Who in this world does not know the word โ€œFrench friesโ€? Really, just think over it โ€“ every person from the early childhood studies this word knows properly the taste of this food and regularly eat it. And it does not even matter, from which country does a person come, which nationality is he, which tastes he or she has. Every one of us loves French fries in this or that look and prepared differently for different recipes. And the biggest its fans couldnโ€™t stand for creating a whole holiday for it, which is now celebrated, we suppose, everywhere and happily. In this article we are also willing to speak about it so much, discuss all its peculiarities and certainly know, when is National French Fry Day in 2021.


We suppose that this holiday is beloved by practically any person in this world, not depending on many factors. But not all we know something about this day at all, as just that we need to celebrate it. But as we are going to discuss all possible information about it all, we need to start from the very basics, and we mean something from the history of this day. By the way, it is really very important, as we canโ€™t start any discussion from the middle.

French Fries

As it comes from the name, usually people do not try to find the correct information out but think that the name itself came from France, so as the dish itself. But it is false โ€“ this information has nothing in common with the real state of things. The name is supposed to be taken from the Belgium language. Once a family, which lived there, found out this food, which later became extremely popular and spread throughout the world. And the first records of this information were found there about 1780 among the rest pieces of information, which has been saved about that family. So, you can imagine, how old is this dish, though even in the modern world people know well, what day World French Fry Day in 2021 is.

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What does National French Fry Day mean, we will be finding out further in the following paragraphs. We have several important things to discuss in order to get the full and correct understanding of what we are celebrating and taking part in. To keep it all in our minds clear, we need to be deep into the topic, and we will be reaching this goal right now. But first of all, right now we would like to explain you the general meaning of this day, after which we will be able to move further and discuss more deep things.

So, this holiday is dedicated to such a dish or food, which is called French fry. The name does not tell us anything, but we all know, that it is simply a fried potato, sliced in a special way and grilled especially too. It became very popular due to its simplicity in cooking, cheap price and because it is always easy to get potatoes somewhere โ€“ it is not a rare product and has never been one. And with years it became extremely popular and beloved by all people, that is why after it all they decided to create a special holiday, dedicated to it. We can really now call it a great invention, as it is hard to make something, which would become popular in such scales.


Now we know in general, what does the day mean. And we have an opportunity to move forward and discuss more concrete things, deep into the topic and know some other facts, which will help us to understand it all in a bit better way. Though it all is not that difficult, still there are some things, which may be not so clear for us or for people, who meet this information for the first time.

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Well, we have already defined that this holiday is dedicated to a food, dish, which we all know as potatoes, shaped in a special way and fried in oil. The holiday is a success because this food is known in many countries and its popularity is really wonderful.ย  It is celebrated once a year all the time and it is an official national holiday. Though as the day is mostly celebrated for fun, it is not made as a day off. But you have enough opportunities to celebrate it all day long as soon as you have at least a couple of free minutes. Those people, who are inside of all these celebrations, try to make this day more diverse, funny and interesting. It is not obligatory, but it creates the atmosphere of a real holiday, which is always good. That is why you too can join it all if you know, when is International French Fry Day 2021.


Now we have moved to one of the most interesting parts of our discussion, and here we would like to tell you, what things do people create to make this holiday interesting or just to celebrate it. There are plenty of variants actually, but still, sometimes people cannot imagine, what particularly should they do. That is why the first rule here โ€“ do what you think is interesting and makes you happy. Certainly, you just should dedicate it to the topic of the holiday and the rest is up to you. There is nothing complicated here and you are free to use your imagination.

Spicy French Fries

But if you do not want to create something on your own, there is always a standard, but not less interesting way to spend this day โ€“ either visit some cafes or restaurants to eat the potatoes or gather a party with your friends, which would be dedicated to it. There are plenty of recipes for this food together with special sauces. And it would be very interesting to cook it all together, try something new or even make experiments. Many people share their time spending or their ideas in social networks, which is really interesting. You too can be a part of it all, that is why just know beforehand, what is the date of National French Fry Day 2021. By the way it is on July 13.

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International French Fry day Facts

We moved to the end of the article, which means that we have the last opportunity to discuss some important and interesting things. The question, which probably bothers many people all the time concerns the name of this dish. In particular, it is not understandable, why are fried sliced potatoes called in such a way. The thing is that it all is connected with historical events. At the time, when it all appeared for the first time, the war took place and French soldier invaded the country. To say in brief, the main idea is that the national language was French and those people thought, that it was their territory and their dish. So, they decided to give the food such a name.

It is hard to believe that such a simple and just funny holiday rose up from real serious historical events. This holiday is held in summer every year, so it is easy to remember. Also, the date is always all and the same, so you can easily follow it and even if you suddenly forget, there is nothing dangerous that you do not need to prepare for it all. But still it will be great if you remember and look up, when is French Fry Day in 2021, on the calendar and celebrate it with all the rest fans of this yummy food.


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