One of the most popular dishes in the world is popcorn. It is the best companion for every person in the cinema. This food is sold everywhere. It is considered to be the best dish during the walk in the park. Children adore popcorn. They try to eat it during their parties and while watching movies. This kind of food is one of the most popular things in the United States of America. The Americans invented a special day when they can eat the weird corn without any limitations. When is National Popcorn Day in 2020? What is the origin of the word?


The history of the holiday isnโ€™t as obvious as the origin of this food itself. It isnโ€™t known exactly when the observance was initiated. The history of the date is connected with the Super Bowl. People always watch the championship with a big bowl of popcorn. They have different variants. The most popular variant is salted.

The origin of popcorn roots into the times of Aztecs. The first mentioning about this kind of corn roots the 1500s. It was involved into the religious ceremonies in honour Tlaloc. It was worn by people of Aztecs. They asked their gods for fertility and harvest.

Popcorn Box

Later explorers from Spain adored a new kind of corn which can become into a white thing due to a process of warming. A new variant of corn became popular throughout the USA in the 1800s. The use of it wasnโ€™t very evident. Later an owner of the candy shop, C.Cretors, created a specialized machine which made it possible to steam corn to the net stage. It let to make this food in short time. Fifty years later this food was sold in Chicago. Special wagons were drawn by horses.

In the early 1900s the corn was produced with molasses. It was named as Cracker Jack. Its creator became L.Ruckheim. This kind became popular due to baseball matches. At that time an anthem of the game was created. From that time this kind of food became very popular as a companion ofthe game. Cracker Jack from that time became one of the symbols of baseball.

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With the appearance of movies and cinema popcorn was sold there and, thus, became very popular food used for that reason. The snack became so widely used that the amount of economical benefit grew rapidly.

G.W.Dickson invented the means of putting the machine into the cinemas. People got the opportunity to get this snack before the show. That innovation gave a certain benefit to the owners of cinemas and theatres.

The next stage which influenced the development of use of the snack was the creation of microwave oven. The snack took part in the first experiments of the development of the microwave oven. โ€œWhat day World Popcorn Day in 2020?โ€ the holiday has a strict date which is annually observed in the world. The day is celebrated on the 19th of January.


What does National Popcorn Day mean for its producers and ordinary people? The date is a simple occasion when people can taste new kinds of corn and try them in accordance with the way of spending free time.

This kind of food is known in the whole world. It is one of the most popular snacks in the world. It is a symbol of freedom and joy for every child and adult. If a person hears about the possibility to taste the snack, it is a sign that the evening will be spent in the best and funniest way. It is a hint that the day will end with a good mood.

Every person can find its famous taste. It can be salted or sweetened. Thereโ€™re lots of variants in the shops. Every family can try its own recipe of topping. Corn is sold in every shop.ย  It is a chance to make a great popcorn party where guests can taste different kinds of the snack.

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The occasion is a good reason to go to the cinema. It is a great opportunity to visit the local cafรฉ or cafeteria and order a big box of popcorn. It is possible to take it home and give it to relatives or children.

The food manufacturers get a great benefit during the day. Thatโ€™s why they always try to follow the observation. They give advertisements in mass media and the internet. People can get information about the places of observance and special propositions given to the clients. When is International Popcorn Day 2020? The day is observed on the 19th of January.


Popcorn is a kernel which is able to grow in size. The final product is 30-50 times bigger than the original variant. The process of increase takes place due to the heat. Several kinds of corn are grown for the snack. The producers of this kind of corn name it a flake. Commercial value can be got from 2 kinds: โ€œsnowflakeโ€ and โ€œbutterflyโ€.

The world dictionaries have their own definitions of the term. The most common concerns the corn of any kind which can burst and open. The main influence is the heat. The second definition explains the snack as a popped corn. The term is also used to name peanut.

The first mention of the word was noticed in the beginning of the 19th century. The word hasnโ€™t got other roots. It is an Americanism. Itโ€™s the short form of the third definition of the word. The term has got an internationally known definition, thatโ€™s why, the word is known in almost all countries of the world. It hasnโ€™t got any translation in other languages.

The title of the holiday doesnโ€™t need any explanations. People understand its meaning immediately. If they have a chance to buy a big box of this snack, they just do it. The best time to taste the snack is to follow the observance of the special date. What is the date of National Popcorn Day 2020? It is celebrated on the 19th of January.

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Homemade Popcorn


The snack is one of the symbols of cinema and baseball. One of the ways to follow the observance is to go to the cinema and watch a new movie. The main action which is to be done is buying several kinds of this food. It isnโ€™t obligatory to meet friends. Cinema is a good place to visit alone. Besides, the best companion is popcorn.

The day can be started with a cereal made of milk and corn. You could fill it with maple syrup or honey. Raisins are also a good filling. The next meal can be a salad with a snack of any taste. The best recipe can be an annual tradition. The best evening can be spent with a big box of the snack with caramel or chocolate. This food is also used as a topping for ice-cream.

The other variant to celebrate the occasion is to meet friends during the party. Every visitor can buy his own kind of corn according to their taste. Friends may even make a concrete statistics which can elicit the most popular and favorite kind of this snack.

Families which prefer to stay at home instead of going out have an opportunity to buy kernels in the supermarket and make the snack themselves. The product is sold everywhere due to its wide popularity. Tourists are to visit Illinois on the 19th of January because the snack is the symbolic food in this state. The local authorities propose a wide range of festive activities on the day. โ€œWhen is Popcorn Day in 2020, calendar and festive program?โ€

International Popcorn Day Facts

  • Americans annually buy almost 20 billion quarts of this snack.
  • Every American consumes more than 50 quarts. This amount concerns even a child.
  • This food has become one of the most popular food in the USA.
  • The highest amount of the snack is used at homes, not in cinemas and sport places.
  • Originally the process of heating was made with the help of sand.


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