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🧻 When is National Toilet Paper Day 2022

It is weird to celebrate the thing – although the most essential in our lives – that many of us are embarrassed to lay out in front of the long shopping line and the cashier. Yet here it is – the holiday that evoked a tad of the misunderstanding of its reason.

When is National Toilet Paper Day in 2022 and could the world whoop it up without you? Let’s find out!


The first crucial remark must be made on the point of the following question – what did people use when there was no a tiny square of the modern roll? Well, it’s not that scary as you may have thought…

In Ancient Rome, there was water flushing the wastes down the canals and instead of the sheet of paper the locals used sponges sitting at the sticks soaked in the salty liquid.

The wealthy people could harness the wool or the soft easy-to-wash sponges. The grassroots had to enjoy themselves with a bunch of long grass, leaves or hay. In Hawaii, for example, this purpose was traditionally served by the coconut shell. In some parts of the globe, doing ones’ business meant dropping by the nearest river and let the flow carry off the wastes. The wiping was made by the hand alone. That’s why in India and some countries of the Middle East, it is an offense to eat or pass the food with the left hand which, as you can guess, was the one that did the dirty things.

Toilet Paper

Today, the toilet product is the huge industry with the money turnover of more than two and half billion dollars a year.

The very first use of it – around 590 BC – was performed in China. The Chinese invented the paper and thus they went as far as making it serve the basic needs of the humans. By the end of the 14th century, the imperial court received seven hundred thousands of the pieces and fifteen thousands of the thickest and softest and aromatic sheets for the imperial family.

In the middle of the 19th century, it was “invented” again yet in the US and in England. However, the know-how of the Briton almost ruined his business as the stiff sir and missis of the country were too ashamed to ask for it in the shops. He even had to cut it in sheets and pack in the boxes, on the top of which there was the inscription – “paper rollers”.

The American man was more fortunate. He sold his masterpiece in his own shop in Manhattan. The items were also packed in the boxes (a thousand in each) and cost a lot – the whole dollar! The man was so proud of his “offspring” that provided every of the sheets with a water sign demonstrating the name of the producer.

Have you ever thought that the history of question – when is International Toilet Paper Day 2022 – might be that long and complicated?

Nevertheless, it is still unknown who created the modern rolls! There is a bit of the evidence assuming that the first such things were churned out in America in the end of the 19th century. The perforated rolls were invented by the Germans in 1930. Each of them counted exactly one thousand of the small sheets separated by the perforation. Fifteen years later, the plant in London showed the world the first in its ilk two-ply toilet paper which also featured the improved softness and durability.

The very last know-how of this household product is the production of the multiple-ply papers. According to the sources, we get thirty billions of the rolls annually. Putting it simply, it is five in a year for the every human under the sun!


What does National Toilet Paper Day mean? Well, we can’t say just like that… Maybe we should appreciate it a bit more on that date?

People use it on the daily basis, no doubt. Of course, it can’t be the hero of the talks as it supplies our most intimate several-times-a-day ritual. Yet it is still the object of the various improvements and perfections.

The most popular color of this fellow is the white. But who’d say that there can’t be the other color in the house? Pink, yellow or that of the peach. In Portugal, for instance, the canonic color of the roll is black. During the war in the Persian Gulf, the rolls of the special color were used for camouflaging the military equipment.

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By the way, there is a discussion that this product of the poor quality might be detrimental to our health. The one thinks that using the waste paper for producing the toilet one, the manufacturer produces the items with the traces of the lead inside. The other supposes that the more critical problem is that the roughness of the roll might cause the micro cuts that get infected with the microbes.

On top of that, did you know that the thing is on the road to getting out of the use? In the European countries, it is not considered to be that hygienic. Instead, there is an alternative of the instant washing with the soap in the specially constructed tool called the bidet. It is also caused by the growing concern on the point of the deforestation. The toilet squares make up 10% of the woods! So make a firm fixture of what day World Toilet Paper Day in 2022 falls on as the holiday may disappear in the future.


The production of the most needed household thing is not that simple one. It should be torn in the certain parts of the roll yet be durable and soft at the same time. Besides, it should be disintegrated quickly so as not to obstruct the tubes. Nowadays, the essential is made of the special sort of paper (for hygienic purposes only). The raw material is the cellulose. It can be one-, two-, and many-many-ply.

The roll is usually hung on the carrier with a pin that is fixed to the wall. And there are two ways of roll’s position which cause a lot of fuss across the globe – either the paper sheet hangs over the roll or under it. The choice of this most important in the world position depends on the individual preferences yet 70% of the respondents (yes, there are myriads of such researches!) are for making it “over”.

Toilet Paper Design

According to the scientific opuses, it even characterizes the identity of the person! The problem is even discussed on TV shows and in numerous works of the concerned. The most diligent ones try to find out the connection between the talent and the tendency to keep the thing on the carrier at home.

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What is the date of National Toilet Paper Day 2022? It’s set on August 26!


We can’t give you any advice on how to celebrate the observance. But we can provide some inspiring characteristics of the square of the paper. Maybe, they’ll inspire you, too!

  • It is authoritative – there is a special edition with the twits of President Trump on the surface.
  • It is eco – and tries to popularize the green living with the various manuals on how to choose the eco-friendly sort.
  • It is fashionable and Instagram-trendy – in particular, on the lips of the models.
  • It is rewarding – in Venezuela, the police were awarded the rolls for supporting the president’s regime.
  • It is sometimes dangerous – there was a situation when the toilet paper fell out of the truck and blocked the whole highway!
  • It is educative – you must have already watched the video where the dog obediently tidies up the room after tearing the tons of paper into pieces.
  • It is valuable – in Australia, the enthusiast created the three-ply roll made of the pure gold that costs 1 million dollars.

International Toilet Paper Day Facts

The Guinness Record book tells about the roll of two meters high and three meters in diameter!

Mark in the calendar, when is Toilet Paper Day in 2022, and go to the shop for that essential with the proud once in a year!

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