Baking cakes is the process which demands not much patience and skills. Girls begin cooking from their childhood. One of the most interesting and tastiest examples of baked goods is a fruitcake. Various variants can suit every exacting gourmand. The best recipes are to be cooked during National Fruitcake Day. It’s a special occasion when the eating these cakes during the whole day is thought to be normal, even obligatory. When is National Fruitcake Day in 2022?


There’s no certain information as to the creation of this holiday. The day is thought to be proposed by restaurants and manufacturers. It was necessary to make a special date which could attract attention to a cake. Baking goods are always popular during Christmas and New Years Eve. This kind of food is very popular among children.

This kind of pastry is a very old thing. It is popular in many countries. Various nationalities cook their special recipes depending on seasonal fruit which grow at the local territories. Fruitcakes from different countries can contain spices and other ingredients.

Fruitcake with berries on top

The history of a fruitcake began lots of centuries ago. Ancient Romans put raisins and nuts in their fruitcakes. They also used barley in fruitcakes. The cooks added spices, preserved fruit, honey to fruitcakes.

European recipes of fruitcakes didn’t use butter because of church restrictions and fast. Thus, recipes were created in accordance of that demand. In the 15th century the restriction was canceled due to the “Butter Letter” written by the pope. It let cooks use butter and milk in the pastry.

The popularity of a fruitcake rose due to the increase of including of preserved fruit. American Colonies provided a great amount of sugar which was widely used in baking.

Despite the uncertain situation as to the origin of the holiday people took it for granted. The day has gained a great popularity among many nationalities. It has become an international holiday. “What day World Fruitcake Day in 2022?” It’s annually observed on the 27th of December.

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What does National Fruitcake Day mean for the majority of people? The occasion isn’t a national holiday. Nevertheless, its popularity is so great that the international internet community pays a lot of attention to the recipe of this kind of pastry on the day. People don’t refuse eating it on the day, at least once.

The occasion is a great chance to train cooking abilities. There’s no need to take the most complicated recipes. Every person can find the most suitable recipe according to his own skills and available ingredients. The event can be an act of self-affirmation, especially when the holiday is observed in a circle of friends and relatives.

The event can be used by parents. They can spend some additional time together with their children. They may train their cooking skills and patience. Children can learn how to make simple things from their parents. They are always happy when parents pay attention and give care to them.

Restaurants and cafés usually get a serious benefit. They propose their special recipes to clients. The tastiest fruitcakes with a cup of coffee are the best proposition to clients on this date. When is International Fruitcake Day 2022? This occasion is on December, 27th.


The term appeared during the 19th century. It’s the combination of two words. The first one is the component of the second part. This cake doesn’t contain fresh fruit according to the dictionaries. Fruitcake is a kind of a cake which contains dried or candied fruits. Preserved fruits are widely included into this cake. Spices and nuts are also acceptable. The fruitcake should be soaked in juice.

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Many nations bake a simple pastry with fresh fruit. The variety of fruit depends on the seasonal harvest. Such cakes are also the representatives of this kind of baked goods. Nevertheless, it’s rather a colloquial form. The official dictionaries don’t consider them real fruitcakes. Many pastry cooks like to ice and decorate the cake.

Christmas and weddings are the most usual celebrations when people serve fruitcakes. Cooks serve the pastry with cream or butter. It also can be eaten as an independent meal. Some dictionaries give the colloquial meaning to the word which means a crazy man.

The name of the holiday is well-understood across the world. People try to spend the day tasting the sweet cake. What is the date of National Fruitcake Day 2022? The holiday is on the 27th of December.


The great idea of the holiday lies in the freedom of celebrating the date. It means that people don’t need to visit certain places and do certain things. Everybody can choose its own way of observance. Besides, every family can choose its own tradition and recipe for observing the date.

The tradition of celebrating the holiday must include the process of baking. Besides, the best recipe can be taken from the internet. There are many variants of fruitcakes in many sites. Families can take any ingredient that they like.


The holiday is between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That is why the pastry can become a good present for these holidays. The day is a great possibility to visit friends and relatives. It is very convenient for people who have got lots of dear people and don’t have much time to visit them.

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Cakes can be bought in the bakery. If you aren’t a good cook, it’s not the time to be disappointed. Many variants of the cake are sold everywhere on the occasion. Many cafés and restaurants give their clients the tastiest pastry during this occasion.

Charity is a good way for being involved into social life. This occasion is usually used for good activities. Orphans and old people who live in special social establishments need care. You can bring some cakes to these people.

If you want to visit local social events on the holiday, find the information in the internet “When is Fruitcake Day in 2022, calendar of events?”

International Fruitcake Day Facts

  • Nuts and fruit are the main components of the American variant.
  • 1913 was the first year when people could order pastry by mail.
  • Many charities sell pastry from catalogs.
  • Lots of recipes include alcohol. People put cognac, brandy and liqueur.
  • Alcohol isn’t always added into mass-produced variants.
  • Sometimes this pastry is preserved in the linen which is soaked with brandy.
  • The Romans used to put pomegranate seeds into their cakes which were called “saturas”.
  • Fruitcakes were served for wedding of Queen Victoria.
  • Nowadays British royal weddings also serve this kind of pastry. A slice of the cake from Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding was sold for $7500.
  • This pastry has a unique longevity. You can eat it 25 years after its baking.
  • It is said that this pastry was in space. Nowadays that slice is in the museum in the US capital.
  • The tastiest variants of the cake were made by monks who used the honey topping.


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