Frankly speaking it is surprising to hear that the answer to the question “When is National Bikini Day in 2022?” really exist. The next official birthday of this amazing lady’s swimming costume will be celebrated on July 5.


As it was already mentioned above the historical background of this special occasion is really unusual, interesting and even amazing. That is why the answer to the question “When is Bikini Day 2022?” will be improper if we don’t discuss some important facts.

At the very beginning it is necessary to mention that the contemporary holiday is dedicated to the fashion show, that involved the demonstration of the new swimsuit model, which took place in Paris on July 5, 1946. That event was rather impressive and astonishing for the audience that the bikini began to be compared with the explosion of a nuclear bomb.

By the way its name minimalist costume “bikini” received in honor of the atoll, in which the numerous nuclear tests were carried out at that time.

National Bikini Day

Initially the idea to sew an original swimsuit for women, that consisted of a small piece of material came to the well-known engineer called Louis Riario, who inherited the amazing skills of lingerie design and sewing from his mother.

All in all it seemed to be quite a simple task to sew that mini swimsuit. The main difficulties and troubles appeared when the designer wanted to find a girl who would have dared to wear such sexy outfits to the presentation, held at the Molinari pool. The famous French models of those times were afraid to spoil their reputation forever.

As a result, Riario had to ask the dancers from the Casino de Paris to help him. One of them, Micheline Bernardini, impressed the audience so much that at the end of the show the lady received thousands of prepositions to get married.

In the course of time the bikini began to appear on the catwalks as well as in magazines. Mini swimsuit inspired designers to other new brave “invention”, such as the monokini and string bikinis. Monokini, developed by talented stylist Rudy Gernrayhom, were represented by panties passing in two thin suspenders. Revolution occurred even in men’s fashion.

The classic bikini was loved by Princess Diana. Thanks to her, this model acquired royal status.

In American society, the bikini became popular terrifically in the 1960s. Perhaps this happened due to the fact that it was a period when it was much appreciated to have private parties organized near the pools. And the women had a chance to try on bikini away from the strange eyes. It was in the 1960s bikini had first advertisement, and it caused the huge interest of those women who tried to follow the latest fashion trends.

In the 1970s, the popularity was gained by bikini consisting of two ribbons, in the 1980s it was the Brazilian “Tango” (made of two triangles with a very narrow connecting strip on hips), or so-called thin bikini (with a small triangle in the back), in the 1990s sport model became more fashionable.


What does Bikini Day mean? The specialists are sure that on that very day this element appeared on the beach for the first time. But is it really true? There is also a hypothesis that its history is much longer. Why do we think so? – You see, in the contemporary historical museums of fine art it is possible to find the pictures of women, dressed in a certain similarity of the modern swimsuits: they had just two bands that covered the breast and the upper part of thighs just below the waist.

The images has been preserved as an element in the ancient Roman mosaics of Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily. However, the Middle Ages meant the women’s modesty and shyness observance. At that period swimming in the open water was possible mainly for ordinary people, and the ladies, if they dared to enter the sea or the river, had to do it in long high-necked shirts of thick fabric.


From the very beginning, despite the wide advertising of the event in the popular media of that time, women were not in a hurry to wear a bikini on the beach during their summer vacations. Moreover, the demonstration of such a swimsuit in public in Italy, Portugal and Spain could be resulted in arrest.

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In the United States bikini became appreciated earlier than in Europe. And that happened after a very curious situation. In 1943, the government and local authorities asked all the garment factories to save on fabric as much as possible. The requirements for the lady’s swimming costumes were reduced to 10%. Such a wish was made in the frameworks of the overall economy policy that was started since World War II beginning. The bikini required only half a meter of fabric, while the ordinary swimsuit needed up to two meters.

The changes as to the bikini wearing in Europe occurred in 1956 with the appearance of the film “And God Created Woman”, where Brigitte Bardot played the main part and a leading role. After the beloved actress appeared before the audience in a chic snowy white swimsuit, it immediately became popular.

The film directors also understood all the bikini power very quickly, and in the early 60’s mini swimsuit decorated the first James Bond’s girlfriend, played by Ursula Andress. From the very beginning men literally stormed the cinemas in order to watch the another new J.Bond series of “Dr. No”.


All in all when is Bikini Day in 2022, calendar is really to remind you any time. But do you know how to celebrate this special occasion, that will happen on July 5 this year? – We will help you, of course. Today bikini swimsuit is considered to be inseparable and very important part of the beachwear. But its design is not constant, of course. It can be changed depending on the various fashion trends. From time to time upper triangles are replaced by a fabric strip or underwire bra, panties turn into a ribbon or string (composed of one or two triangles with a very narrow strip connecting the hips) or, on the contrary, are enlarged to mini-shorts.

National Bikini Day

Bikini swimsuits have become part of the entertainment industry. They are worn by cabaret artists during a variety of shows, music halls and circuses. Bikini is the official form for all the ladies participating in the competitions in beach volleyball, bodybuilding and even dance sport. All of them know for sure, what day Bikini Day in 2022 is.

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Modern collections of different brands include swimwear for every taste: from the enclosed in a retro style to the mini-bikini with ties, from plain to colorful patterns, with prints, embroidery or ruffles, sequins, shells and metal jewelry.In the Arab countries, where Islam is still as strict as in the Middle Ages, the women should cover their bodies almost completely. And ladies adolescent girls are swimming in the costumes reminding divers’ suits, that cover completely the body as well as hair.

Bikini Day Facts

Would you like to know how much the world’s most expensive bikini swimsuit costs? – It is unbelievable sum of money indeed. Ready? – $ 30 million! Its designer was Susan Rosen. But why is it so expensive? The matter is that this bikini is decorated by diamonds over 150 carats. But in 2009 the public had the possibility to see or even to participate in the largest bikini parade. It was organized on 9 November. 287 women were gathered together in the Australian streets. Unfortunately, in Melbourne the bikini wearing has been forbidden since 2005. And the penalty is really strict: a fine of $ 500 or 60 days in prison. By the way, from the beginning the bikini was banned in those countries, which were inhabited mainly by Catholics. Poor ladies! The contemporary laws have become less severe, don’t they?

However, the limit of sexual liberties in a swimming suit was put by rather sad things: oncology (scientists found that breast cancer could be caused by intensive ultraviolet light) and AIDS. Frightened by these terrible diseases mods 90s gradually began to get dressed again. Bikini gave the way to more modest swimwear, which had been the wearing of ex-aged ladies and professional swimmers before. However, we should mention that some swimsuit models produced by famous fashion houses sometimes look even sexier and more terrific than the most sophisticated bikini. And that is the reason why the answer to the question “What is the date of National Bikini Day 2022?” is sometimes not so actual as it was some years ago.


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