Have you ever heard about the German traditional snack for the glass of beer called pretzel? If not, weโ€™re just about to initiate you into the world of this crunchy treat!

When is National Pretzel Day in 2021? Letโ€™s find it out together.


Well, when it comes to the history of this food, there is no certain answer on who was the first to bake the pretzel. According to the various sources, it was born as the alternative for the bread of the round shape (the Synod banned that shape because of its similarity to the sun). Some legends tell that it was the invention of the baker whoโ€™d made a mistake and was sentenced to death but the king offered him a pardon if he would make the new bread which one could look at the sun through three times. The baker was a diligent citizen so the pretzels are around even today. The Internet also suggests that the snack was the result of the monksโ€™ appreciation for the daily bread and the shape of it is explained as the arms folded in prayer.

In fact, it doesnโ€™t matter how and when the thing originated because up until now the pretzel is a very popular dish. Inparticular, Germanyisconsideredtobethebig fan of these baked pieces of the dough. The national emblem of the bakeriesand the factories that are into the breadโ€™s production is, of course, the pretzel.


In the Middle Ages, the making of the food was strictly controlled and only the skilled experts were allowed to lay their hands onto the dough. It may sound surprisingly weird, even for a person who did hear about the pretzels, but another country which has fallen in love with the thing is the United States. How did they get there, you ask?

With the help of the immigrants, nash. The German people were too obsessed with the national treat and brought in the recipe to the New Land. Because they settled down in Pennsylvania, it was the first state to get to know the salty taste of the pretzels. In a while, the food spread its charms onto the Philadelphians, Chicagoans, and New Yorkers. These ones are sure to know when is International Pretzel Day 2021 as it is believed to be the essential part of the statesโ€™ cuisine.

On top of that, the Pennsylvanians today are proud to say that their motherland is the heart and soul of the Americaโ€™s pretzel industry. And that is fair because the state churns out about 80% of the overall number! But to be more accurate, the US is mainly involved in the production of the hard pretzels, while Germany, for example, is into the soft ones.

All in all, it was America who proclaimed the holiday in honor of the food. But yet again, itโ€™s quite a debatable issue in which year the observance was introduced. One says that it happened in 2003 at the initiative of the Governor Mr. Rendell. Other claims that it occurred twenty years earlier, in 1983, with the help of Mr. Walker.


What does National Pretzel Day mean? It means indulging in these pleasant snacks and appreciating them all day long!

Probably, you hardly imagine the grade of pretzelsโ€™ importance for some nations of this world. In Bavaria, it is one of the favorite side dishes for the beer during the local festivals. For example, the Octoberfest! If you happen to be there, you couldnโ€™t resist this ingeniously shaped bread with the temptingly brown crust that shines on the sun and shouts to people to try. So soft and tasty, the pretzels are the best ones to accompany the beer. Well, it is proved by the fact that during the festivity, the visitors eat a million of them; each weighs about three hundred grams.

Besides, the thing is the element of the food culture in Hamburg. The folks munch the treat in the opera theatres, during the classical music concerts, the rock starsโ€™ performances, the art exhibitions, and the football games. The age doesnโ€™t matter, the elderly, the children and the youth are crazy about the salty culinary masterpieces.

The Philadelphians have gone further; they called the park in honor of the food and built the pretzel-shaped paths all along the territory and put the big statue in the center.

By the way, do you know who is the author of the following words: โ€œMother, I should have always listened to you. When you eat the salty pretzels, chew before you swallowโ€? ThesebelongtoGeorgeBush Jr. When he was just about to be inaugurated, he was almost choked by the pretzel stuck in his throat!

Regardless of what day World Pretzel Day in 2021 falls on, you can eat them a bit more frequently than once in a year. Speaking of the health issues, the treat contains the vitamin B1, B2, B6, E, K, and PP, together with the calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and sodium.


Tearing themselves from the firm German embrace, the pretzels have become hugely popular in the world.

The American people are fond of dipping them in the wide range of sometimes weird toppings. Just see, it can be the chocolate, yogurt, berry puree, together with the cheese, mustard, mayo and the like. In fact, their love for combining the salty bread with the sweet viscous liquids entailed the creation of the ice cream in the cone which tastes like the pretzel.

Of course, the big food corporations couldnโ€™t help trying to think up the new variations of the much-loved products with the pretzelโ€™s notes. Thus, the well-known button-shaped chocolates โ€“ the M&Mโ€™s โ€“ obtained the taste of the snack.

What is the date of National Pretzel Day 2021? April 26!

Cooking Pretzels


The excellent way to pay tribute to the pretzels is, of course, making ones! Here is the recipe that just canโ€™t go wrong.

Stock up on the 8 cups of the flour, 5 tablespoons of the yeast, one egg, a glass of water and 2 glasses of water with gas, 2 spoons of sugar and one spoon of the vegetable oil.Donโ€™t be afraid of so many ingredients, these things are easy to make and bake.

Take the large bowl, put the yeast and the spoon of sugar and shake it a bit, then pour the heated water. Stir thoroughly and leave aside for ten minutes. Sift the flour with a tad of salt, add the spoon of sugar, pour the yeasty mixture and two glasses of the water with gas. Knead it for at least ten minutes. When it is ready, put it once again on the table and divide into sixteen or thirty-two pieces, depends on the size of the pretzels you want. Try to see that the flour doesnโ€™t get on the dough. For the small treats, twenty-five centimeters of the sausage is enough, for the big ones โ€“ it has to be around fifty. Foldthesausagesaccordingtothenecessaryshape, place them onto the oiled baking tray and leave there for twenty minutes. Boil three liters of water in the pot; add a spoon of salt and a tablespoon of sugar. Dip the future deliciousness for three minutes each. Heat the oven, place the pieces on the tray laid with the paper and sprinkle with the salt, poppy or paprika. Send them into the oven for thirty minutes. Serve with the glass of the cold beer and our sincere advice โ€“ donโ€™t try them until the guests are on the porch!

Not so difficult, is it? Okay, if you donโ€™t have time anyway, we offer you to drop by the bakery and look for some pretzels. By the way, some of the shops have a nice tradition of giving them away for free. Itโ€™s a holiday, after all!

International Pretzel Day Facts

  • Each year, the United States produces the pretzels that overall cost five hundred and fifty million of dollars! Can you imagine?

Mark in your calendar, when is Pretzel Day in 2021, and try to make your own treats.


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