the important role of chocolate for human well-being. According to it, the main festal day is established but many countries may pick another day for commemoration, for example, in Ukraine people choose the date of June 11th.

The popularity of the special day gains steam in many countries such as Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, and others. This day there are some exhibition, expositions, fairs, concerning the chocolate and its role for the people.

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In Belgium, there is a museum of chocolate. In some restaurants, one may propose you an original sweet menu where each dish contains some delicacy. Switzerland initialized the chocolate train which is very popular. Their people may study up on a sweet course and taste free sorts of chocolate.

How do we can celebrate the day off? There are many possible ways:

  • Provide a chocolate party with clowns for children and for adults too. It will be a perfect excuse for women and men who feel ashamed to confess their love toward this delight. This day they are allowed to taste it all day long and do not think about overweight.
  • Greet confectioners and pastry chefs with their professional feast. Visit the nearest confectionery and say some good words for whose. Be sure it is amazing to hear the felicitation for everybody.
  • Buy many chocolate bars and just eat them. It is not an advice but an order! Do it immediately!
  • Create a chocolate body art. It is very unusual. Find some professionals and try to learn how to color the body with a sweet dish!
  • Cook a home-made milk sweetness and invite friends to your house.
  • Take a milk chocolate… bathtub! Yes, you are not mistaken. World fashion industry perfectly knows the product influence on our skin. Nowadays, it became very popular to take your ease for a while. Women will appreciate the effect of relaxing method.
  • Tell everyone who does not know about the holiday and just share your own bar with the neighbors and co-workers.
  • Create an open group on Facebook or Instagram and make people contest. Let them share photos of this beautiful delight-themed party.

Now you are aware of what is the date of National Milk Chocolate Day. Do not miss the opportunity to honor the rest day and enjoy the life.


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